‘Chokotto Oasis’ paper humidifier works without electricity

'Chokotto Oasis' paper humidifier

Leave it to the Japanese to create some thing practically useful in its function yet utterly innovative in its scope! We are talking about the ‘Chokotto Oasis’ paper humidifier, an affably crafted, portable conception that doesn’t require any battery to run. Tailored for both your office and home, the simple design comprises of a tray-shaped tank, which on opening allows a flower-shaped paper arrangement to emerge as your humidifier. Now, you may ask – what exactly does it require to operate as an efficient humidifier? Well, the answer is simply water. All you need to do is pour in some water (even aromatic oils would work) into the mini tank and then open it; the ‘blooming’ paper does the rest of the work.

'Chokotto Oasis' paper humidifier

Of course, beyond its humidifying functions, the sustainable Chokotto Oasis does have a flower-like aesthetics that is soothing to our senses. This scope is also complemented by the range of soft colored compositions (like pink, green, orange) the paper humidifier is available in.

'Chokotto Oasis' paper humidifier

Weight - 100 g (3.5 oz)

Price – US $22 (for more details, please refer to this link)

Via: JapanTrendShop

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