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Cob house built for $250 from mud, straw and clay - no power tools used - HomeCrux
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Cob house

Cob house built for $250 from mud, straw and clay – no power tools used


Cob house

A former art-teacher and farmer, Michael Buck, 59, built an exciting one-bedroom cob house from scratch using nothing more than natural and recycled materials including mud, straw and clay – and strangely, not a single power tool is used. Buck has created the hobbit-style home for just £150 (approx. $250) at the bottom of his garden, using an ancient cob – building technique.  Buck has spent over eight months constructing the unique home using the technique of mixing sand, straw, water, clay and earth – a building technique he learnt by reading a book.

Buck has collected most of the martial from skips (landfills). The roof of the cob house is thatched with straws from his own fields and windows made of windscreen of an old lorry (truck). The thatched roof and cob walls make the 300 sq ft floor area home well insulated, and the ceiling stuffed in with sheep wool add to the warmth indoors.

Via: YahooNews


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