People are already excited for October 31st and have started decorating their homes into scary living space for ghosts and goblins. If youโ€™re looking for Halloween decoration ideas with no time to buy or create complicated decorations, then just go for the readily available Halloween decoration accessory โ€“ pumpkins.

Pumpkin carving is an age-old tradition for most American families to celebrate the creepy occasion wholeheartedly with their family members and friends. Now the question arises โ€“ what pattern to carve on pumpkins to make creative and cool jack-oโ€™-lanterns? You can also check out useful pumpkin carving guide for help. Below, we have listed some creative pumpkin carving ideas for your inspiration.

Traditional Halloween Pumpkin Will Add a Spooky Touch

Image: Pinterest

Pumpkin Carved with Razor-Sharp Teeth is Frightening as Hell

Image: Instagram @karmar

Giant Pumpkin Eating Smaller Pumpkin Will Give You David vs Goliath Chills

Image: YouTube/DaveHax
Image: Instructables
Image: Instagram @pumpkin_hexe
Image: Instructables

Jack-oโ€™-lanterns Made Using Power Drill are Very Soothing to the eye

Image: Crafty Nest
Image: Hometalk
Image: Handmade Charlotte
Image: Instagram @_.emma._.longworth._

Cute Pumpkin Decorations For Your Lawn Will Attract Children

Image: Instagram @swimmersuze

Haunted Pumpkin House is Worth Giving a Try

Image: Bill Abranowic

Glass Marble Pumpkin is Indeed a Beautiful Mess

Image: A Beautiful Mess

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Carving Some Words on Pumpkin For the Feast is a Good Idea

Image: Instagram @alexabri
Image: Pinterest

Farmhouse Inspired Pumpkin is a Ghetto of Carved Bumblebees

Image: Instagram @octoberfallqueen

Furry Foes on Pumpkins Will Surely Draw Your Catโ€™s Attention

Image: Pinterest
Image: Instagram @waffles_the_cat

This uniquely carved jack-o-lantern has some dental problems

Image: Tinkering Monkey

You can easily make a cute black cat from two pumpkins and spray paint

Image: Crafts by Amanda

A complete pumpkin family will deck front porch of your home

Image: Pinterest

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Carving this pumpkin trailer will inspire you for life-on-the-road

Image: TOGO RV

Show off your obsession for boating with a pumpkin carved in shape of a Pirate ship

Image: Artstation/Josh Jaillet

You can make an emoji carved pumpkin with a graphic that would be used as a stencil

Image: The DIY Mommy

Whatโ€™s more fun for Starbucks than carving a double-tailed mermaid on pumpkin

Image: SheKnows

Smoking Pumpkin with Razor-Sharp Teeth is Spine Tickling

Image: Instructables

Minions on Pumpkin Look Cute and Scary at the Same Time

Image: Pinterest

Wicked Witch Pumpkins When Magnificently Carved Makes Your Home a House of Horrors

Image: Extreme Pumpkins

Stacked Pumpkin Ghosties With Skeleton Hands Looks Really Petrifying

Image: Facebook/Steve Giralt

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Skull and Skeleton-Inspired Carvings Have a Genius Hand Behind Them

Image: Pinterest
Image: Instagram @dunesthecat
Image: Skullspiration
Image: Pinterest

Sugar Skull Pumpkin Will be Scary and Sour For Your Guests

Image: Rapid Resizer
Image: The Brezel Diaries

Jack Skellington Jack-oโ€™-lantern is Red Hot Scary

Image: Disney
Image: Instagram @tyler_j_spencer

Nightmare Carved Pumpkin Looks Creepy With Cannibal Canines

Image: Instagram @das_kub

Owl Jack-oโ€™-lantern is a Wicked Addition to Your Outdoor

Image: Insagram @jessiekdavies

Spiderman Jack-oโ€™-lantern is Kids Favorite

Image: Instagram @dasweisskanin
Image: Instructables

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin is Really Adorableย 

Image: Disney

Dog-Oโ€™-lantern is a Replica of your Puppy

Image: Pinterest

Starry Night Pumpkin is All You Need This Halloween

Image: Instagram @sarahmilenee

Constellation Jack-oโ€™-lantern is Something Kids will Love

Image: The Merry Thought
Image: ModCloth Blog
Image: Pinterest
Image: Kateโ€™s Creative Space

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Pumpkin Black in Fear is as Dark as Devil

Image: Instagram @chugs_02

Pumpkin Carving in Arabesque Mashrabiya Style is Really Intriguing

Image: Design Sponge

Monster Eyed Jack-oโ€™-lantern Can Scare Anyone

Image: Instagram @holliesheppardart

Carved Pumpkin House Will be a Great Addition to Your Halloween

Image: Tiny House Blog

Pumpkin Prison is a Hell in a Cell

Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest
Image: Instagram @knick_knack_shack

Cinderella Carriage Pumpkin is Carved Out of Love and Passion

Image: This Lil Piglet

Ghostย Jack-oโ€™-lantern is a Work of an Artist

Image: Pinterest

Frankenstein Jack-oโ€™-lantern With Carved Stitches is Dead Horrifying

Image: DIY Network

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Pumpkin is Cute

Image: Instagram @maalinartillustration

Transformers Themed Jack-oโ€™-lantern is Carved Out of Science

Image: Instagram @usagi_senpai22

Star Wars-Inspired Jack-oโ€™-lantern is all About Modern Day Carving

Image: Instagram @that_harmony_girl

Star Wars-Inspired Pumpkin Carving Ideas Will Take you on a Voyage to Blackhole

Image: Imgur/Joshmosh
Image: Fantasy Pumpkins

Floral Carving on Pumpkin Lookd Classy as a Royal Casino

Image: Pinterest

Car and Camper Pumpkins With Apple Wheels is a Fun Carvingย 

Image: Pinterest

Spider Pumpkin Carving Pattern is Old School Tradition

Image: Live the Fancy Life

Spooky Eye Pumpkin is Something You Wonโ€™t Think of Eye Gouging

Image: Pinterest

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Cookie Monster Pumpkin is Your Kids Bestfriend

Image: Shared

Oozing Pumpkin is Creepy at First Sight

Image: She Knows

Squirrels Carved Out Pumpkins This Year

Image: Instagram @thedomesticspecialist

Spooky Monster Pumpkin With Tongue and Eyes Oozing Out Can Scare Anyone

Image: Instagram @villafanestudios

Covid-19 Pumpkin Carving Design is Something That Canโ€™t be Ignored

Image: Instagram @jillybeans_cuisines

You can try any of these pumpkin carving designs and patterns according to your level of skills. Weโ€™re sure this will help, and your pumpkin decoration will be the craziest in your neighborhood.

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