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Anka Blanket

Anka blanket by Marsha Golemac offers good night’s sleep

For a perfect good night’s sleep, Australian art director and creative consultant Marsha Golemac has teamed up with the renowned blanket maker Kate & Kate to produce a limited-edition of Anka geometric and colorful blankets. Anka blanket collection is designed to push the creative boundaries of blanket designs and overhaul mundane traditional patterns. Where the whole market is filled with floral and subtle colored blankets, Marsha has offered residents with capsule collection ...

Steampunk-inspired chess with bullet shell pieces

Steampunk-inspired chess with bullet shell pieces

Gone are the days when only wooden pieces dominated your chess board. Now designers are crafting them into unique shapes whilst adding whimsical touch to the age-old game. Likewise, Olde World Custom Creations has tried to give steampunk-styled makeover to a complete chess set. Although bullets and chess are not related in any possible way, but the designer has brilliantly combined the two separate things together like icing on the cake. It is a handmade set made out of modern wooden board ...

Orison Energy's New Home Batteries

Orison Energy’s new home batteries could upstage Tesla Powerwell

Storing backup energy for your home has become broadly accessible all thanks to Tesla Powerwell, which is an amazing device that harvests energy from renewable sources like solar panels to power various electronics in your house. But San Diego–based technology company Orison Energy has come up with a whole new concept to cut down your utility bills. The firm has created its new plug-and-play home batteries i.e. Orison Tower and Orison Panel for providing energy to most of your appliances ...

Samsung Wireless Audio 360 Speaker

Samsung to unveil its new Wireless Audio 360 Speakers at IFA 2015

To dominate the home audio market, Samsung Electronics is back with its all-new Wireless Audio 360 speakers range i.e. R5, R3 and R1 models. The omni-directional speakers will be introduced to the masses in IFA 2015.  The new range does not support egg-shape of its forerunner, but is definitely fitted with the ‘ring-radiator technology,’ that helps deliver sound in 360-degree radius. Due to this technology, speakers can easily fill the room with sound. The R5, R3 and R1 ...

Sony SRS-LSR100

Sony SRS-LSR100 is a unique speaker-remote combo

Sony masters the art of combining two unrelated products into one. The Japanese tech giant has once again proved it by launching the latest SRS-LSR100, a wireless speaker that features a TV remote on top. This unique gizmo is designed to bring your TV audio closer to you, even if you’re sitting at corner of your living room. Meanwhile, the TV remote control designed atop allows the user to change any channel without searching for actual TV remote. It boasts a standard set of buttons for ...

Star War Steins

Ceramic Star Wars Steins are best way to hold your beer

We always cherish drinks in our personal favorite glassware, but what if you get a chance to enjoy your drinks in a stein designed and inspired by Star Wars fighters? Yes, you heard it right! For all the geeky beer lovers, here are ceramic steins (beer mugs) shaped like your favorite Star Wars characters – Boba Fett, Darth Vader and R2-D2. Depending upon your inclination towards the Force, choose your fighters you want to hold your beverage in. Officially licensed Star Wars Beer ...

Jack Rack

Jack Rack is a key hanger for every music lover’s home

Now, convert your simple key hanger into a sensationally amplified  hanger with Jack Rack by Pluginz, a key hanger inspired by musical instruments. The Jack Rack is a handy and mini amplifier that is designed to hold your keys with the help of audio jack key chains. Started in February 2015 as a Kickstarter project, the key hanger successfully raised $10,007 with the help of 161 backers, and it is now selling amped key hanger to music lovers. Designed to be a perfect household accessory for ...

Human Face-shaped Coffee Lid by Jang Woo-Seok

You can kiss this human face-shaped coffee lid

A hot cup of coffee literally rejuvenates your senses that’s why it is the very first thing you crave for every morning. Either you make coffee at home or rush to a nearest coffee parlor to get your daily dose of caffeine in form of pick-me-up coffee, which is actually a symbol of hectic work life in big cities. So how about a morning kiss from your cuppa joe? South Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok has brought human touch to your drinking action in form of human face-shaped coffee lid. Unlike ...

Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Switch

Dim Philips’ Hue bulbs with wireless dimmer switch

How do your control smart Philips Hue light bulbs in your home? Probably, you take out your smartphone, search for a mobile app and finally manage to operate lighting as per your need. But it is not the most convenient way to monitor smart lighting system. So to provide you the best possible way to manage lighting of your home, Philips has introduced the new wireless dimmer switch that allows you to dim nearly 10 Hue light bulbs at once. The complete dimming kit comes with one Philips Hue white ...


BullseyeBore with laser-projected rings ensure accurate drilling

Drilling straight is a difficult task, unless you’ve got some master carpentry skills. But for a beginner who finds difficulty in keeping power drill aligned, there is a zero-percent chance to get that straight. Not anymore, as BullseyeBore laser drill guide is here to solve all the drilling woes. It is not a power machine itself, but one cool transparent attachment for your conventional hand drill, ensuring you drill straight into any material (i.e. wood or steel). This battery-powered ...

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