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reading nest

The Reading Nest is a quiet public structure for peaceful reading

reading nest

The Reading Nest  pictured above is a huge temporary installation designed for creating a peaceful ambiance for reading and gaining thorough knowledge. As the name suggests, it is a big nest sort of structure designed by artist Mark Reigelman providing a secluded area from the busy streets of Cleveland to the public for reading quietly.  For constructing the giant nest, the artist has made use of around 10,000 discarded wood boards found around Cleveland, each of which measure 2”x 4”. These were reinforced by 200’ steel cable joined together by using 40,000 nails approximately.

The natural objects like trees of enlightenment, learned owls and various other such things, which were particularly related to the mythological objects of knowledge inspired the New York based artist to design The Reading Nest as an alternative structure for learning and gaining wisdom just outside the Cleveland Public Library in Ohio.


Via:  Urdesign

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