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Marko Vuckovic’s Grasslamp

Marko Vuckovic’s Grasslamp combines lighting with living plants

Nowadays people are inclining more towards sustainable homes and looking for ways to bring nature into their home. That’s why even designers and architects often come up with amazing projects that integrate natural elements into living spaces. Designer Marko Vuckovic from Serbia has also created one such innovative lighting concept called Grasslamp, which combines living plants with light to spread brightness of nature in your life. It is basically a compact, egg-shaped desktop gardening ...

WoodUp Qubi

WoodUp Qubi makes charging Apple Watch more stylish

Over past few years, we’ve seen plenty of chic charging stations, which provide you a convenient way to juice up your smartphone. But now WoodUp Qubi wants do to the same for your Apple Watch. Qubi is a cube-shaped wooden docking station for your Apple Watch that  offers a stylish way to recharge your gadget. Handcrafted in WoodUp’s Workshop in Berlin, Germany, the charging station elegantly combines roughness of concrete and aesthetics of walnut wood together. Wood and anthracite colored ...

Interactive fitting room by Oak Labs

Ralph Lauren and Oak Labs unveil interactive smart mirror

Online shopping has already kept us all glued to our smartphones, but nobody can deny fun of personally trying each dress in fitting room. In the wake of latest latest technological advancements, even fashion industry is trying its best to come with innovative ideas for better shopping experience. Therefore, to offer a more personalised and high-tech experience in trial room, New York-based startup Oak Labs has come up with an interactive smart mirror, which will enhance your ...

Eco Poka Feet Warmer

Eco Poka cushion promises warm feet, happy toes

The best way to keep your feet comfortable and cozy in winters is pack them in layers of woolen socks. This does sound cozy but in reality winter socks or warm slippers do not offer warmth required for happy feet. What if you get the chance to beat winter’s chills by slipping your feet into a furry warmer, which is specially designed to offer both warmth and comfort at one place. Yes, the Eco Poka feet warmer is a cushiony warmer that functions like a joined pair of slippers. It comes ...

Keen Home Smart Vents

This Black Friday, Keen Home smart vents will hit online stores

Winter is literally upon us and with that our energy bills are certainly going to rise again. Although Nest thermostats claim to reduce electricity costs, but these heating systems run unnecessarily even in extra rooms of a house. This means wastage of energy and additional electric costs. But if you remember that recently CES 2015 in Las Vegas, the revolutionary Keen Home smart vents were unveiled, which are designed especially to offer room-by-room temperature control throughout the ...


15-minute (or less) Thanksgiving recipes and centerpieces

Thanksgiving is an important time of the year, as it brings family and friends together to be appreciative and thankful for what they have. So why not delight your guests with some festive home makeover and Thanksgiving-inspired food to leave them foaming at the mouth? We know you must be thinking that ‘Thanksgiving is tomorrow not a month away. So, how is it possible to make all such preparations in a single day?’ So even if you feel unprepared, don’t fret. We are here to give you ...

Dojo Smart Home Security System

Dojo ensures privacy of all connected devices in your home

Rising smart homes have made everything in our houses digitally-oriented, but more connected devices mean increasing threat to your privacy. Fortunately, Israeli startup Dojo-Labs has found the solution to ensure privacy of your smart home networks in form of a pebble-shaped device called Dojo. It appears like a piece of rock for home decor, but this simple-looking device has more to offer than its looks. Dojo includes an app, a Linux-based remote and a small box that hosts the computer. The ...

Domino’s Easy Order button

Domino’s Easy Order button gets you crispy pizza at one-touch

Domino’s has recently been working really hard to make their ordering and delivering processes quicker than ever before. This has become quite evident after the company’s DXP pizza delivery car that was unveiled last month in US. But now the pizza makers want to make ordering procedure simpler than even using a mobile app. So they’ve unveiled the Easy Order Button, which lets you can place an instant order for your favorite pie. Well, it is a tiny white button that rests within a ...

Wine Advent Calendar

Wine Advent Calendar: 25 British Columbia wine bottles curated for Christmas

Canada-based startup New District has come up with an innovative way to celebrate Christmas. Aiming elders and wine lovers, the company has created an exclusive Wine Advent Calendar that comes with British Columbia’s 25 best-quality wines. Curated by a team of wine experts, it is made sure that wine lovers get to the best taste, thus each bottle for Advent Calendar is handpicked and packed in a distinctive white pine gift box, making it a memorable gift option for your loved ones. In an ...

Fruit Toilet Paper rolls

Tooty-fruity loo rolls turn your bathroom fruitilicious

Everything is rapidly changing around us, be it any household item or some office related accessory. But one thing that has always been neglected all these years is the poor toilet paper roll. Toilet paper is a necessary day-to-day item; still no one ever tried to experiment with it until now. Designer Kazuaki Kawahara from Japanese design studio Latona Marketing Inc. wanted to change the age-old design of toilet paper wraps. So, he has given fruitilicious makeover to its packaging. Entitled as ...

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