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multi purpose glowing block chair

Multi-purpose glowing Media Block Chair is a lot more

Nothing gets better than form changing furniture at home that you can use for more tasks than one. The furniture’s utility becomes all the more exciting, if the furniture unit is capable of changing colors – means you have a new piece of furniture every time. TeamLab has sensed the opportunity and have developed Media Block Chair, which was exhibited at the Digital Content Expo late last year. The Media Block Chair comprises of many colorful cube-shaped multi-purpose blocks, which can be connected together to form various furniture shapes such as, a table, bench, display shelf or even a partition.

Multi-purpose Media Block Chair features three protruding sides and three indented sides on each block which can be connected together to form these amazing shapes. When used alone, the block acts as chair (almost a stool to be exact) and when the blocks are connected they can transform into tables, shelves or bench (depending on how you place them).

What I for person like about the Multi-purpose Media Blocks is that they change color when they combine with each other. In a demonstration of the blocks it’s pointed out by member of TeamLab that “If a protruding side of a red block is connected to a blue receiving block, the blue block receives the red and becomes purple. Or, if a yellow block is placed on top of a purple block, the yellow turns to green. In this way, multiple blocks can be connected and colors change.

According to TeamLab, the next versions of these glowing block will be made lighter, to be moved and assembled easily and could also feature speakers to emit music when blocks are attached together. Kids are surely going to love these blocks.

Via: DiginfoTV

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