Flat-pack outdoor Double Pod by Podtime

Flat-pack outdoor Double Pod by Podtime

We’ve seen a lot of indoor sleeping Pods and we’ve even used a few, be it in the office for a quick nap or at home for a personalized sleep. But the scenario is set to change with the introduction of the flat-pack outdoor Double Pod by Podtime. Made of wood and plastic, Double Pod is primarily for external use however it isn’t just an outdoor napping solution, it can be used indoors for extra space too. Measuring 1.2m high and 2m x 1.9m floor area, the Double Pod comes with a standard double mattress or double airbed.

Double Pod with waterproof exteriors that also block harmful UV rays features lockable doors (key or non key) and is affordably priced at £950 (approx. $1,548). Beside this, the Double Pod that can flat-pack down for ease of transport or storage also feature power sockets within and is decked up with LED lighting to transform your mood.

Via: ProductPage/ShedWorking


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