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KFC Tray Typer

Greasy fingers won’t stop texting, all thanks to KFC Tray Typer

Using your smartphone while eating “finger-lickin’ good” chicken is quiet messy and leaves oil marks all over your phone’s screen. This means you can only text or eat, whilst killing your desired to do both things at once. But to fulfill your need for texting and eating at the same time, the famous fast food brand KFC has introduced a smart Tray Typer that allows grease-free typing. As part of an advertising campaign, this disposable paper-thin Bluetooth keyboard is ...

iLuv SmartShaker Alarm

iLuv SmartShaker wakes you up without disturbing your partner

Everyone’s sleeping schedule is not same, so it becomes really knotty to set morning alarms when sharing a bed. To help you wake up on time without hurting ears or disturbing your partner, iLuv has introduced the latest SmartShaker alarm system that wakes you up, while your partner sleeps in peace. It is basically a silent, vibrating system that is targeting couples or roommates who wake up at different times in the morning. This device is designed to be used under your pillow, allowing it to ...

Nomacorc's Plant-based Select Bio Closure

Forget traditional wine corks with eco-friendly Select Bio closure

Since ages wine lovers are using traditional cork or screw-top as wine bottle closure. But these corks are often tainted with TCA (2-4-6 trichloroanisole), which is not environmentally-friendly as well as gives moldy smell and bad flavor to wine. To overcome these drawbacks of conventional corks, US-based firm Nomacorc has come up with the world’s first zero carbon footprint wine closure dubbed Select Bio. The latest wine cork is eco-friendly and 100-percent recyclable, as it is made from ...

Kien modular sound system

Kien modular sound system adapts music to your location

The flexible technology is quickly adapting 21st century innovations into our everyday routine including sound system. Adding flexibility to your music system, Kien is the latest modular sound system that follows you wherever you go and adapts music to your location at the same time. It comes with subwoofer and satellites also known as subs and sats, respectively. The sats are battery-powered portable speakers to be taken along with you to any desired location. Its rechargeable battery offers ...

Private Museum By Buben & Zorweg

Show off your priceless artifacts with Buben & Zorweg Private Museum

What’s the point of possessing gorgeous and priceless artifacts when you only have to hide them behind an ugly security safe? Not anymore, as renowned luxury safe maker Buben & Zorweg has created the world’s first luxury safe dubbed Private Museum to protect as well as display your valuable items, giving whole new dimensions to security. The luxury safe is designed with modular sections of stainless steel and transparent high security glass with complex lighting. The unique lighting ...


Watch out late risers! Hyperalarm is here to wake you up from deep sleep

We all know that a power nap always turns into a day-long sleep. The Spanish design studio Think Big Factory has premeditated Hyperalarm, a smart alarm for heavy sleeper, impeccably connected with your smartphone. Powered by lithium-ion polymer battery that can work up to 20 days or more, the smart alarm has the capacity to wake you up and make you move without any delay. The device uses high-frequency sounds with interwoven pitches that make it harder for brain to get used to and sleep ...

Nuimo Universal Controller

Nuimo universal controller commands all your Internet of Things

Smart homes are truly dominated by various connected devices such as thermostats, lighting, appliances, music, locks, etc. But controlling Internet of Things via different smartphone apps on a single mobile phone leads to certain trail and errors. What if controlling these smart devices could be as easy as turning a door knob? Well, now you can replace full folder of smartphone apps with a single door knob-shaped Nuimo Universal Controller. It integrates with any Bluetooth device or different ...

Toro Motor-Head lamps

Toro Motor-Head lamps to spruce up your man cave

Forget animal trophy heads, as stylish wall-mounted Toro Motor-Head lamps are here to decorate motorcycle lovers’ man cave. Industrial designer and motorcycle enthusiast Eran Peled has created these stunning lamps using the iconic motorcycle structure that appears somewhat like a bull’s skull. The motorhead lamps are purposely crafted to resemble head of a bull, so it can adorn your walls similar to an animal trophy head, whilst providing a striking lighting fixture. Keeping in mind ...

Sony’s LED light bulb

Sony’s LED light bulb incorporates Bluetooth speaker

Lighting fixtures with integrated speakers have gained popularity over the past few years. Now Sony has also joined the club by launching its latest LED light bulb that looks like a simple LED bulb at first glance. It’s indeed far from that however, as it manages to double up as a smart Bluetooth speaker. The smart bulb can be fixed into standard light bulb socket of any overhead light fixture or lamp. Light bulb portion of this 360 lumen speaker can be controlled via smartphone app, which ...


SmartPlate keeps track of what you’re about to eat

You may have used fitness trackers to know how much you moved to burn out calories. But these fitness gadgets need manual effort to monitor your calorie intake. How about a simple plate that could track your dietary intake and count calories of what you’re about to eat? Well, this is now possible- all thanks to the SmartPlate by company Fitly. This is an intelligent plate that helps you to manage food portions and control dietary calories and carbohydrates. It comes with built-in cameras and ...

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