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Humpty Doo home boasts circular front door inspired by ‘The Hobbit’

Humpty Doo home boasts circular front door inspired by ‘The Hobbit’

Rob O’Keeffe from Humpty Doo, a small town in Australia’s Northern Territory, has created a stunning Hobbit home that seems to be coming straight out of a fantasy adventure film. The highlighting feature of this rectangular abode is its circular front door, which is inspired by blockbuster films such as ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings.’

Both Rob and his wife Kathleen are the lovers of high-fantasy movies, and wanted to give similar touch to their Humpty Doo home. They bought the property in this region 17 years ago and decided to build their dream home with own hands, brick-by-brick.

It took around 13 years to complete the fantasy house that includes a separate office for his wife, a shed, garden beds, and other attractive features. There is an attractive water feature in the kitchen, which has been built and decorated with stones and gems that Rob found in the Territory. Another focal point of the house is the outside swimming pool with a shaded canopy.

Earlier this hobbit home was a one-bedroom donga, but with their kids they started extending it, and made more bedrooms for comfortable stay. Now this unique family home is now for sale. Rob’s wife is from Queensland and even their four daughters have moved there. So, they have decided to sell the house and live with their family in Queensland.

Top End Real Estate selling agent May Dunlop mentioned that the appealing factor of the hobbit home is its size. It has a massive indoor and outdoor area, multiple carports and bedrooms at separate ends of the house. Moreover, the property has a smoke house, a bush pool and Wet season dam.

Humpty Doo home

Circular door inspired by film ‘The Hobbit’

Humpty Doo home

Contemporary kitchen (left), tranquil outdoor area with a pool (right)

Via: NTNews


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