Quick & Easy DIY Halloween Crafts 2018

30 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Crafts You can Try at Home

Halloween is the time for creepy pranks and frightening fun – not just for adults but kids too. Decorating your home in Halloween spirit is a task you can achieve by involving every family member. You could be bored of buying Halloween decorations and simply putting them up every year. Do something new this time by going for DIY Halloween crafts. Making something by yourself will help create a completely personalized Halloween decor and some unforgettable family moments.

DIYing and decorating your home with your own creative props can also help you save some cash. You can find a number of ideas online, however, we have picked up some of the best, quick and easy DIY Halloween crafts you can try.

Hanging Halloween Ghosts

Halloween decoration of your garden is definitely incomplete without spooky ghosts hanging around. If you enjoy DIYing, you can make one easily. You’ll need a white bed sheet and a styrofoam ball that forms the head of the ghost. You can even make a ball by bundling up unused plastic bags and wrapping them up with tape. This DIY Halloween craft is as easy as hanging your clothes in the closet.

Check out the complete tutorial by Evan & Katelyn.

Hanging Halloween Ghosts

Image: Evan and Katelyn

Hanging Halloween Ghosts

Image: Evan and Katelyn

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Sock Skeleton Doll

If you are a sewing enthusiast, this Halloween project is for you. All skeletal parts of these creepy dolls are made from stuffed socks while brown/black yarn is used as hair. White and black buttons serve as eyes while red embroidery floss is used for the lips.

Get the detailed process about the project at Craft Passion.

Sock Skeleton Doll

Image: Craft Passion

quick and easy DIY Halloween crafts

Image: Craft Passion

Zombie Barbie Dolls

Want to achieve a spooky outdoor in minimum time? Zombie Barbie dolls would be a perfect idea. The basic principle of this DIY is that dirtier the dolls scarier they look. Let these zombie dolls invading your garden. Read on for more info.

How About Making Zombie Barbie Dolls for Halloween

Image: Crafts by Amanda

Paper Plate Craft for Halloween

Making adorable Halloween-themed props using paper plates can be a fun activity for kids. Little ones will find it interesting to make bats, spiders, Frankenstein or pumpkins. It will help improve creativity and crafting skills. Check out the tutorial.

quick and easy DIY Halloween crafts

Image: Simple as That

Image: Simple as That

Bleeding Candles

It is a fast Halloween DIY craft to add instant fright and fun to home decoration. The bleeding candles can be prepared in no time using standard candles. You just need to drip red wax drops on the top of white candles. See the complete process at byDevan.

25 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Crafts You can Try in 2018

Image: Bydevan

Lighted Milk Jug Ghosts

This is an extremely easy and inexpensive idea. You’ll just need four empty plastic milk jugs and a few light strings. The main task is to put light strings into the jugs. Don’t forget to make Halloween-inspired faces on the milk jugs.

Head over iSaveA2Z to find out more details.


Image: iSaveA2Z

Halloween Ghost in a Jar

Want to prison a ghost at home? This simple and easy DIY can let you do that in a jiffy. You will need to make a mini man-like structure that upholds a cheesecloth like a ghost. Put it inside a mason jar and place it anywhere in your home. More at Landeelu.

Halloween Ghost in a Jar

Image: Landeelu

Toilet Paper Pumpkin

You don’t need to carve a pumpkin or need any special skills. You’ll be required to wrap a toilet paper in colored fabric and attach some fake leaves to give it a look of a pumpkin. If you are looking for last-minute DIY Halloween decorations, this might be the right choice for you. Read on for more information.

How to Make Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Image: Smart School House

Wine Cork Pumpkin

How about making a pumpkin from unused corks? You will need about 30-40 wine corks, glue, and a few other supplies. Stacking up corks in the shape of a pumpkin. Once done, glue up a wine cork vertically on its top as a stem. It can further be decorated with jute twine and green felt.

Check out the full tutorial here.

Wine Cork Pumpkin

Image: My Gourmet Connection

Shower Pouf Pumpkins

Simple shower pouf pumpkins can become cute Halloween decorations. You just need to decorate them with ribbons, fake leaves, and a stem so that they look like mini pumpkins. They will give a creative touch to your Halloween, read more.

