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Fold Pot by Emanuele Pizzolorusso

Fold Pot is a flexible container that grows with your plant

Every plant in a smaller pot in your house outgrows the pot sooner or later, which means you have to put the plant in a new bigger pot because plants grow, pots don’t. To solve the stressful procedures of replanting, Helsinki-based industrial designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso has created a flexible solution in form of the Fold Pot, a plant pot that has an ability to grow with the plants. It is made of silicone that provides it flexibility to fold/unfold depending on size of a plant. The folded ...

Smart Plant by AVI Labs

Smart Plant watering system depicts plants’ health by smiling at you

We introduced you to 5 best smartphone plant sensors earlier that monitor health of plants in your house. Today, we have a similar device called Smart Plant, which is based on the similar concept, the only difference is the way it indicates plant’s condition. This cool device actually shows various expressions on the small built-in LED screen in accordance with plants’ current health. It is created by Ahmet Vural, founder of AVI Labs, in Istanbul for turning plant monitoring ...

Darth Vader Log Stove

DIY: Scary Darth Vader log stove for a warmer environment outdoors

Do you remember the scary character Darth Vader from the movie Starwars? If, yes then you must be aware of his evil powers. Inspired from this scary fictional character, [doodieszoomer], a member of Instructables, has created a log burning stove that resembles face of Darth Vader. The stove is designed especially for providing you a warmer environment outdoors in your lawn or backyard, when you’re chilling outside with your family in a cold night. The designer used an empty propane bottle ...

Converge charging station

Converge docking station can charge four devices at a time

Today, in place of papers and pens we make use of high tech gadgets like iPads, Smartphones; other than our basic desktop for carrying out important work. The charging wires of each of those devices can create a mess on your work desk. Although, the docks or charging stations can be used for keeping your work desk clutter free, but spending around 30-40 dollars per dock hardly makes any sense. However, Jin Chai’s Converge docking station is a beautiful solution to charge four of your gadgets ...

Danish Fuel Jerry -Can Bathroom Cabinet

Danish Fuel remodeled old Jerry Cans into stylish bathroom cabinets

Denmark-based design company Danish Fuel has creatively transformed the old petrol carrying Jerry Cans (German invention for carrying petrol from the time of World War II) into stylish wall-mounted bathroom cabinets. These cabinets include small wooden shelves inside to store your bathroom accessories; be it shaving cream, shampoo, body wash or any other stuff. These recycled cans were stripped and sterilized to make them useable through baking and sandblasting methods. Then, these were ...

Sense-Sleep Tracker

Sense analyzes your sleeping environment for better sleep

There are many wearable fitness and health trackers available in market for analyzing the user’s activities. Keeping that in mind, James Proud CEO and founder of San Francisco-based start up Hello Inc. has introduced a ball-shaped non-wearable sleep tracker called Sense that monitors your sleeping patterns as well as sleeping environment all night. It comes with a mobile app that supports Android/iOS devices to provide every detail of your bedroom to your smartphone when you were fast asleep, ...

Bistro Smart Cat Feeder

Bistro cat feeder comes with cat facial-recognition technology

Cat lovers can now take better care of their pets with the world’s smartest kitty feeder. A California-based startup has created an innovative device called Bistro that can track appetite and weight change of your cat using ‘cat facial-recognition technology.’   The device is equipped with a built-in camera which is triggered as soon as the cat steps onto the Bistro platform. The camera monitors drinking and eating habits of the kitty and transmits a live video feed to ...

ilbo mobile camera by Extrun

ilbo mobile camera keeps an eye on your pets when you’re away

Japanese Company Extrun Ltd. has created a mobile house camera called ilbo for keeping eye on your pets when you are not home. Key feature of this security camera is that it is a mobile device that can be monitored and moved to any location within your house just like a R/C toy by connecting it to any Andriod or iOS smartphone using its official app. To use this smartphone-controlled camera, all you need to do is connect it to your smartphone and leave it on the floor to roam around freely. ...

Kangaroo Clock by David Raffoul of David and Nicolas Design Studio

Kangaroo Clock comes with a handy storage pouch

Surely Kangaroo is not the first thing that comes to our mind while thinking of a wall clock. But, Beirut-based design studio David/Nicolas’ co-founder David Raffoul has conceptualized a circular wall clock with a storage space. He has created it for Fabrica - a communications research center. The clock has a close resemblance with kangaroo’s marsupium and is developed using a virtual three-dimensional image of kangaroo’s pouch. (more…) Recommended for You ...

Rubik's Cube Lamp

Illuminate your table space with playful Rubik’s Cube Lamp

You may or may not have tested your puzzle-solving skills with Rubik’s cube, but you can now use this iconic puzzle as a part of your room’s décor. Now, this playful cube doubles up as the Rubik’s Cube Lamp to illuminate your table space with soothing ambiance of light. It is not only to light up a certain area, but also can be used as a stress buster because you can actually try to solve it like the original Rubik cube. (more…) Recommended for You ...

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