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Delightfull Graphic Lamps are numbers and alphabets on wall, table

You’ve surely seen some really unique lamps, and so have I, but I must confess that the Graphic Lamp Collection by Delightfull is certainly the most delightful and exclusive I’ve have seen – wake up! Designed in form of letters, numbers or symbols, the Graphic Lamps are available in floor, table and wall fixtures – beat that! Made from aluminum, brass, acrylic, and iron, you can get these lamps in the material and shape of your liking. When I first saw these Graphic Lamps on Delightfull’s website, I was sure I want numbers and alphabets as lamps in my house.

Do you have toddlers you’re trying to coach through alphabets, numbers and symbols – nothing can get better than the Graphic Lamps in that case. Take home the Graphic Lamps and teach your kids with glowing alphabets and numbers.

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