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Gorgeous iron home decor items

Gorgeous iron home decor items created by laser cutting

Gorgeous iron home decor items

Iron is perhaps the most important metal that has been integral to the technological evolution of human civilization. Starting out as tools and weapons (in the so-named ‘Iron Age’), the application of iron has progressed into large scale industries like railway, construction and machinery. And, now, following this same evolutionary trend, iron construction company C. Villa has introduced their laser-cut collection of elegant home decor items crafted from iron. These amazing designs include tables, shelves and eve a gorgeously contrived spiraling staircase.

Gorgeous iron home decor items

Since the dawn of Iron Age, the usage of iron has been defined by the shaping of the metal – and, this ‘shaping’ has been achieved by time proven processes such as forging, bending and cutting. The very same processes are undertaken for this furniture collection, but this time with the advanced technology of laser cutting. So, in essence, the historical tradition is maintained through application of contemporary technology.

Gorgeous iron home decor items

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