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Star Wars-themed X-Wing Rocker

Toy maker crafts Star Wars-themed X-wing rocker for younglings

Gone are the days when children grew up playing in rocking horses. But, the new generation can now enjoy with the Star Wars-themed wooden X-wing rocker by New Zealand-based toy maker Steve Coupe from Steves Wooden Toys. Coupe has been making toys for 25 years and now he decided to make a special tribute to Star Wars, meanwhile helping to raise money for local children’s hospital. The X-wing rocker is made out of solid wood and comes with a removable R2-D2 at the back, as co-pilot. This cool ...

Radlabs’ DIY $10 Heat Flow Kit

Radlabs’ DIY $10 thermal kit helps radiators heat your apartment better

There are various smart thermostats to centrally heat your personal apartment. But, people staying in rental apartments often suffer from overheated or too cold conditions due to their old radiators. To combat the problem, Radlabs- a group of three students at School of Visual Art’s Products of Design program have created a simple DIY Heat Flow thermal kit. The $10 thermal kit uses cardboard frame and series of fans to regulate better heating or cooling throughout your space. This easy and ...

Dolfi Soap-shaped Ultrasonic Washing Device

Dolfi soap-shaped device cleans laundry stains ultrasonically

Is your washing machine insufficient to remove all laundry stains? Well, we understand that you must be tired of hand-washing laundry stains even if you’ve some automatic washing machine at your place. Don’t stress, as Swiss lab MPI Ultrasonics has created the easier way to clean clothes with an unusual soap-shaped device, Dolfi. It is the world’s smallest laundry washing device that can remove all laundry stains without having to hand-wash them and uses 90% less energy than regular ...

Tetra Rex World's First Plant-based Cartons

Tetra Rex: World’s first 100% plant-based cartons hit retail shelves

Finnish dairy producer- Valio has become the first company to use world’s first plant-based Tetra Pak cartons- Tetra Rex. The bio-based packaging is manufactured from a combination of plastics derived from plants (bio-plastic laminate films, necks and caps derived from sugarcane) and paperboard. In Tetra Rex cartons, low-density polyethylene is used to create the laminate film for the packaging material. The neck of the opening and cap are made from high-density polyethylene derived from ...

Brio Smart Power Outlet

Brio smart power outlet protects you from fatal electrocution

There are number of power outlets in everybody’s house, but due to this your biggest fear could be that your kids might accidently stick their finger inside any electrical outlet. To prevent your children from electrocution, the Brio smart power outlet with embedded sensors is created to differentiate between electrical appliance pins, screwdriver and human fingers. The Brio has built-in sensors that on sensing an electrical plug begin to find the correct level of resistance. After ...

Keen Home Smart Vents

Keen Home smart vents can regulate temperature of individual rooms

Smart thermostats are already available in the market to wirelessly monitor home heating, but they cannot control temperature of individual rooms. But thanks to the Keen Home smart vents, temperature control is no longer limited to thermostats. These smart vents provide a revolutionary home heating system that can easily customize temperature of different rooms remotely via mobile app. These app-enabled smart vents can be opened and closed from your smartphone. Besides that, you can also ...

Xiaomi’s latest Smart Home Suite

Xiaomi’s latest Smart Home Suite incorporates human motion sensors

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is also into smart home automation industry, as the firm has created many hi-tech gadgets for the smart home security and automation. This time, the company has uncovered the latest Smart Home Suite that is a cluster of small devices to be placed around your home. These devices are incorporated with smart sensors that can measure light, sound, temperature and even human movement. After sensing the aforementioned things, the sensors send signals to all other ...

Ram & Row Rower by Patrick Saint-Martin

Ram & Row rower lies hidden inside wooden furniture

Seeking for fitness machine that doesn’t make your apartment seems like a gym center? Don’t stress, as Ram & Row rower designed by Patrick Saint-Martin is the best solution for fitness freaks to exercise without cluttering their house. The fitness machine is hidden inside wooden furniture with multiple uses and blends perfectly into any interior- traditional or contemporary. The wooden monolith on unfolding becomes a fitness rower to help you exercise anytime that suits you. It ...

The World’s First 3D Printed Vacuum Cleaner

World’s first 3D printed vacuum cleaner comes in shape of a vase

South African inventor Hans Fouche is well-known creator of 3D printed lawn mower, which was printed through large-scale FFF 3D printer entitled as ‘Cheetah.’ This time, Fouche along with his co-workers Kobus Van der Walt and Adam Oxford has created the world’s first ever incredible 3D printed vacuum cleaner in shape of a vase. Fouche said in an interview, We have made a lot of vases. They are so easy to make! While working on the design of a normal industrial looking vacuum cleaner, ...

Vintage home radiator for efficiency and beauty

Choose vintage home radiator for efficiency and beauty

We’ve seen variety of home radiators from industrial-style to nature-inspired towel radiators. However, if you wish to add beauty and charm to your home, then you should go for installing none other than a vintage home radiator. Many people who grew up in old buildings would remember these heating devices fondly from their childhood. In fact, radiators were the preferred heating source in homes and buildings built prior to World War II. It was not until the post-war housing boom that ...

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