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Chairs are an important part of every room that brings in style and comfort. From living room to bedroom, home office to garden patio, chairs are a must-have for every living space. Choosing a perfect chair design can be a rigorous task, as you have to take into account every aspect including material, finishes, ergonomics and budget, as well as adaptability with other elements of your home decor.

Whether looking for dining, office or a lounge chair, we’ve featured a variety of designs to help steer you toward the perfect option for your home. Most of them are made from wood, but you can also find unique chairs made from glass, marble, steel and other innovative materials. If you’re a green design aficionado, there are recycled chairs too.


Most commonly pronounced as chaise lounge, it is a long chair featuring a curvy design, allowing you to stretch out your legs comfortably. With its reclining back, it becomes a perfect companion for relaxation at home, especially outdoors.    


Rocking chair is a traditional definition of comfort and ease. Basically, it is a chair with rockers on the bottom of its legs to allow a person to rock back and forth. Earlier, these chairs were used by elderly people, but over time they have become popular among people of all ages. Nowadays, rocking chairs come in different shapes, colors, and designs, allowing you to place them in your living room, bedroom, porch or balcony.  


A collective term for patio and garden chairs, an outdoor chair is specifically designed to bring comfort and function to outdoor spaces. It is typically made of weather-resistant materials such as aluminum, steel and concrete which do not rust. Other popular materials include wood, wicker, etc., but they ask for more maintenance.    


The chairs made from discarded materials like wood, plastic, and industrial pipes are often termed under recycled chairs. With the rapid increase in demand for green design, designers around the world are showing an inclination toward the trend of transforming salvaged things into recycled furniture.

You will find beautiful and functional chairs made out of old bathtubs, shopping bags, aircraft parts, etc.  


It is a seating designed to be used during mealtimes, at a dining table. No matter what kind of dining chairs you’re looking for, we’ve put together some exceptionally beautiful and comfortable designs to help you spice up your dining room.  


Whether watching your favorite TV show or enjoying a board game, you need to be at your ease. The living room chairs promise to offer you the highest comfort level, while also beautifying your home interiors. They are a great alternative when you have limited space in your room or if you just want to for a more airy and open feel.