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Cage Archibird

Cage Archibird serves as a birdcage as well as a table

Cage Archibird

If you happen to be a bird lover, but cannot afford a cage to keep the feathered creature inside due to the lack of available space in your home, then after knowing about the Birdcage shown above you will definitely get a birdie as  pet to stay with you in your small home. France based interior architect and designer Gregoire de Laforrest teamed up with See Why studio/workshop to create this beautiful Birdcage cum table. Just like other products created by the designer this bird cage dubbed as the Cage Archibird, also breaks the conventional expectations as this furniture unit performs a double duty by providing a home for the little bird and also functioning as a table.

The table is made up of solid oak wood, the lower surface of which  has an area enclosed with tension cables and the upper surface have  glass bells serving as a place of habitat for your tiny feathered friends. The cage also integrates fake branches made of steel letting the bird to perch on. The extended surface of the table can be used a regular table where the people can sit to have a cup of coffee while observing their little friends chirp freely inside the cage. Although, this furniture unit can be a wonderful piece in any home, but bird lovers with small homes are probably going to love it more. Have a look at the video below to see the birds perching inside the cage.

Grégoire de Lafforest – Cage Archibird from grégoire de lafforest on Vimeo.

Via: Designtaxi

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