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Stick Stove

Stick Stove: Portable fuel burning device for developing countries

Cornell University’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise (CSGE) in collaboration with Japanese kerosene stove manufacturer Toyotomi organized an event for designers around the world to create stoves that will benefit low-income households in the developing countries. Designers from 13 different countries participated in the event and created low-maintenance innovative stoves for households with limited earnings. The first prize was awarded to U.S. designer Ryan Bookhamer; second prize to ...

Smart Lamp Speaker by Emoi

Responsive Smart Lamp Speaker blends both sound and lighting

Light and sound are two essentials that add life to any party across the globe. So, why don’t we combine the two to have a blast throughout? Well, Chinese firm Emoi has thought the same and developed the Smart Lamp Speaker that combines traditional household devices like a touch lamp and Bluetooth speaker. This nifty combination in shape of a ‘magic fate ball’ has put an entirely new spin to the multi-purpose accessory that not only can lit up your room, but also lets you listen to your ...

PikaPlant One Shelf Automatically Waters Plants

PikaPlant One shelf can automatically water your plants for a whole month

It is really disappointing to see many thirsty plants die due to negligence of their careless owners. But, not anymore because Amsterdam-based startup PikaPlant has developed a brilliant plant watering shelf to save plants’ lives as well as human hassles. PikaPlant One is a low maintenance vertical shelving unit that can autonomously water your plants for a whole month without your efforts, even when you’re not home. Water from the tank is pulled down through a tube using an ebb-and-flow ...

Evander Broekman's Collection of Luxury Safes

Evander Broekman reveals high security certified collection of luxury safes

Filthy rich are adding more dollars into their bank accounts and enjoy infinite number of luxuries throughout, but due to this the need of high-end securities and safes has also increased to protect their valuables. To avoid the safety risks of your valuables, Evander Broekman- specialist and advisor in the design and manufacture of high end fine jewellery, watches and diamonds, has heartily announced the launch of an exclusive collection of high security certified luxury safes. The collection ...

Cuckoo Clock by Haoshi Design

Haoshi Designs’ Cuckoo Clocks come with pair of birds that meet on the hour

You must have seen traditional cuckoo clocks that come with only one diligent bird that comes out each hour to tell you the exact time. But, a single bird tweeting time seems a bit lonely according to the Taiwan-based studio Haoshi Design. To change that ages old concept of single bird, the designers of the firm have come up the latest contemporary collection of Cuckoo Clocks that features a pair of bird that meets upon the hour, so they can keep each others company. This unique concept of ...


Enhance the flavour of your wine with WW Carafe

Whether a congratulatory situation, a conciliatory or a comforting one; all call for a little wine and serving wine through a practical & stylish carafe will make these moments more enjoyable. if, you are looking for  a carafe that not only improves the flavor of your old wine, but also looks classy then you must go for  WW Carafe  designed by London based designer, Benjamin Hubert. His steel aerator is accompanied with a set of 4 stack-able glasses is created for the Danish design ...

WashWash by Eva Solo

WashWash rubber washing-up bowl to reinvent cleaning dishes at home

Cleaning dishes is the most boring household task that everyone shy’s away from, whilst electronic dishwashers don’t come cheap. So, to make washing your dishes a bit interesting Kenneth Lylover, Denmark-based product designer from Eva Solo, has come up with an amazing concept called WashWash. It is basically a rectangular washing-up bowl with two handles on either sides to make washing dishes easy as well as space saving. With this rubber dishwasher you can wash small or large amount ...


SinglePet robot takes care of your furry friends when you’re away

Stuck at work and not able to get home to feed your adorable pet? No need to worry, as Korean startup SinglePet is here to solve the problem once and for all. It is nothing but a small robotic hardware that can be controlled through your smartphone. It comes with an easy to download mobile application that supports all Android/iOS devices. With the help of the app, pet owners are able to dispense food to their pets from the hardware through single push of a button on your smartphone. Besides ...

Soundbox Desk by Jina U

Vintage-inspired Soundbox Desk efficiently amplifies music from your mobile

Korea-based design student Jina U has created an unusual acoustic Soundbox Desk for his diploma project. It is inspired by vintage learning and features a musical instrument to amplify the music. The table comes with a built-in low-tech amplifier that is designed in shape of a horn like old phonograph. Instead of using modern day advance speakers, Jina opted for the vintage style soundbox to create something elegant as well as functional. Design of the table completes with a small chair with ...

LED Tree Swing by Gonzalez Garrido

Gonzalez Garrido’s LED Tree Swing creates dazzling light painting in air

Kids love to swing outdoors all the day, but are often afraid swinging at night due to dark. But with this LED Tree Swing designed by Spanish designer Gonzalez Garrido your kids will get fascinated to take a swing even when its pitch dark outside at night. It is clear from its name that the swing is created to be tied on to a branch of a tree with its strong chords. The chords are strong enough to hold weight of any person whether child or adult. The striking feature of the swing is its ...

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