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wamhouse-przelany armchair

Przelany Armchair by Wamhouse pours on the floor, literally

Considering normally used furniture mundane, Polish design studio Wamhouse thrived on the success of its food-styled furniture by designing the new Armchair – Przelany. Przelany Armchair is nothing like any type of furniture we have seen before; at the first look it looks more like a digital art piece than an actual armchair. The chair seems to be modeled after a pot pouring out coffee – the main chair is shaped like a pot and the back of the seat is made as if liquid was pouring out of it.

The spilling back of the Przelany Armchair is designed two colors – chocolate and red, while chocolate is really appealing, the red one is not at all appetizing. How do you like the chair? Share with us in the comments bellow.

Via: PlusMood/TrendHunter

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