Living Large in Tiny House

In times when lifestyle is measured in expensive cars and waterfront villas spanning across several acres, the tiny house movement is all about living in spaces not more than a couple of hundred square feet. If you are planning to downsize, here are some best tiny house designs to fuel up your inspiration and creativity.

Tiny Houses on Foundation


Tiny Houses on Wheels


Tiny Cabins


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Van Homes


Prefabricated Homes


Shipping Container Homes


Cob Houses



Tiny House Design

Tiny lifestyle promotes simplicity and minimalism through small but optimally designed interiors to create a space that doesn’t pose any challenge to day-to-day living. Tiny houses aren’t just about looking cute, they are part of the solution that promotes green living. They are designed to reduce living cost and carbon footprint by going partially or completely off the grid. 

Tiny lifestyle, generally, seems suitable for travel and vacations, however, some of the tiny house designs have ability to expand to offer more space so that it doesn’t feel awkward to have guests over. Despite less square feet on board, tiny house owners can live large and have a great time, without feeling cramped. The design makes this possible by introducing an expanding compartment that reveals itself with a slight pull or push of a button.

Downsizing by living in a tiny house is a debatable question though. Having your own space, freedom to take it wherever you want, without the hassle of rent are some takeaways that’ll put you to think.