3D printed Christmas tree displays global Cheerlights colors and info

3D printed Christmas tree displays global Cheerlights colors and info

When the favorable chimes of cloud computing and social networking are sounding at all corners of the world, it is high time time to utilize this mass effect via technology. Of course, the ioBridge technology has doing it since 2009 with their integration of cloud based control hardware. Relating to that scope, the CheerLights is a fascinating project that allows people around the world to connect lights and even apps together via social networking trends. And now, based upon this platform Raster has designed his bantam CheerLCD, which displays the same color and information (of the color) of all CheerLights around the globe.

The DIY design basically comprises of three working components: a USB, a Serial Backpack Kit and of course the LCD display mechanism. Now, beyond the technical paraphernalia, it is the striking physical element that would entice the regular user. In this regard, the CheerLCD has a delectable Christmas tree like form that has been specially printed by a 3D printer. It forms as the support to the aforementioned LCD display, which is fixed by utilizing hot glue.

So, at the end of the day, the CheerLCD combines both the essence of fun technology and visual cuteness. Suffice to say, it would be the perfect, technology oriented DIY Christmas gift for your geeky friends.

Via: 3Ders

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