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Remote-controlled QWERTY sofa bed-1

Remote-controlled QWERTY sofa bed lets you sit, sleep or roll on keys

ZO_loft design, with the motive of delivering to the world flexible and architectural furniture for urban space, has designed a very unique QWERTY sofa bed. Designed by the team of designers vis a vis A.Cingoli, V.Castelli and U.La Sorda, the QWERTY is a little more than just an ordinary sofa bed created for geeks who love to crash on their keyboards. The QWERTY comes with micro electric motors attached to every single key which can be controlled with a remote control.

The adjustable keys of the QWERTY means that the cushions, the height and form of the sofa bed can be altered at will. The sofa bed with a simple touch of a button can become a playful carpet, a sofa and/ or a bed to let you sleep on the keyboard.

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