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Padded cell candy floss home by Jennifer Rubell

Padded Cell is fairytale home made of pink candy floss

There aren’t many artists who like playing with eatables in their creations. However, New York based artist Jennifer Rubell is known for her large scale installation and creation made from food items. Living with her passion Rubell has created a small dream home – a Padded Cell, which is constructed out of basic building materials on the outside and has the interiors – walls and ceilings, everything padded in pink candy floss.

Padded Cell, an 8’X16’ freestanding room, comprises of a single door which visitors can use to enter the candy floss room to see it from the inside. For anyone skeptical of going into the room, there is a  plexiglass window on the door, which can be used to peep inside. Made from approximately 1,800 cones of cotton candy, the Padded Cell is a dream home (or room) for every girl who believes in fairytales. Please don’t start eating on the candy floss when you’re inside the Padded Cell.

Via: DesignTaxi

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