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Tepore Bio fireplaces built into a coffee table

On cold winter evening, there is nothing better than an inviting fireplace in your living room burning bright with smokeless fire. So, when it comes to taking home a minimalist fireplace built into a coffee table – the Tepore fireplace table by Kare Design definitely takes the cake. The Tepore Bio fireplaces table measures 120cm x 37cm x 50cm and burning ever so beautifully creates a very romantic atmosphere within the house.

Made from steel with high-gloss white lacquer the table features a stainless steel fireplace in the center. The fireplace with protected by 5mm safety glass extending vertically on the both sides to avoid any accidents. Like any other bio fireplace, installing the Tepore isn’t a trouble at all; rather the fireplace-table combo is perhaps the most innovative combo that you can get into your home. Usability options are thus endless with the Tepore.

Via: Home24

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