DIY Halloween Wine Bottles for Ghoulish Home Decor

If you have empty wine bottles at home and want to use them for spooky Halloween decorations, then you’ve landed at the right place. From a smiling Jack-o’-lantern and chalkboard painted Halloween wine bottle to ghost-inspired decorations, there are multiple ways to include wine bottles in home decor.

So why spend money – try making wine bottle Halloween decorations on your own. It is a cheap and easy way to make your home stand out from all other houses in your neighborhood.   

You’ll require paper, scissors, painter’s tape, acrylic paint, black chalkboard paint, disposable plates, paint brushes, semi-gloss acrylic sealer, white chalk, pencil, and of course, the wine bottles!

Below we’ve listed nifty ways to turn wine bottles into funky Halloween decorations for your home.

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Chalkboard painted Halloween wine bottles

Take a wine bottle and apply two coats of black chalkboard paint. Let the paint dry, and season the bottle by rubbing chalk all over the painted bottle. Now wipe it off with a paper towel and create the desired design by gluing small beads and gems. You can also create different designs and write short messages with chalk. (Tutorial

Halloween Wine Bottles

Image: Surroundings by Debi

Black painted Halloween wine bottles

Image: We Know Stuff

Ghost wine bottles

This is a quick and simple DIY – all you need is a semi-transparent glass bottle and vinyl face cut outs. Glue up the cut out pieces on the bottle, and your ghostly wine bottle is all set to scare trick-or-treaters. You can also put LED lights inside the bottle to enhance the appeal. (Tutorial)

Halloween Wine Bottles

Image: Nap Time Crafting

Ghost wine bottle

Image: Thrifty Fun

Ghost wine bottle

Image: WTSO

Ghost wine bottle

Image: Minted

Wine bottle Jack-o’-lantern

Start with removing the label, then wrap masking tape around the bottle and draw spooky faces on it. Remove edges of the faces with X-acto knife carefully and paint the neck in green. Next, cover the neck of the bottle with paper and spray paint the body of the bottle in orange. Remove the cover and your wine bottle Jack-o’-lantern is ready. (Tutorial)

Wine bottle jack-o’-lantern

Image: Instructables

Wine bottle jack-o’-lantern

Image: Scratch Treehouse

Halloween Wine Bottles

Image: Katelyn Gearan/Babble

Wine bottle jack-o’-lantern

Image: Mckinney Online

Wine bottle scarecrow

Remove the label from the wine bottle and apply two coats of beige paint with a sea sponge, except in the neck of the bottle. Now, take a square piece of burlap and tie it around the neck, in a way to appear as a hat, then include some raffia straws for hair. Draw a spooky face on the bottle to make it look like a scarecrow. (Tutorial)          

Scarecrow Halloween wine bottle

Image: Crochet n Crafts

Scarecrow Halloween wine bottle

Image: Love My Big Happy Family

Scarecrow Halloween wine bottle

Image: Etsy/TheBlueBarnette

Wine bottle Mummy

Begin by gluing googly eyes on the wine bottle. Next, wrap cloth tape around the bottle but do not cover the eyes. That’s it, you’re ready to put it on your dining table or shelf. (Tutorial)

wine bottle mummy

Image: Rent

wine bottle mummy

Image: Pinterest

Boo Halloween wine bottles

Cover the middle of a bottle with a strip of painter’s tape and paint both open ends in white and orange craft paint. Now remove the tape carefully and paint the remaining area in yellow. Also sprinkle iridescent glitter on wet paint to enhance the looks. Let it dry completely, and write words with a small paintbrush. (Tutorial)        

Boo Halloween wine bottle_1

Image: My Socal Style

Boo Halloween wine bottle_1

Image: The Painted Apron

Boo Halloween wine bottle_1

Image: Home Sweet Thrifty Home   

Boo wine bottles

Image: YouTube/TheThriftyMommy

Boo Halloween wine bottle_1

Image: Etsy/lovetammyscrafts

Halloween labels for wine bottles

The most interesting thing about this project is that you don’t need to remove the label from the wine bottle. You can start by spray painting the wine bottles in matte black. Now, print some creepy Halloween wine bottle labels on a sticker paper, cut them out, and paste on the wine bottle. Display them on a serving tray with fake spiders and pumpkins. (Tutorial)  

Halloween labels for wine bottles

Image: Scottsdale City Moms Blog

Halloween labels for wine bottles

Image: The Real Thing with the Coake Family

Black cat wine bottle

Draw a cat outline on a plain piece of paper, cut it out and tape it onto the wine bottle as a stencil. Paint the defined cat shape on the bottle, and let it dry. Finally, remove the stencil; add whiskers and an eye with white chalk pen to complete the look. 

Halloween Wine Bottles

Image: Katelyn Gearan/Babble

Dripping blood Halloween wine bottle

Share the love for dread by dripping wax from a red candle on the neck of a wine bottle, finish by replacing a fresh candle for the cork. 

Dripping Blood wine bottle for Halloween

Image: Yahoo

Googly eye Halloween wine bottle

Eyes, eyes everywhere and ribbon in the neck. I’m Halloween ready, ain’t I?

Googly Eye Halloween wine bottle

Image: Pinterest

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