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Hana Pocket

Hana Pocket poses a small flower vase to be kept between your books

Hana Pocket

From the depths of internet, we have stumbled across the bantam ‘Hana Pocket’, a diminutive flower vase for spatially efficient decors. Paying homage to the long history of the Japanese art form of pottery, the delectable conception is wholly crafted out of fine porcelain. However, its modern shape does form an artistic contrast with the traditionally curvaceous potteries of Japan. In fact, according to the designer, it was no easy feat to contrive the rectangular shape of the vase, given that porcelain items tend to structurally bulge at their sections.

This rectangular bearing was not painstakingly followed to be just novel in appearance. It has a practical feature that directly deals with the spatial requirement of the vase. How so? Well, the flat rectangle makes it easy to place the vase between your books in a shelf. So, as a result, the minimalist conception can pose as one of your books, and yet showcase a lone flower or plant cutely emerging from its upper recess. Of course, there are other scenarios where the Hana Pocket can be used; like as a complementary piece of decor adorning your study table.

All images are courtesy of AssistOn.

Via: AssistOn

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