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Cuddle Mattress by Mehdi Mojtabavi

The Cuddle Mattress aids in cuddling up to your partner

Cuddle Mattress by Mehdi Mojtabavi

Contemporary furniture designs do follow the trend of higher usability and technology as opposed to just aesthetics. However, many of such designs eschew an important part of the usability criteria, and that is the level of human interaction within the scope of furniture. Mehdi Mojtabavi’s ingeniously conceived Cuddle Mattress poses as solution to such interactions by actually aiding in the process of human intimacy. How so? Well, in usual cases, even if one loves to cuddle up to his/her partner, the blood vessels and nerves in the arms and limbs tend to get ‘numb’ thus resulting in physical discomfort. However, the Cuddle Mattress has special slats built in the bed that allows one to slid his/her hands inside the recesses in an easy and comfortable manner.

Cuddle Mattress by Mehdi Mojtabavi

The series of slats are divided on the upper and lower part of the mattress. This convenient arrangement allows the user to comfortably wedge their arms as well as feet when cuddling (or just sleeping on the side or on the stomach). Moreover, the slats come with both a firm and a soft side, which can be changed by the users as per their preference. This combined with the stretchable credentials of the bed sheets makes the Cuddle Mattress truly a practical conception perfect for the ambit of intimacy.

Cuddle Mattress by Mehdi Mojtabavi

Finally, the slats themselves come in three different varieties -  latex, polyurethane and polyurethane memory foam. But unfortunately the product has still not received a commercial release. However, it might just be a matter of time, as Mehdi Mojtabavi’s creation had already received a Red Dot award way back in 2007, while also being a finalist entry for 2008 Industrial Designers Society of America.

For more details, please check the design’s Facebook page.

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