DIY Shower Pouf and Mesh Pumpkins for an Easy Fall Decor

Image: The Navage Patch

Yarn Pumpkin

To make a yarn pumpkin you’ll just need orange yarn, glue and a balloon. Blow up the balloon and wrap yarn soaked in glue all around it. Let it dry and deflate the balloon when you want to use it. Full tutorial at One Little Project.

You can make pumpkin decorations at home from various other materials including paper, wood and even socks – read here for more ideas.

quick and easy DIY Halloween crafts

Image: One Little Project

Yarn Pumpkin

Image: One Little Project

Concrete Jack-O’-Lantern

This DIY concrete jack-o’-lantern can be used outdoors as well as indoors. It can be built using concrete mix, old stockings, and rubber bands. Fill the stocking with a dough-like concrete mix and then tie with rubber bands to give it the shape of a pumpkin. You can leave a void to place candles or a lamp. Paint it in the desired color and you’re done.

Here’s a tutorial if you want to try.

Concrete Jack-O'-Lantern

Image: Instructables

Jack-O’-Lantern Oranges

Want to involve kids in decorating home for Halloween? You can engage them in this easy-to-make jack-o’-lantern. They will need to remove the pulp from oranges and then cut a creepy face on the peel. Put a tealight in it and display it next to your front door. See more at Red Ted Art.

Jack o Lantern Oranges

Image: Red Ted Art

Mason Jar Mummy Luminaire

Spook up your home with mason jar mummy luminaire by DIY Network. It is a super easy DIY project that can be achieved using mason jars, tealights, googly eyes and a roll of gauze bandage. Wrap up gauze around the jar to make it look like a mummy. Attach google eyes and it is ready to be placed on a table or a shelf.

quick and easy DIY Halloween crafts

Image: Debbie Wolfe

Mummy Mason Jar Luminaire

Image: Debbie Wolfe

Cardboard Tombstones

Turn your backyard into a haunting cemetery with DIY cardboard tombstones. You will need to draw and cut frames for each tombstone from cardboard. Cover them up with newspaper before assembling and spray paint in gray. In the end, paste some Halloween-inspired sayings to complete the look. See the tutorial here.

25 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Crafts You can Try in 2018

Image: ehow

Bat Paper Craft

Paper crafting is a great hobby for kids as well as adults. The skills can be utilized in decorating home for different occasions. Like, you can make DIY paper bats to include in your Halloween decorations. Here’s a simple tutorial to learn how to make paper bats.

There are a number of ways to include paper bats in home decoration. The most simple is pasting them on walls or you can create a stunning centerpiece by putting them on a tree branch or a light string.

Bat Paper Craft

Image: The Sweetest Occasion

quick and easy DIY Halloween crafts

Image: the lala

Toilet Paper Roll Mummy

This cool and creepy Halloween craft can be made with standard household supplies. Just wrap up strips of toilet paper around an empty roll, and finally add googly eyes to complete the mummy look. Arms can also be added to the project shared by Papelisimo.

25 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Crafts You can Try in 2018

Image: Papelisimo

DIY Zombie Hand

If you want to make a wall decoration piece for Halloween, this DIY zombie hand decoration may be a cool option for you. You will need to glue up a fake hand decked with cheesecloth on an old wooden photo frame. The final task is to nail some wooden slats on the frame for a horrific look. Read for more on it.

Easy DIY Zombie Hand Decoration for Halloween

Image: Crafts Unleashed

Witch Hands

This homemade Halloween treat from Frugal Mom Eh is ideal if you want to impress kids in your neighborhood. Fill food service gloves with colored popcorns and hand them out to the trick-or-treaters. At first, kids are going to hesitate in taking them, but later the sweet colored popcorns in witch hands is going to be the coolest thing on the block. And did you know, the witch hand can also be used as an item of decor?

25 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Crafts You can Try in 2018

Image: Frugal Mom Eh

25 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Crafts You can Try in 2018

Image: Frugal Mom Eh

Venus Flytrap Pumpkin Candy Holder

It is an easy DIY Halloween project that can be prepared in very little time. You will need to craft a foam pumpkin like a Venus flytrap, paint it and have it filled with different kinds of candies. Then place it on your front fence and see kids have a freaking time with it. Read on for more info.

