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Baymax Bed

Disney’s Big Hero 6-inspired endearing bed cuddles you to sleep

If you have seen Disney’s Big Hero 6 or read Marvel’s Big Hero 6 novel, then you might be aware about the cute, adorable marshmallow shaped robot Baymax. Inspired by the Japanese traditional bedding consisting mattresses and quilts, this futon bed is provided with Disney’s Baymax robot illustration. The endearing 90-inch Baymax bed is made from polypropylene fiber from head to toe, making it comfortable as well as eligible to be used by adults too. This bed can be used as a couch for ...

Food-inspired Handmade Felt Bookmarks

Tiny hand-stitched fruity bookmarks for bibliophiles

Nowadays most of us prefer ebooks over paper books, but there are still many people who love to read conventional paper books. However, booklovers often have to find tedious paper pieces or bookmarks to save a page. How about colorful book tabs that look like your favorite food? To make things more interesting for bibliophiles, Inspirational Gecko, Etsy shop lead by Italian seller Francesca, has come up with cute little fruit-inspired felt bookmarks. The felt bookmarks in shape of mouthwatering ...

Wize mirror detects early signs of disease

Wize Mirror is a personal physician, it scans your face to detect diseases

A mirror will no longer be just another object hanging on the wall to let you stare at your reflection. Soon, a mirror will detect early signs of a disease for you. With EU funding, a team of researchers and industry partners are working on smart mirror called the Wize Mirror, which can detect diseases when you look into it. The Wize Mirror is just like any ordinary mirror, but it comes embedded with 3D scanners, multispectral cameras and gas sensors to monitor and inform about the health of ...

Firmament by Marion Fraudeau

Firmament is a perfect hideaway for your personal possessions

Firmament is a project conceived by Marion Fraudeau with the intention to create a perfect hideaway for keeping personal possessions out of sight of others. It is a mixture of console and vanity; this piece of art is a passage associated with outdoor reality and internal dreams of every individual. Inspired by the cocoon shape, its design allows you to keep your personal belongings under wrap and vanity to help you easily get last minute touch-ups. The opening and closing system helps to hide ...

Missy Cave

Missy Cave is a funky hideout for your furry friends at home

Sometimes it becomes a hectic task to lookout for fashionable yet comfortable bed for your furry friends at home. A perfect bed for pets is designed to give maximum comfort and also become a perfect piece of furniture in the living area. It might sound strange, but sometimes such situations are even faced by designers too. Leslie Hemming, founder of PUP & KIT a modern pet furniture company, have gone through the same situation. So Hemming wanted to create something practical as well as ...

3D Grass Printer

3D grass printer can produce a small ecosystem out of living grass and soil

3D printing technology is absolutely magical as it can make any dream object live. Now 3D printing has even touched our backyard gardening with the latest PrintGreen 3D printer, which can print soil and living grass to give desired shape to your indoor or outdoor garden. In 2013, a team of students (Maja Petek, Tina Zidanšek, Urška Skaza, Danica Rženičnik and Simon Tržan; along with assistant professor Dušan Zidar) at the University of Maribor in Slovenia has developed this innovative 3D ...

Le Gerle

Le Gerle multi-functional utility chair is ideal for outdoors and travelling

Italian outdoor styling company Ethimo has come up with the Le Gerle, a minimalist yet practical multifunctional piece of furniture that is perfect for outdoors and travelling. The multitasking chair is also the winner of  “L’italia si Alza” award organized by the Foundation Riccardo Catella. Resembling a wicker pannier, the multifaceted chair beautifully depicts the agricultural tradition of carrying essentials in basket, but with a modern twist. The chair is made from woven ...


Haier Codo is a portable handheld solution for messy stains

We all love to party, but stubborn stains and spills on clothes are also part of get-togethers where food and drinks are served. These unwanted clothes’ stains are certainly a big time party ruiners. Not anymore, as the world’s smallest pocket washing machine Codo is here to save you from embarrassment of wearing a stained garment. Created by Haier, the global leader in home appliances & consumer electronics manufacturing, the Codo is a portable handheld solution for stains and spills. ...

Four most successful ethical Kickstarter startup ideas

Four most successful, ethical Kickstarter startup ideas

Kickstarter has been used to fund a wide variety of products and ideas and is a great source of alternative business funding. Kickstarter offers potential customers from around the world, and with around 86 per cent of people preferring to buy from companies that give back to society, it’s little wonder that environmentally-conscious and ethical businesses in particular have been so successful. In this piece, we will take a look at four of the most successful ethical businesses that started ...

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