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Linear GD00Z-1 Z-Wave garage door controller @ CES 2014

CES 2014: UL compliant Linear Z-Wave garage door controller

Linear GD00Z-1 Z-Wave garage door controller @ CES 2014

Looking for a UL specification compliant garage door opener? Then you need to look no further than this CES where Linear Z-Wave garage door opener is going to be revealed. No doubting there are many home automation systems with which garage door openers can be integrated, but Z-Wave is one unique remotely controlled garage door opening system that is compliant with UL 325-2010 safety requirements. The garage door opener is equipped with audible and visual warning system which indicates a motion for 5 seconds before the door starts moving. The garage door controller lets you open or close the door from anywhere in your house, operated from the internet and also can be set to a timer for opening/closing at certain specific time of the day.

Linear Z-Wave garage door is expected to be available in March 2014 with an estimated price tag of $99, and is going to be compatible with Lowe’s Iris home automation system too.

Via: CEPro

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