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New S - Series finishes

S-Series sound system re-launched with a more vibrant style quotient

Over the years, home based speaker systems have genuinely traversed the scope of their audio oriented functionality. The new trend entails the design evolution of such speakers that also allow them to pose as definitive elements of modern home decor. Concerning this fad, Steinway Lyngdorf’s revamped S-Series certainly succeeds with their vibrant color scheme, which in turn is equally matched by the elegance of the compact Hi-Fi speakers.

An year ago, the High Fidelity system bagged many awards for its exceptional music output, and that too with its ubiquitous bantam bearing. And, now to celebrate the commercial as well as critical success of their products, the company has re-launched this exclusive line, albeit with a newer style quotient. Technologically, the system comprises of the same sound producing components like the two compact chambers, two inconspicuous sub-woofers along with an acoustic enhancing amplifier circuit with digital correction system.

But as we mentioned, it is the visual aesthetics that have taken the fashionable turn. In this regard, the speakers are now available in new vivacious finishes including black white and red lacquered facades. Other classy hues are also available on request.

Via: SteinwayLyngdorf

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