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Line Printer for sewing-machine changes thread color automatically

Line Printer for sewing-machine changes thread color automatically

One household equipment which hasn’t really seen a lot of transformation since the yesteryears is the sewing-machine. It’s just changed shapes to look more modern and useful, but changing spool of thread is still an annoying thing in this automatic world. Things may stand to change if Line Printer for sewing-machines from Red Dot awards makes real some day. The Line Printer is basically a device that’ll allow the color of sewing-machine thread to change to match the fabric color automatically.

Basically the Line Printer is designed to print thread with the color required. This is made possible by a small camera built into the device, which photographs the fabric. Pre-installed color-recognizing software then picks the color of the fabric and a built-in CMKY ink cartridge prints the same color on white thread – heck! No more changing of spool every time! I am elated and you?

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