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Ecobee 3 Smart Thermostat

Ecobee 3 smart thermostat comes with location-detection sensors

Most smart thermostats come with limited sense technology and can detect activity and control temperature of not more than one room. Toronto-based Ecobee Inc. has come up with a more comprehensive approach with its latest third generation climate controller, Ecobee 3. The thermostat is Wi-Fi enabled with a 3.5-inches touch screen that can function like a smartphone to control various activities within your home. The best thing about Ecobee 3 is that it comes with multiple location-detection ...

Tilt My Blinds

Automate your regular window shades with Tilt My Blinds

There are many gadgets to automate and control a number of household devices, but while thinking of smart home we often don’t think of window blinds. You’re perception is about to change after looking at ‘Tilt My Blinds’ created by Utah-based product designer Emily Hall Brimhall. Tilt My Blind is a small kit that can automate any 2-inch slat blind; as it is installed inside a blind rail in just 15 minutes without any heavy tools. The kit comes with built-in Bluetooth set and can ...

CHOP Cutting Board by Stilform

CHOP board with three integrated bowls optimizes work flow in kitchen

Chopping various ingredients for your recipe could be annoying sometimes, due to improper structure of cutting boards, and it also breaks workflow while cooking. Most of the cutting boards are either too small or bulky to transfer chopped vegetables into a bowl; moreover it’s quite cumbersome to cut large quantity of veggies on a tiny board. To solve all these problems, Munich-based design studio Stilform has created simple yet functional cutting board-CHOP to maintain persistent workflow in ...

Bump Mark Label

Bump Mark label tells your food has gone bad with swipe of a finger

Recent UN food report has estimated that about seven million tons of food is wasted in UK each year due to unreliable best before dates. To put an end to food wastage in such huge amounts, Solveiga Pakstaite, a research intern from Brunel University, has came up with bio-reactive labels called Bump Marks. These labels are made of gelatin that degrades at the same rate as the food inside a package. Each label on a sealed food starts off smooth but over time develops bumps as gelatin decays. So, ...

Telguard GDC1 Garage Door Controller

Telguard GDC1 automatic garage door opener syncs with any Z-wave controller

Telguard, the leader in home automation services, has created the GDC1 universal garage door controller that can easily sync with any Z-wave controller for opening and closing your garage door automatically. It is UL 325 certified device and is designed according to the firm’s standard specifications by FortrezZ using binary switch command class. It is a compact and easy to install device that can be fixed on a wall next to your garage door to offer full security. You can use GDC1 with your ...

Wireless Pain Relievers by Philips

Philips launches wireless pain relievers to improve chronic muscle pains

Chronic muscle pain sufferers have to go for persistent medication for rest of their lives. But drugs do have certain side-effects, other than the benefits. To get rid of these lifelong medications, Philips has come up with two amazing wireless drug-free pain relievers- BlueTouch and PulseRelief. BlueTouch is a patch with blue LED light to alleviate back pain, this blue LED stimulate nitric oxide in the target area and increase blood circulation towards the affected area. It is a reliable and ...

Stratos by Peter Pelletier

Stratos customizable workout ball maintains your physical fitness

Want flexible workout equipment at home but don’t have enough space to house bulky gym machinery? Well, New Hampshire-based product designer Peter Pelletier has noticed the problem and created an effective solution for fitness buffs in form of the Stratos. It is nothing but a simple ball-shaped tool to boost your sweat sessions at home. This rounded exercising tool has three adjustable weight options for the user to choose between four, six and eight kilogram ball. These balls are ...

The Cookie Catcher

Cookie Catcher stops soggy biscuit crumbs spoiling the taste of your beverage

Let’s face it, we all enjoy dunking biscuits in hot cup of tea, but we often hold the biscuit for too long that it breaks inside the beverage forming a sweet sludge at bottom of the mug. Obviously, no one likes these soggy biscuit crumbs as they completely ruin taste of the beverage. Not anymore, because Watford-based entrepreneur Andrew Tinsley has created the Cookie Catcher to end the problem that has been around probably since invention of tea and biscuits. Cookie catcher is nothing but a ...

SmartMat Yoga Mat

SmartMat guides you to improve yoga poses at every level of practice

If you practice yoga at home from any instructional videos, then you must be aware that sometimes it’s hard to maintain equilibrium and attain a perfect pose. To solve the problem, new fitness company SmartMat has announced the world’s first intelligent Yoga Mat that will help you improve yoga posses at every level of practice by detecting user’s position and providing suitable feedback. It comes with electrostatic magnets and built-in sensors that connect to your smartphone or tablet via ...


3D-printed Lawnfixer for growing healthy grass in your lawn

Unwanted spots in middle of the lush green lawns is a huge turn off. Not anymore, because Belgium-based product designer Tom De Vrieze has created a compact 3D-printed Lawnfixer that can be easily mounted on a broomstick to repair all dead grass patches. It has sharp spikes on its tiny round head for scratching off the ground which acts as a seed dispenser to put grass seeds within the plowed ground for healthy grass growth. It is made of solid nylon material that is created using a ...

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