How to Make Toilet Paper Pumpkin

How to Make Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Halloween is the time of the year when we start finding new ways to decorate our homes either with DIY crafts or purchased Halloween decorations. There are hundreds of Halloween decoration ideas you would want to try, but nothing can beat the simplicity and cuteness of pumpkins. You can either go with the real pumpkins or look out for ways to DIY one on your own. Here is an easy DIY Halloween craft you can do using toilet paper roll, piece of cloth and a few other basic supplies.

Kelly Dixon of Smart School House recently shared this nice tutorial on how to make a toilet paper pumpkin. This no-carve, DIY pumpkin is super easy to build that requires no gluing, sewing, or hard crafting. All you need is wrap the toilet paper roll with colored fabric and add some fake leaves to complete the Halloween-inspired look.

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This is a quick and easy DIY craft for Halloween, Fall or Thanksgiving. It takes less than five minutes to complete.

If you are running short on time for Halloween preparations, this might be the right choice for you.

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