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Mad Catz S.U.R.F.R Media Console

Mad Catz S.U.R.F.R media console controls smart connected living room

Looking for more convenient way to control connected home entertainment devices? Mad Catz, leading manufacturer of gaming accessories, has created the S.U.R.F.R wireless media and game console that offers you easier control over connected living room. The media controller is designed to be impaired with connected entertainment devices and portable enough to be carried with you anywhere you desire. It seamlessly integrates with Bluetooth-enabled connected devices including smartphones, tablets ...

World's First Plantable Coffee Cup

Plantable coffee cup biodegrades to replenish local flora

Taking America’s caffeine addiction into consideration, it’s quite obvious that disposable cups form massive amounts of waste to landfills. To reduce the disposable waste, one California-based company has come up with a solution in form of the world’s first Plantable Coffee Cup, which biodegrades into local flora after use. Hence, decreases coffee-related trash and helps in restoring landscape. The plantable coffee cup is made out of post-consumer paper along with organic native ...

Pushel Snow Clearing Tool

Pushel is ergonomic tool for easier and faster snow removal

Tired of repetitively lifting, twisting and bending a shovel to remove snow? Well, Cleveland-based local entrepreneur and inventor Phil Davis has created simple yet effective tool called Pushel to resolve all your snow eviction woes. It is basically an ergonomic tool that allows you to use leg muscles, unlike a shovel that requires your back’s strength for lifting or bending the tool. According to Davis, it offers you faster, safer and easier way to clean snow rather than a shovel. It comes ...

Hive Smart Home Automation

Hive hub offers home automation and entertainment at your finger tips

The typical problem with smart home automation systems is that they can be connected only to limited gadgets and for security and entertainment you require separate hubs. To simply you home connection without hassle, a smarter home security and automation system called Hive is designed for providing all-in-one solution to homeowners. With this one compact device, you will be able to control your lights, locks, appliances and other smart gadgets in your home for controlling the entire house ...

Beam Android-powered Projector

Beam projector turns any light socket into smart entertainment hub

Let’s face it, mostly table and ceiling projectors cannot be setup easily anywhere outside a home theater or a boardroom. But, the smartest Beam projector is about to change the tedious scenario with its unique layout and feasibility. The projector comes in shape of a light bulb and can be plugged into any conventional power outlet or light bulb socket, allowing you to project your desired display anywhere you like. To use the projector, all you need to do is- fix it into any light fixture ...

Soybots Mobile Robotic Platforms

Soybots help indoor plants to survive when you’re not home

Do your indoor plants often die due to lack of nourishment and inappropriate sunlight? Don’t worry, as McMullen and Fabian Winkler, associate professors from Purdue University have created a convenient solution in form of Soybots. The Soybots are nothing but mobile micro-gardening robots that allow indoor plants to search for light using built-in sensors. There mobile robotic platforms feature built-in light sensors to track sunlight intensity or to locate LED lights within a room, so the ...

MyChai Electronic Tea Maker

MyChai electronic tea maker brews your favorite flavored tea on the go

Although there are numerous tea lovers across the globe, but they cannot enjoy their favorite cup of tea on the go due to its complicated brewing process. This is because there is no availability of any infuser cup like Hey Joe coffee mug that can help you make a hot cup of tea while travelling. To solve the problem- enters MyChai, a pocket-sized tea maker designed by Uttara Ghodke, Indian industrial designer from MIT Institute of Design. The portable device appears somewhat like e-cigarette, ...

Immersis 180-degree VR Projector

Immersis 180-degree VR projector brings virtual reality into your living room

So far, the virtual reality gaming experience has been limited to Samsung and other headset gears by renowned companies for providing the VR action only to a single person for personal entertainment. To bring virtual reality experience to more than one person at a time, French start-up Catopsys has teamed up with Paris R&D arm of media agency Ogilvy to create Immersis 180-degree VR projector. The VR projector can easily connect to your computer and beam content in 180-degrees within any ...

Raspberry Pi-powered Garage Door Opener

Raspberry Pi-powered garage door opener for easy access from anywhere

You may have seen many projects running efficiently with Raspberry Pi. Today we are going to acquaint you with another such [Tanner’s] project for automatic control on garage door. He has brilliantly clasped Raspberry Pi to his garage door opener and further connected it to internet-connected device for easy access from anywhere. For this garage door automation, he removed the manual switch and linked it to the garage door remote. This means the switch would active only when the remote has ...

Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home

Mitsubishi Electric smart home turns your home into an oasis of comfort

Smart home technology has gained popularity over past few years, but it is always linked to security and connected home appliances. To change the trend, Mitsubishi Electric has entered into the smart home market with launch of its next-generation smart home concept that puts more emphasis on your health. The Mitsubishi Electric Smart Home is a combination of sensors and linked appliances that collects biological information of all family members in a house and offers them suitable conditions ...

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