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Fondoodler hot glue gun filled with cheese for doodling on your food

Fondoodler hot glue gun filled with cheese for doodling on your food

For cheese lovers, Fondoodler is a gift sent from heaven. It is basically a reloadable hot glue gun that’s designed just for cheese. It can be stuffed with any kind of cheese stick and quickly turns it into a glue-like material for easy doodling, drawing or designing over your food.

Using this handy cheese doodler, you can squirt your favorite cheddar onto buttered crackers, nachos or gingerbread house. The convenient tool ensures to give you a big quantity of melted cheese but without flooding on the kitchen counter.

The kit comes with a cheese corer that lets you carve out a perfect sized tube of your favorite cheese to fit within the device. As mentioned before, it is compatible with all varieties of cheese. this means you don’t have to look out for a particular type of cheese.

Designed by Buzzfeed Product Labs, Fondoodler is a perfect Christmas gift for your cheese loving friends. They will surely be thankful for this amazing gift that’s filled with gooey cheese. You can order your own Fondoodler online for $25.


Fondoodler lets you doodle on your food with cheese


It can squirt perfect amount of cheese on your favorite food

Via: Foodiggity


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