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Cabinet with built-in fireplace and a wine cooler

Wooden cabinet with built-in fireplace and a wine cooler

Being fascinated with multipurpose furniture, I am sure most of you homeowners would have used a piece of furniture or a wall unit, which can be used to store a TV set, accommodate your music devices and DVD library, and can also function as a bookcase and display unit for small art pieces? Well, drawing inspiration from a wall unit of sorts, Glenn Ward of Eidos Design Studio in Waterloo, Ontario, has teamed up with Toronto-based designer Phillip Tayler to build ‘Fire and Ice’ – a wooden cabinet with a built-in fireplace and a wine cooler.

The fireplace within the cabinet burns methel hydrate or Methanol as fuel, which means, the fireplace requires no exhaust – as the fuel used burns clean. Priced at $6,500 to $6,800, the 78”H x 30” D x 55” W cabinet has a wine cellar/fridge sitting right bellow the fireplace. Stuff all bottle in there and place the glasses very neatly on the shelves on the sides of the cabinet.

Via: CustomMade

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