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Attach shelves to the Worknest and keep your workspace organized


While working, it is often seen that your working desk becomes a place where everything sits in a mess. Your pen might be under the books or your flash memory might be under the papers distributed all over and therefore you can’t always find the things that you need on time. This particular thing led Wiktoria Lenart to the idea of creating the WorkNest as a space that helps you to keep your things organized. This unusual desk has a wooden structure that offers various compartments to keep all your stuff in a decent manner.

The Polish designer made this modular desk where its surface features thin slots or grooves around its perimeter for you to easily install shelving units that can hold your documents, pens, pencils, markers and all such things in place. The desk also features two panels with pins that allows for a visual track of important. You can also accommodate different accessories like planters to make the space a little more creative.

If you work from home, then by placing the WorkNest in your home office you can create a work environment with a fresh air that will definitely invite you to work. You can also change the look of the WorkNest by adding a Space divider, thus making it a warm and contemporary furniture piece perfect to compliment any living or workspace.

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