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Nomad Suitcase by Bibi Lab

Nomad suitcase with built-in desk forms ideal workspace anywhere you want

Only telecommuters or globe-trotting businessmen knows the pain of on-the-go jobs, where they need to work even without a small desk for placing their laptop and other related accessories. To solve the problem of digital nomads, Japanese firm Bibi Labs has come up with a convenient solution in form of the Nomad Suitcase. It is a wheeled suitcase with built-in desk and chair to help mobile professionals to work anywhere they want, without any limitation of workspace. This means the traveling bag ...


Shelfpack keeps you travel ready and your stuff organized

Travelling can be exciting, filled with fun and loving memories. But on the contrary packing is more of a tedious job, especially when looking for something in heap of clothes and other stuff to be packed in your bag. Manufactured by California-based McKaba Luggage, Shelfpack  is a roller suitcase with built-in shelving system to give you the utmost comfort while travelling. The shelfpack as the name suggest is a suitcase as well as shelving unit to keep your clothes  and stuff organized. ...

Foodscapes Tableware

Chew or dissolve your Foodscapes tableware when you’re done eating

Food remains and leftover food often end up in garbage bin, leading to excessive household wastage. Not anymore, as two Milan-based companies Whomade and Michela Milani have created a fun solution to remove wastage in form of Foodscapes- functional biodegradable tableware made entirely out of leftover food scraps. This project aims at turning recycled food waste into compostable tableware that the user can also eat after their meat. This is because these biodegradable seed-shaped plates and ...

Solar-Powered Mailbox

Solar-powered mailbox illuminates and sends notification when mail arrives

In this digital age, are you still stuck up with old mailboxes that need to be constantly checked for physical mails? Forget the old way to get snail mails, and open arms for the new age solar-powered mailbox. It is a smarter mail drop powered by solar panels to illuminate and send notifications to homeowners, as soon as their mail or courier arrives. The mailbox notification system is integrated with a couple XBees pieces, Flora program, Arduino chip and a bunch of other random parts and ...


Hadrian 3D automated bricklaying robot invented by Mark Pivac

The English proverb ‘necessity is the mother of all inventions’ beautifully fits to describe the latest invention of Hadrian, the world’s first globally patented and commercially workable 3D automated robot that works as a bricklayer. Perth-based aeronautic and mechanical engineer, Mark Pivac came up with the idea of making bricklaying robot, during the Perth’s 2005 bricklayer crisis. According to Mark, he is not against the bricklayers, but as the average age of bricklayers is ...

Woof Washer 360

Gently clean canine coats with ring-shaped Woof Washer 360

Your adorable furry friends don’t only dislike bathtime, but also scared of harsh water sprays. The latest ring-shaped Woof Washer 360 makes the cleansing process gentler and faster, providing massage-like feeling to your dog. The circular dog washing system even washes hard-to-reach areas, all thanks to its 360-degree spraying jets. With its 360-degree circular design, the washer can thoroughly clean your dog within less than one minute. All you need to do is connect the washer 360 to a hose ...

Animal-themed ceramic pots

Animal-themed ceramic pots add beauty and cuteness to your house

Animal-themed ceramic pots by Priscilla Ramos, ceramic potter and sculptor from Soa Paulo in Brazil, are little planters designed to add beauty, charm as well as cuteness to your house. According to Ramos, she aimed to create ceramic decorative objects with adorable aesthetics, and by looking at these tiny units we can say that she has done a brilliant job. The handmade ceramic pots are shaped like dolphin, fox, anteater, hummingbird and capybara. These palm-sized pots are ideal for ...

Omnioutil Bucket

Hachiman’s colorful Omnioutil buckets double up as a stool

Designed by Japanese brand Hachiman, the Omnioutil buckets were created nearly 20 years ago and truly stand the test of time, as they are still the best to suit modern-day standards. At first glance, these colorful buckets look good enough for everyday use, but they offer endless possibilities. You won’t believe how strong it is. All thanks to their lids, these buckets can double up as a stool that can hold up to 330 pounds. The buckets are made out of polypropylene and resemble corrugated ...

Yecup Smart Travel Mug

Yecup not only keeps your drink warm, but takes perfect selfies too

You may have already seen smart mugs and plates that keep check on calories you consume per day. Nevertheless, how about a smart travel mug that not only controls temperature of your drink, but helps you to take perfect selfies as well? The world’s first connected smart mug called Yecup lets you do both these tasks without any hassle. The smart mug is made from double-layer stainless steel to maintain temperature of your hot beverages. It comes with a mobile app that supports both iOS and ...

Moai iPadiPhone docking station

Moai iPad/iPhone docking station resembles monolithic icons of Easter Island

Are you a fan of ancient monuments and sculptures? If yes, then you’d surely like the spectacular Moai iPad/iPhone docking station by London-based artist Scott Eaton. This minimally attractive docking station is inspired from colossal stone remnants of an ancient culture located on Easter Island. This clever sculptural design elegantly combines traditional monumental art with modern technology. Moai is certainly the coolest resting place for your smartphone or tablet. A smartphone fits into ...

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