People are already excited for October 31st and have started decorating their homes into scary living space for ghosts and goblins. If you’re looking for Halloween decoration ideas with no time to buy or create complicated decorations, then just go for the readily available Halloween decoration accessory – pumpkins.

Pumpkin carving is an age-old tradition for most American families to celebrate the creepy occasion wholeheartedly with their family members and friends. Now the question arises – what pattern to carve on pumpkins to make creative and cool jack-o’-lanterns? You can also check out useful pumpkin carving guide for help. Below, we have listed some creative pumpkin carving ideas for your inspiration.

Traditional Halloween Pumpkin Will Add a Spooky Touch

Image: Pinterest

Pumpkin Carved with Razor-Sharp Teeth is Frightening as Hell

Image: Instagram @karmar

Giant Pumpkin Eating Smaller Pumpkin Will Give You David vs Goliath Chills

Image: YouTube/DaveHax
Image: Instructables
Image: Instagram @pumpkin_hexe
Image: Instructables

Jack-o’-lanterns Made Using Power Drill are Very Soothing to the eye

Image: Crafty Nest
Image: Hometalk
Image: Handmade Charlotte
Image: Instagram @_.emma._.longworth._

Cute Pumpkin Decorations For Your Lawn Will Attract Children

Image: Instagram @swimmersuze

Haunted Pumpkin House is Worth Giving a Try

Image: Bill Abranowic

Glass Marble Pumpkin is Indeed a Beautiful Mess

Image: A Beautiful Mess

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Carving Some Words on Pumpkin For the Feast is a Good Idea

Image: Instagram @alexabri
Image: Pinterest

Farmhouse Inspired Pumpkin is a Ghetto of Carved Bumblebees

Image: Instagram @octoberfallqueen

Furry Foes on Pumpkins Will Surely Draw Your Cat’s Attention

Image: Pinterest
Image: Instagram @waffles_the_cat

This uniquely carved jack-o-lantern has some dental problems

Image: Tinkering Monkey

You can easily make a cute black cat from two pumpkins and spray paint

Image: Crafts by Amanda

A complete pumpkin family will deck front porch of your home

Image: Pinterest

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Carving this pumpkin trailer will inspire you for life-on-the-road

Image: TOGO RV

Show off your obsession for boating with a pumpkin carved in shape of a Pirate ship

Image: Artstation/Josh Jaillet

You can make an emoji carved pumpkin with a graphic that would be used as a stencil

Image: The DIY Mommy

What’s more fun for Starbucks than carving a double-tailed mermaid on pumpkin

Image: SheKnows

Smoking Pumpkin with Razor-Sharp Teeth is Spine Tickling

Image: Instructables

Minions on Pumpkin Look Cute and Scary at the Same Time

Image: Pinterest

Wicked Witch Pumpkins When Magnificently Carved Makes Your Home a House of Horrors

Image: Extreme Pumpkins

Stacked Pumpkin Ghosties With Skeleton Hands Looks Really Petrifying

Image: Facebook/Steve Giralt

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Skull and Skeleton-Inspired Carvings Have a Genius Hand Behind Them

Image: Pinterest
Image: Instagram @dunesthecat
Image: Skullspiration
Image: Pinterest

Sugar Skull Pumpkin Will be Scary and Sour For Your Guests

Image: Rapid Resizer
Image: The Brezel Diaries

Jack Skellington Jack-o’-lantern is Red Hot Scary

Image: Disney
Image: Instagram @tyler_j_spencer

Nightmare Carved Pumpkin Looks Creepy With Cannibal Canines

Image: Instagram @das_kub

Owl Jack-o’-lantern is a Wicked Addition to Your Outdoor

Image: Insagram @jessiekdavies

Spiderman Jack-o’-lantern is Kids Favorite

Image: Instagram @dasweisskanin
Image: Instructables

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin is Really Adorable 

Image: Disney

Dog-O’-lantern is a Replica of your Puppy

Image: Pinterest

Starry Night Pumpkin is All You Need This Halloween

Image: Instagram @sarahmilenee

Constellation Jack-o’-lantern is Something Kids will Love

Image: The Merry Thought
Image: ModCloth Blog
Image: Pinterest
Image: Kate’s Creative Space

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Pumpkin Black in Fear is as Dark as Devil

Image: Instagram @chugs_02

Pumpkin Carving in Arabesque Mashrabiya Style is Really Intriguing

Image: Design Sponge

Monster Eyed Jack-o’-lantern Can Scare Anyone

Image: Instagram @holliesheppardart

Carved Pumpkin House Will be a Great Addition to Your Halloween

Image: Tiny House Blog

Pumpkin Prison is a Hell in a Cell

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest
Image: Instagram @knick_knack_shack

Cinderella Carriage Pumpkin is Carved Out of Love and Passion

Image: This Lil Piglet

Ghost Jack-o’-lantern is a Work of an Artist

Image: Pinterest

Frankenstein Jack-o’-lantern With Carved Stitches is Dead Horrifying

Image: DIY Network

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pumpkin is Cute

Image: Instagram @maalinartillustration

Transformers Themed Jack-o’-lantern is Carved Out of Science

Image: Instagram @usagi_senpai22

Star Wars-Inspired Jack-o’-lantern is all About Modern Day Carving

Image: Instagram @that_harmony_girl

Star Wars-Inspired Pumpkin Carving Ideas Will Take you on a Voyage to Blackhole

Image: Imgur/Joshmosh
Image: Fantasy Pumpkins

Floral Carving on Pumpkin Lookd Classy as a Royal Casino

Image: Pinterest

Car and Camper Pumpkins With Apple Wheels is a Fun Carving 

Image: Pinterest

Spider Pumpkin Carving Pattern is Old School Tradition

Image: Live the Fancy Life

Spooky Eye Pumpkin is Something You Won’t Think of Eye Gouging

Image: Pinterest

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Cookie Monster Pumpkin is Your Kids Bestfriend

Image: Shared

Oozing Pumpkin is Creepy at First Sight

Image: She Knows

Squirrels Carved Out Pumpkins This Year

Image: Instagram @thedomesticspecialist

Spooky Monster Pumpkin With Tongue and Eyes Oozing Out Can Scare Anyone

Image: Instagram @villafanestudios

Covid-19 Pumpkin Carving Design is Something That Can’t be Ignored

Image: Instagram @jillybeans_cuisines

You can try any of these pumpkin carving designs and patterns according to your level of skills. We’re sure this will help, and your pumpkin decoration will be the craziest in your neighborhood.

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