Stormtrooper’s helmet-shaped cat house by Cacao Pets

Stormtrooper’s helmet-shaped cat house by Cacao Pets

No one can understand the needs of your pet cat better than you. Cats are hunter by nature and they love having a personal spot like a cave to hide in.  If you are planning to give your cat a space of their own, then check out this amazing cardboard made cat house.

This unique Star War-themed cat house designed by Cacao Pets grabbed our attention right after it got listed on Etsy. Cacao Pets is an expert handmade pet furniture designing company of Rousse, Bulgaria, and they have been designing pet furniture using corrugated cardboard for more than a decade now. This time they have come-up with an amazing cat shed inspired by Stormtrooper’s helmet which is surely going to be attractive and irresistible hide-out for your kitty.

The Stormtrooper’s helmet-shaped cat shed is strong enough, as it is made with 4 mm thick corrugated cardboard. The cozy shed is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable, and to top it off, it can be easily assembled/disassembled using just a screwdriver. This 64’ tall and 32’ long and wide shed comfortably accommodate a regular cat.

This attractive cat abode is just not an ideal home for your pet, but also a shelter, favorite spot to play, cuddle, lie down, rest and sleep. It will also add an unforgettable charm to your home interior, and look awesome when your cat looks out from the entrance window.

Your kitty’s new hide-out

Cat house inspired by  Stormtrooper’s helmet

Star Wars-themed cat shed’s front view


Cacao Pets’ cat house

Stormtrooper’s helmet-shaped cat shed’s back

Cat sitting inside cardboard Star Wars Imperial Stormtrooper cat house


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