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10+ Spookiest Animated Halloween Props & Decorations That Move

Halloween is almost here and you must be looking for some quirky decorations that can help turn your home into a spooky oasis for the day! There are plenty of random options to choose from, but if you want something new and interesting, why not try scary Halloween animatronics this time.

These are moving and animated Halloween decorations that can add instant fright to the space. Imagine a zombie prop with lighted eyes that starts crawling when someone touches it. Your guests will get the creeps seeing a zombie steadily moving toward them. Fun and horror too!

You can find a variety of Halloween Animatronics out there but we have compiled a list of some of the best ones. Have a look below:

Spooky Spider

Best Halloween Animatronics to Buy Online in 2020

Image: Amazon

It is a set of a large voice-activated and touch-enabled spider and spider web. The spider is battery operated and motion-activated as well. On hearing you talk or when it’s touched, the eyes of the spider light-up to red, the spider begins to shake, and spooky sounds are played in the background. Usable indoors and outdoor, it can be reused again next year.

Price: $25

Hanging Grim Reaper

Shaking Hanging Grim Reaper

Image: Amazon

This sound-activated, scary Halloween animatronic decoration can be a cool addition to your haunted house. When activated, the ghost decoration will turn its head left and right, and scream with creepy sounds. Its eyes will also glow white, creating a spooky scene. There is a built-in battery to power this animated decoration.

Price: $18

Window Tapping Witch

Scary Window Tapping Witch

Image: Amazon

If you are looking to create a fun yet creepy experience for your family or guests, this witch Halloween prop with motion activation is a good option for you. It sticks to the window and taps three times when someone comes nearby. The prop may also be set to tap three times continuously after every 10 seconds.

Price: $65

Wicked Witch on Her Broomstick

Best Halloween Animatronics to Buy Online in 2020

Image: Amazon

This scary animated Halloween prop depicts a witch flying on her broomstick that teeters up and down while her red LED eyes flash cruelly. Its animated effects activate through sound and touch. The witch figurine is 3-foot in height and the broomstick is 33-inch long. It will add fright to the trick-or-treaters night.

Price: $50

Crawling Zombie

Best Halloween Animatronics to Buy Online in 2020

Image: Amazon

This animated zombie creeper Halloween prop can add fright to any home décor. As soon as one pats it on the back, the eyes light up with a terrible sound, its head wiggles, and then it slowly crawls forward. Don’t get that scared!

Price: $45

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Rocking Ducky Doll

Best Halloween Animatronics to Buy Online in 2020

Image: Target

It is a 41-inch tall Ducky doll prop that rocks back and forth with spooky music playing along. Her cared face with eyes that light up creates a very creepy effect! It will make a haunting addition to your Halloween or haunted house decor.

Price: $180

Scorched Scarecrow

Best Halloween Animatronics to Buy Online in 2020

Image: Amazon

This 7-feet tall scarecrow is a way to welcome guests at the front door. Its pumpkin head and chest light up to create a frightening visual at night. Its chest also moves side to side which makes it appear alive. The animated prop comes with a fog machine to enhance the experience even more.

Price: $350

Evil Twin Girls

Best Halloween Animatronics to Buy Online in 2020

Image: Amazon

This set of 4ft-tall twin evil girls wearing blood-spattered blue dresses and blue bows in the hair will be an attention-grabber at Halloween parties. Eerie girls have eyes the light-up, they swing their arms back and forth, and giggle as they say creepy phrases such as “She did it” and “No, she did it.”

Price: $180

Motion Activated Clown

Motion Activated Clown Animatronic

Image: Amazon

This standing clown Halloween prop comes with a durable stand, poseable arms, and LED eyes. Just step in its range and it plays chilling sounds and terrifying phrases. Its moving arms will surely haunt your guests. The prop is motion and sound-activated.

Price: $55

Spooky Ghost figure

Best Halloween Animatronics to Buy Online in 2020

Image: Wayfair

This poseable ghost figure is a cool Halloween prop that can be used indoor and outdoor. Boo comes with a hanging loop, and it sways back and forth to the music and its head turns red. The battery-powered prop activates by touch or from loud noise.

Price: $63

Moving Tinsel Bat

Light-Up Moving Tinsel Bat

Image: Target

Designed in the shape of a moving bat perched atop a tombstone, this Halloween decoration will add a touch of cuteness to your eerie holiday décor. It features a beautiful, classic orange and black color scheme. The prop is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Price: $40

Harvester of Souls

Spirit Halloween Launches “Harvester of Souls” Animatronic for 2020

Image: Spirit Halloween

This Halloween animatronic will create a haunting scene at home. This life-sized Halloween prop is motion and sound-activated so when someone comes close to it – the creepy one begins sucking the souls of children.

Price: $300

Raven for the Table

Best Halloween Animatronics to Buy Online in 2020

Image: Grandin Road

It is a tabletop Halloween prop in the shape of a raven. It has a sound-activation sensor that triggers its eyes to light up red, head to turn side-to-side, and make raven sounds. It has onboard volume controls for user convenience.

Price: $39

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