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Star Wars themed Gold Blend coffee maker

Star Wars themed Gold Blend coffee makers from Nestle

For all Star Wars fanatics in Japan, Nestle is set to launch a specially tailored limited edition Star Wars version of the Gold Blend coffee machine. There isn’t anything really attractive in the coffee machines to catch the eye, but if you like any and everything with the Darth Vader, then the Star Wars themed Gold Blend coffee makers could make your day. Two versions of the coffee maker will be made available, while one is decked out with Darth Vader stickers on the side reading “The force is strong with this one” the other is a C-3PO version that reads “Thank the maker”, and that’s the most Nestle has done with the to be released coffee makers.

To be made exclusively in Japan next week, only 5,000 units at $120 each will be sold. Though, the fans can take heart from the fact that the coffee makers will be sold with matching mugs. Ah! That’s a respite.

Via: NewLaunches/Gizmodo

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