Venus Fly Trap Pumpkin Candy Holder to Hand out Candies this Halloween

Image: The Paper Mama

Tin Can Halloween Figures

Unused tin cans can be transformed for simple outdoor Halloween decorations with some paint and artwork. First paint the tin cans in different colors and then let the artist in you loose to draw spooky faces on them. When complete, they can also be used for a bowling game on Halloween. For inspiration and help, check out the tutorial.

25 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Crafts You can Try in 2018

Image: Party Delights

Googly Eye Planter

It is a witty DIY that you must try for Halloween decoration. You can make this scary googly eye planter yourself in very little time. Start by painting a terracotta pot black and pasting googly eyes of different sizes all around it for a daunting look. Here is a tutorial.

Halloween Googly Eye Planter

Image: Real Housemoms

Spider Web Wreath from Twigs and T-Shirt

You can easily find twigs and thin tree branches in the neighborhood. Next will be making yarn from an old t-shirt and weaving it in a spider web pattern around the twigs. A hanging spider prop will spruce it up in the Halloween theme, read more.

Easy-to-Make Spider Web Halloween Wreath for Front Door

Image: Twitchetts

Jack Skellington Clothespin Halloween Wreath

You’ll need a pizza pan, clothespins, ribbons, and paint to make this Halloween wreath. Start from spray painting the pizza pan white and clothespins half white and half black. Sketch a Jack Skellington face on the pan and attach clothespins to the outer edge of the pan. Add a ribbon bow to complete the look.

Check out the full tutorial at The Keeper of the Cheerios.

Jack Skellington Clothespin Halloween Wreath

Image: The Keeper of the Cheerios

Halloween Mantle Trees

If you crave for not-so-scary Halloween party, this DIY Halloween decoration may be ideal to decorate fireplace mantel at home. You’ll need crepe paper, paper mache cone, and glue. This ruffled tree is made by wrapping the paper cone with a black streamer to the top. Find out the full details here.

Halloween Mantle Trees

Image: Wholesale Party Supplies

Halloween Wine Bottle Décor

Empty wine bottles you have ideally lying in your home can be used in Halloween decoration. From painting and decorating with googly eyes and cloth tape, there are a variety of ways to you can decorate them. Read on for more ideas.

quick and easy DIY Halloween crafts

Image: The Painted Apron

Black painted Halloween wine bottles

Image: We Know Stuff

Googly Eye Halloween wine bottle

Image: Pinterest

Ping Pong Ball Jack-O’-Lantern

Orange ping pong balls and a string of fairy lights can help you create this lighted Halloween decoration. Simply draw spooky faces on the plastic balls and make holes to put in string lights. See the tutorial at Hey Let’s Make Stuff.

Ping Pong Ball Jack-O-Lantern

Image: Hey Lets Make Stuff

quick and easy DIY Halloween crafts

Image: Hey Lets Make Stuff

Pumpkin Chandelier

If you’re looking for a quick and unique way to use pumpkins at home, this DIY pumpkin chandelier shared by Momtastic may be a good choice. This hanging centerpiece comprises mini pumpkins, a thin wood plank and a string. Drill holes in the wood slat and stem of the pumpkins to weave thread pieces through them. Let them hang like a chandelier above your dining table or some at other places in the house.

Pumpkin Chandelier

Image: Momtastic

Paranormal Portraits

These vampire portraits will add a frightening touch to your home. You will need a black/white photo that will be pasted on a cardboard of the same size. Make holes in the eyes of the photo with a precision knife or needle. Insert red mini LED lights into those holes and finally frame the picture.

Read the full tutorial here.

25 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Crafts You can Try in 2018

Image: CountryLiving

Halloween Window Eyes

Deck out windows of your bedroom with eyes staring out to scare the neighbors and trick-o’-treaters. You can cover up the windows with black trash bags and create two holes at an equal height to appear like eyes when the light is turned on inside. For complete process, follow the tutorial here.

25 Quick and Easy DIY Halloween Crafts You can Try in 2018

Image: The Fully Fed Recipes

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