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Motion activated robotic_fruit_bowl

Motion activated robotic fruit bowl is 3D printed, costs $11,500

You may be looking out for a decent fruit bowl to take home. The fruit bowl that you’ll pick will be anything but this 3D-printed robotic fruit bowl that costs a whopping $11,500. Exhibited in the Design Space Tel Aviv booth at the Art Basel event in Miami, the robotic fruit bowl by Noam Dover and Amit Drori is something out of this world. This damn cool 3D-printed fruit bowl is motion activated – it automatically opens up when it senses a person approaching it and closes when the person walks away.

Though, the price of the motion activated fruit bowl is the biggest turndown, the design is a worry too. Hit the jump to see the video – you’ll be psyched seeing how the plastic bowl opens and closes, it kept me thinking how the fruits will remain from falling out. And I am still thinking. If you guess how, do let me know in the comment section bellow.

Via: Technabob

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