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Origami folding lamp Belt + Sound is folded into shape by hand - HomeCrux

Origami folding lamp Belt + Sound is folded into shape by hand


Origami is probably one of the finest ways to create your own little things at home. Case in point is the Belt + Sound folding lamp conceived by Hamburg-based studio Mirco Kirsch. Made from a single sheet of perforated metal, the lamp can be folded into shape by hand, thanks to the pre-assembled electrical components and light fixtures provided and the indentation on the metal sheet indicating pattern in which the lamp is to be folded. The entire folding, or assembling process, takes at most five minutes to finish.

Besides being marked with pattern to fold, the metal sheet surface coating is really strong, it is capable of adequate temperature resistance and can withstand tight bends of up to 180 degrees (in the folding process) without breaking. The lamps come in various colors, but cannot be combined with other textile cables.

Via: DesignBoom/ShoeboxDwelling


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