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Nobot N1H1

Nobot N1H1 is humanoid device to do your household chores

Latest futuristic robots are taking over your home to manage daily activities, using automated software algorithm. Slowly people are also becoming dependent on these self-operated devices to do all household chores just at single push of a button. However, the newly developed Nobot N1H1 wants to change that and give complete control to human beings once again. Nobot is a humanoid device ‘like a person in robot suit’ to be operated by human beings for doing daily household tasks with ease. ...

La Cornue presents Château G4

La Cornue presents Château G4, fourth generation of vaulted ovens

Renowned French house kitchen La Cornue has launched the fourth generation of vaulted ovens dubbed Château G4. The oven is individually handcrafted by experienced operators and craftsmen in the workshops of Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône in France. It is designed specifically to revolutionize energy efficiency of ovens, combining advance technology with culinary art. Moreover, it’s encased in a sealed environment for even cooking. The new range of ovens is incorporated with patented technology ...

Battery-powered trimmers by Husqvarna

Easy operating battery-powered trimmers by Husqvarna

Tired of lifting heavy garden trimmers and their messy cables? Husqvarna, global leader in outdoor power products, has created latest battery-powered trimmers dubbed savE to clear all your gardening mess with ease. These cordless string trimmers are perfect for cutting errant grass and weeds. As the trimmers are battery-powered and cordless, homeowners can freely trim unwanted plants without restricting their range of motion due to extension cord. Due to its lightweight structure, you can even ...

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster lets you roast beans at push of a button

You may have automatic coffee maker at home, but what if you could take the coffee beans experience to whole new level by roasting your own joe beans? On roasting your own green coffee beans at home, you get complete control of your desired coffee flavor. So to enhance flavor of your fresh cuppa joe, the latest Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster is here with smartphone connectivity. It comes with a smartphone app that supports both Android and iOS devices, enabling you to access variety of recipes as ...

Star Trek-inspired Genie

Star Trek-inspired Genie grants your culinary wishes within 30 seconds

Ever wished for those replicators in Star Trek to instantly make any meal of your choice? Thinking of the same, Isreali inventors Ayelet Carasso and Doron Marco have created Star Trek-inspired Genie to make instant food preparation a reality. Genie is a compact device that appears like a coffee machine and can prepare variety of meals using pods, just like in coffee makers. From sweet to salty, it can make almost any dish in 140 gram portions in its recyclable container. All-natural ingredients ...

Cocktail Shaker Set

This cocktail shaker set by Periodic Tableware will make you a mixologist

Connecticut-based design studio Periodic Tableware is bringing hand-assembled laboratory glassware to your bar or table. The cocktail shaker Set is inspired by Erlenmeyer flask and is designed to serve cocktails/mocktails or shots, giving you the freedom of experimenting with drinks and making you the king of the party. The Erlenmeyer Vacuum Flask cocktail shaker set is an exceptional shaker available in the market with a complete scientific look. The flask measurement scales help you in ...

Poo Poo Power converts dog poop into electricity

Poo Poo Power machine converts dog poop into electricity

Dog owners are instructed to clean their dog’s poop from public areas, as it spreads harmful bacteria to both air and water. To solve the waste problem, Océane Izard, masters’ student at the Geneva School of Art and Design, has created innovative Poo Poo Power machine that converts dog poop into electricity. Dog owners can place a biodegradable bag of dog waste into this machine, where sludge-eating bacteria give off methane gas that gets converted into power. The electricity generated by ...

Bluetooth-connected SodaStream Mix by Yves Behar

Bluetooth-connected SodaStream Mix remotely carbonates almost any drink

Carbonation not only adds a refreshing pop to any drink, but also keeps your body healthy and hydrated. But conventional soda makers are not sufficient to carbonate all types of drinks. This is why SodaStream has introduced the game-changing Mix soda maker to simply change the way carbonated beverages were prepared and consumed for health lifestyle. This sleek bartender is created by renowned Swiss designer Yves Behar to jazz up your drinks. SodaStream Mix features built-in touchscreen that ...

Moley robotic chefs cook meals with human-like precision

Moley robotic chef cooks meals with human-like precision

In this digital era, you may have already seen plenty of robotic structures that can vacuum floors, clean windows, mow lawns, etc. for you. But what if they could also prepare a delicious meal for you? Well, this futuristic dream has been made possible by UK-based robotics company Moley Robotics that has created prototype robotic chef for preparing meals precisely like a human chef. At Hanover Messe, the premier industrial robotics show in Germany, the company has revealed an autonomous kitchen ...

Microsoft and Miele team up to revolutionize IoT smart cooking

Microsoft and Miele team up to revolutionize smart cooking with IoT services

A smart home with connected devices is the futuristic dream of most people. Living up to the concept of connected homes, Microsoft is venturing into your kitchen to provide you smarter appliances that follow your instructions through a simple app. Microsoft has announced the latest tie up with German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances Miele to revolutionize the way you cook. Miele’s next generation smart cooking appliances will be based on Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT) ...

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