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bomie's boom system by jeroen bomers

Bombie’s Boom System: A classy and elegant passive amplifier that docks your smartphone

As good as it gets! What’s better than playing music in your living room without cluttering wires sticking out of the amplifier? You have to agree passive amplifiers are indeed a great gift of technology to music lovers, who can simply dock in their smartphones to play their favorite tunes. And, even when you’ve often heard about and seen many different passive amplifiers, we bet, there’s nothing like ‘Bombie’s Boom System’ you’ve ever seen before. Developed by Dutch designer, Jeroen Bomers, this one’s an elegant and classy piece, and a must have in your living room.

Handmade from Malawaian woodcarving and wood turning specialists, it amplifies sound through a parabolic horn shape that extends down as a carved tube made from solid wood. There’s a slot for the smartphones at the base of the tube, where you can conveniently and safely slide in your phone.

Via: TechnabobDBoom

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