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Pistol Mug

Pistol Mug offers ergonomic comfort as well as style

Pistol Mug

For some of us the hole between the cup handle is a bit small to slip our finger (or fingers) through, thus often resulting in accidentally stinging our digits from the cup’s heat. But now you can drink your tea in ergonomic comfort as well as in style. This is because the Chinese have contrived a special Pistol Mug with its handle shaped like a small gun. So, this arrangement makes you hold your mug like pulling a pistol’s trigger, which keeps most of your fingers separate from the ‘heat zone’ of the cup’s surface, while also allowing you a much better grip on the mug.

Pistol Mug

The Pistol Mug also has some home decor credentials, especially if you are not that intent to allow your children to drink from a mug shaped as a firearm. These credentials entail the mug to pose as a ‘dedicated’ pen stand for your home’s work space or even office table. The eccentricity of the design and the clean, pottery based form is sure to turn some eyes in amusement.

Dimensions – W 160 × D 78 × H 108 (in mm), Weight – 420 g

Price –  480 yen ( around $5). For details, check out this link.

Pistol Mug

Via: ESupply

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