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Terra CA Series Flush Mount Speakers

Terra CA series Flush Mount Speakers can withstand all climatic conditions

US-based manufacturers of high quality indoor and outdoor speakers- Terra has recently unveiled its latest CA series of Flush Mount Speakers that can withstand all climatic conditions without compromising its sound quality. Each speaker comes in bezel-free design with edge-to-edge powder coated aluminum micro perforated grilles. Since no magnet or steel is used in its design, the speakers will never corrode irrespective of any weather conditions. The CA series is IP65 rated and is suitable to ...

Trumpet Hook by Teun Fleskens

Create your personal orchestra on the wall with ‘Trumpet Hook’

Coat hanging hooks and musical instruments together sounds a little absurd, isn’t it? But, Netherlands-based Studio Teun Fleskens has created an uncanny combination of the two in form of the Trumpet Hook, which is clearly inspired by the musical instrument- Trumpet. The collection of trumpet shaped hooks can form your personal orchestra on the entrance wall of your house to hang coat, scarf, tie, umbrella or keys, in a musical style. Designer’s brilliant craftsmanship reflects through ...

Augmented Water Device

DIY faucet device helps in saving water by changing its color

A software engineer with code name [tamberg] has recently developed the DIY Augmented Water Device for Water Hackathon; open source technologies for rivers, oceans and lakes in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is basically a faucet device that attaches onto any tap, displaying blue light that means normal water flow but it turns red after dispensing about 1-liter of water through a tap. This change in color is an alter to the user to limit water usage as already 1-liter has been dispensed, thus ...

Noke Bluetooth-enabled Padlock

Noke is Bluetooth-enabled Padlock that unlocks using your smartphone

Lock and key combinations have been used since ages, but it gets quite frustrating when you lose your key or forgot combination for unlocking a padlock. To put an end to the frustrating key combination, here comes the Noke by Fuz Designs. It is the world’s first ever Bluetooth-enabled padlock that doesn’t require any key to unlock. This means there is no need to remember password combinations or carry a key all day with you. The smart padlock comes with a mobile app that supports Android ...

Cat Scratchers

World leaders Kim Jong-Un & Vladimir Putin now available as cat scratchers!

Online network provider HideMyAss, which allows users to access Blocked content, has created unique cat scratchers for your feline friends in collaboration with The Pussycat Riot, a movement showing cats against cyber censorship. These cat toys come with the faces of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un or Russian President Vladimir Putin to promote the firm’s new anti-internet-censorship campaign. This campaign was launched after these two leaders restricted their countries’ internet freedom ...

WiFi-activated Feeder by LittleBits

WiFi-activated feeder lets you feed your pet even when you’re not home

DIY electronic projects supporter- littleBits has created a new WiFi-activated feeder that allows you to feed your pets from any corner of the world, simply by using your internet-connected smartphone or laptop. The feeder ensures that it feeds your pets (fish, cat or dog) immediately when you press a button on your smartphone or automatically through IFTTT (If This Then That). IFTTT is a service to connect various web apps through simple conditional statements for better function of your ...

BrainWave Desktop Microwave by Steve Gates

USB-powered BrainWave Desktop Microwave heats up lunch at your desk

Do you often get stuck up at work and don’t get time to rush to the office canteen for lunch? Well, London-based designer Steve Gates has come up with a great solution for office employees to enjoy hot lunch without even leaving their desk. Gates has created the BrainWave Desktop Microwave that is powered by USB to heat up your lunch at your very own desk or workstation. This tiny microwave doubles up as a notice board until lunchtime and when it’s time to eat your food, just pop in your ...


HydroGuard easily fixes on the door to prevent your house from flood

There are many flood prevention systems out there, but all of them requires permanent alterations on your property for installation. These permanent changes for avoiding flood needs lot of money and causes damage to your house if you ever plan to remove them. So, to provide you an easy solution to avoid flood water to enter inside your house a compact flood protection solution is created in form of the HydroGuard. HydroGuard is small and affordable stainless steel barrier that can be fixed on ...

Dynamo Showerhead

Illuminate your bathroom with water-powered Dynamo Showerhead

Bathrooms are no more untouched with technology in today’s trending scenario of unique bathroom fittings with hi-end technicalities. UK-based designer of luxury bathroom fittings and accessories- Crosswater has also created something technical with advanced features in form of the latest Dynamo Showerhead, which is powered by its own water turbine. This simple yet elegant shower head doesn’t need electricity to power the LEDs, as the flow of water passing through the turbine creates energy ...

Grant Macdonald Tableware

Unique Tableware by Grant Macdonald for an art exhibition

London-based finest silversmith Grant Macdonald has crafted extremely beautiful tableware showing off two golden bowls. It is designed especially for Harrods’ ‘Made with Love’ exhibition 2014, an initiative that highlights British artistry and craftsmanship. This amazing centerpiece is made of 24-carat gold that is crafted using Grant’s centuries-old silversmithing techniques and computer technology. All his hard work and dedication resulted in form of an outstanding artistic piece ...

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