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Fold Braid Bench by Elizabeth Moran

Fold Braid Bench by Elizabeth Moran lets you rest on threads

Designer Elizabeth Moran calls it the Fold Braid Bench, but is it a bench for real? For us it’s more like a soft bed – perhaps because of the different shapes it can manage. The soft and comfortable piece of furniture goes beyond the ordinary wooden furniture and is made from industrial felt and embroidery thread. The Fold Braid Bench is weaved to perfection in a production process called the “fold braid,” commonly used in knitting treaded bracelets.

This exquisitely created furniture, which is really unique in both make and design, has amazing possibilities it can be stretched to. The Fold Braid Bench can be used for sitting, can be converted into a semi-circular unit if need be and for the best – it can be used as a bed for a comfortable nap. When you’re lying on the Fold Braid Bench it adjusts to your body contours to give you a relaxing and comforting nap.

Via: TheMag

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