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Samsung Curved Soundbar

Samsung’s latest curved soundbar goes well with your curved TV

Do you own a Samsung’s UHD Curved TV, but are fed up of  flat soundbars that disgrace alluring curves of the TV? Well, no need to stick with those boring speakers anymore, because Samsung has recently announced the latest Curved Soundbar that is designed to complement your curvy TV’s aesthetic appeal. It is an ideal match for the HW-H7500 and HW-H7501 UHD Curved TV models and also provides better sound quality after connecting with these television systems wirelessly. It comes in a ...

Water Sculpture by Ben Young

The sculptural ocean waves handcrafted using layered sheets of glass

You might misinterpret these beautiful sculptures for actual water, but these are nothing but glass and concrete sculptures handcrafted by Australian artist Ben Young. He is greatly influenced by mysteries of ocean waters, since he has grown up near the Bay of Plenty on the northern coast of New Zealand’s North Island. What makes his artistic sculptures more interesting is the fact that these are not made through any computerized or 3D-printing technologies. In fact the stunning art pieces ...

Wallit Wall-mounted Bar by JSN Design

Wallit is wall-mounted tiny bar with ample storage

We have seen plenty of space-saving furniture so far, but how about a compact bar at home? You may be thinking that it’s not possible to constrict a whole bar setup into a small unit. But, Danish furniture manufacturer JSN Design has actually formed a compact wall-mounted bar dubbed Wallit. It is a handmade structure framed into a square unit that is upholstered with veneer and white plastic finish and includes foam pads inside to hold liquor bottles and glasses firmly and safely. The tiny ...

B&W CM S2 Series

B&W launches CM S2 Speakers boasting decoupled double dome tweeters

High quality audio product manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins has upgraded their CM series speakers with the latest CM S2 speaker that will be boasting decoupled dome tweeter technology that uses a thin aluminum dome surrounded by a thicker aluminum ring for better sound quality. This decoupled technology will help to deliver clearer audio and reduce distortion. With this new speaker you can enjoy music at high volume without any distortion. The speakers come with a minimal design with tweeter ...

Smart Gaswatch

Smart Gaswatch Scale with digital alert lets propane grills burn endlessly

The latest Smart Gaswatch Scale is designed to ensure that your backyard BBQ grilling never runs short of propane. It keeps a check on fuel tank containing propane to keep fires burning in summers while grilling and during winters for heating. Now, you wouldn’t have to be embarrassed in front of your guests because of your grill running out of fuel while cooking, since Smart Gaswatch is here to rescue. It is actually a digital device with a display screen that uses a weighing scale to find ...

Rolling Flower Pot by Studio BAG Disseny

Rolling Flower Pot whirls around with movement of the sun

Get over with boring static pots for planting flowers and shrubs, and introduce your plants to the new Rolling Flower Pot by Studio BAG Disseny. The design of this flower pot is inspired from the movement of sunflower that changes its direction according to the revolution of the sun. Similarly, the pot can roll around in the direction of sunlight for healthier growth of your plants. Rolling Flower Pot provides better functionality than regular plant holders due to its semi-conical base with ...

Buster + Punch Light Switches

Replace your boring light switches with classy Buster + Punch Switches

Still flipping the boring plastic light switches for controlling lighting in your home? Take a break from these tedious fixtures and upgrade them with the latest Buster + Punch (London-based Company) Light Switches and dimmers for adding some classy flavor to your walls. These switches come with shiny metallic finishing that is not only gorgeous but also conventional. We’ve seen plenty of electric switches in the past with automatic control or hand wave technologies, but these metallic ...

X-Pot by Sea To Summit

Folding cooking pot constricts into small disc to fit in your backpack

Packed your bags for next camping trip, but don’t have extra space to accommodate cooking pot? Well, we all go through this situation especially when going for a camping trip and have to adjust cooking-ware with other stuff that obviously makes our bag too bulky to carry. To make your travelling bag a bit lighter Sea To Summit, global manufacturer of travel products and accessories, has developed the X-Pot that is a folding cooking pot with walls of heat-resistant silicone that is sturdy and ...

Airfy Beacon

Airfy Beacon: Affordable home automation technology for smarter home

Wouldn’t it be great to live in a fully automated home where lights and electronic devices function on their own? Well, Berlin-based Airfy has created a completed home automation solution called Beacon that allows you to control all gadgets including Philips Hue lighting and Nest thermostats within your home according to your daily routine. Airfy Beacon connects wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth connection and with help of Airfy’s easy-to-use app, the system makes smart home ...

Ubo Clock by Damien Urvoy

Ubo Clock resembles Super Mario wrap pipes

There are many digital timepieces available in the market, but they can never outshine beautifully designed analogue clocks. France-based product designer Damien Urvoy has created a unique addition of analogue table clocks in form of the Ubo Clock, which resemble wrap pipes seen in the famous video game – Super Mario. Design of the table clock is actually inspired by exterior of the Centre Pompidou building in Paris, which is covered with colorful pipes. Urvoy framed the similar ...

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