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Customizable Brighten Storage System by Saehee Her

Brighten Storage System by Saehee Her customizes to your needs

Created by designer Saehee Her, the Brighten Storage System is made of a cool combo of wood, plywood and aluminum sheet. Designed in a way to allow users to create wall units to their needs, the Brighten Storage System can let users store a range of items including usable audio-video devices in the house. The storage system along with a customizable design has very unique holes punched into the drawers, which enable users to even use remote control to control AV devices stationed inside.

The drawers come with a cool cable management system and playful holding system for TV, which means it can even act as a cool TV cabinet in most houses where space can be a constraint. All-in-all this uniquely crafted storage system adds a very cool playful element to furniture while in use.

Via: Mocoloco

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