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Green Light by Linda Bergroth

Green Light – A minimalist kitchen light for growing your herbs

Green Light by Linda Bergroth

Lighting mechanisms have evolved beyond the years to pose as decorative parts of your home decor. However, the ‘Green Light’ designed by Linda Bergroth (for Finnish manufacturer Kekkilä) sticks to its true purpose of providing nourishing light to your indoor plants. Envisaged as a kitchen light, the minimalist white design comprises of a simple light ‘umbrella’ at its top section. A beech support stick connects this stainless steel component to a wide tray (also made from steel). So, basically this set-up allows you to keep your plants like healthy herbs and other salad sources underneath the expansive umbrella to be in the light’s direct focus. The tray makes it easier to keep the potted plants, while also collecting the excess water from the plant bodies.

The height of the light umbrella is adjustable, which is conducive to the varied heights of different herbs and plants. Moreover, the core intensity of the illumination is good enough to provide conventional lighting. This feature doubles up the functional value of the Green Light by improving its illumination credentials for normal kitchen counter lighting. For more buying details, please follow this link.

Via: ShoeBoxDwelling

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