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Retro TV turned into Seinfeld-themed fish tank

Retro TV turned into Seinfeld-themed fish tank

Despite the fact that Seinfeld, popular sitcom of 90’s, ended over 16 years ago, but it is alive today on twitter. Fans can easily see Seinfeld memes on twitter to envision how the characters (Jerry, Elaine, George, Kramer and Newman) would interact in 2014. Now, these classic sitcom characters have now found a new home underwater, all thanks to a Reddit user Matt Davidson [matttheman11]. Davidson being an avid fan of the series, wanted to pay homage to this classic TV show. For that, he ...

Sony’s Qrio Smart Lock

Sony’s Qrio Smart Lock allows users to open doors via smartphone

Recently, Japanese electronics giant Sony has been in news for its security woes, ironically their latest project is all about providing security. The firm has unveiled the brand new Qrio Smart Lock to offer a smart home security solution to homeowners. Although the concept of smart locks is nothing new to the world, but Qrio is the smallest smart lock that allows users to open their house’s front door via smartphone. Qrio smart lock can be opened using the encrypted key for unlocking, using ...

Bring home vintage aircraft parts as stylish household gears

Bring home vintage aircraft parts as stylish household gears, this Christmas

Do you love the tingling sensation of flying at high altitudes while sitting inside an airplane? Well, now you can bring the skies into your home- all thanks to Seattle-based aircraft manufacturer Boeing. The aircraft firm has come up with unusual marketing initiative that sells reclaimed airplane parts as stylish home furniture and accessories. The aircraft household gears are designed from retired fuselage and stylized to form a classy product that will add charm to any décor, whether home ...

Martin Logan Neolith Hybrid Electrostatic Speaker

Neolith: Hybrid electrostatic speaker costs equivalent to Mercedes Benz CLS

Most audiophiles are seen lusting after hi-end hybrid electrostatic speakers. But Martin Logan, the world leader in electrostatic loudspeaker technology, has raised the bar to next level by introducing the largest-ever Neolith hybrid electrostatic speakers. The modern speaker with handmade minimalist design boasts many notable features such as biggest electrostatic radiating surface, 12-inch front-firing sealed mid-bass woofer and larger 15-inch rear-firing ported woofer, all together these ...

Palmerston Council’s $45K Cyclone-proof Christmas Tree

Palmerston council’s $45K Christmas tree can combat a cyclone

Australian Palmerston city council has unveiled its latest Christmas attraction in form of conical tree. This inverted cone-shaped Christmas tree is erected in Palmerston’s Goyder Square and the council has spent hefty amount of about $45,000 on this ornamental tree design. Wondering why the council shelled out such huge amount on a Christmas attraction? Well, this is no ordinary tree as it is designed to combat cyclones with intensity breeze of around 230km/h. The 10-metre high conical tree ...

$25K Talking Christmas Tree Purchase by Councilor Brad Johns

$25K talking Christmas tree to sprout in Sackville

The famous talking woody Christmas tree, which once was the attraction of Mic Mac Mall in Canada every holiday season, has been purchased by the Councilor Brad Johns (Middle-Upper Sackville, Beaver Bank, Lucasville) for $25,000. Johns shelled out such hefty amount on this attraction to be the part of Sackville council on December 25. Johns said in an interview, I met with a number of community groups about six months ago and, in partnership with the Sackville Kinsmen group, I gave them some ...

Flying Fish Bowl by Red Edges Design Studio

Flying Fish Bowl is cool donut-shaped abode for your aquatic friends

Fishes are the most beautiful water creatures that add charm to any home while moving inside an aquarium. But, why do we always keep them in boring rectangular or circular fish tanks? To break the monotony of tenacious aquarium layout, Israeli duo Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay from Raw Edges Design Studio have created the revolving donut-shaped fish tank, Flying Fish Bowl. It is a giant wall-mounted fish tank that actually revolves, leaving the water at bottom whilst environment within the tank ...

Rollercoaster Ride to Take Home Tour in Netherlands

Buying new house can be a fun rollercoaster ride in Netherlands!

House hunting can be a really annoying experience when you’ve to go door to door. But, a real estate firm Verder Met Wonen has found an entertaining way to show the property on sale. The firm has installed a wooden roller coaster that brings out inner child of the potential home buyers and let them enjoy a thrilling ride through the seller’s house. The wooden cart takes guests through each room including bedrooms, kitchen, living room, garage and backyard. The exciting house tour begins ...

Bacon-scented Pillowcase by J&D's Food

Enjoy savory dreams while snoozing on bacon-scented pillowcase

There is nothing like waking up to luring smell of cured meat in the morning. What if you could go to sleep while enjoying smell of bacon all the time right from the comfort of your bed? Well, J&D’s Foods (a firm that specializes in bacon-themed items) has recently launched their latest product, the Bacon-scented Pillowcase. The world’s first pillowcase that smells like bacon allows your mind to settle for delicious bacony dreams, but be careful and try not to eat the ...

ideaco tm Series Bamboo Tableware

ideaco Bamboo Tableware designed to look like disposable paper

From past few years, lot of emphasis has been put on manufacturing of eco-friendly furniture, homes and other stuffs. But, tableware remained untouched with this trending scenario. Not anymore, as Japanese design firm ideaco has come up with unique tm series of Bamboo Tableware that is made from natural materials such as bamboo powder, melamine and cornstarch to add eco-friendly touch to your dining table. Due to its light weight, it is idyllic for both indoor and outdoor eating as it can be ...

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