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LG OLED TV for IFA 2015

LG’s flat 4K OLED TVs to display at IFA 2015

Last year at IFA 2014, Panasonic and LG had revealed their unique 4K OLED TV screens that were appreciated by many visitors. We’ve been hearing about LG’s curved 4K televisions for so long and want the company to come up with something new. However the Korean Company still decided to release its four brand new 4K OLED TVs at IFA 2015, but what’s new is that the company is about to launch its first ever flatscreen TVs by the end of August. Fair enough, as it’s the time for the ...

Samsung smart fridge leaves your Gmail credentials at risk

Samsung smart fridge leaves your Gmail credentials at risk

Nowadays tech-savvy smart home appliances have become a routine part of our life and we can’t even imagine our lives without these smart devices. But sometimes even advanced technology comes with certain unknown risks, while directly attacking the user’s personal online data. The same has been witnessed recently in Samsung rf28hmelbsr model, a smart four-door refrigerator with integrated Wi-Fi, which brings a collection of useful apps into your kitchen. Using this smart refrigerator’s ...

Pave Collection by Kreoo

Pave Collection: Mesmerizing marble seating units for indoors and outdoors

Italian luxury marble-furnishings brand Kreoo has again mesmerized its buyers and followers with their intriguing carved marble furnishings that highlights outdoor and indoor with innovative and contemporary aesthetics. The luxury brand Kreoo is Decor Marmi’s brand for industrial designs, which is dedicated at providing luxury items inspired by marbles. The name Kreoo, derived from Greek verb ‘karaina’ meaning, “to create, to realize”, is the word that rightly ...

Smeg’s SmartSense induction cooktops

Smeg’s SmartSense induction cooktops are fastest and most energy-efficient so far

Although induction cooktops are designed to provide quick and energy-efficient cooking experience, but due to their rounded edges certain dead areas are present on these appliances, which lead to improper cooking. To combat the problem, Italian manufacturer of domestic appliances Smeg has come up with fifth generation SmartSense induction cooktops that are considered to be the most fastest and power-productive stovetops so far. SmartSense inductions features full surface cooking technology, ...


Strategic alliance between Alibaba and Suning to synergize corporate model

Alibaba Group, Chinese e-commerce company renowned for providing consumer-to-consumer, business-to-consumer and business-to-business sales services via web portal, is spending $4.6 billion to buy 19.99-percent stake in Shenzhen-listed Suning Commerce. Suning Appliance Company Ltd., one of the largest privately owned retailers in China, is also investing $2.3 billion in Alibaba and will subscribe for nearly 27.8 million newly issued shares. The strategic alliance between Suning and Alibaba will ...

Pando E-240 ceiling range hood

Pando E-240 ceiling range hood blends into the surroundings

A range hood is a kitchen appliance that some choose to show off, while rest opts to hide. If you’re on the latter side, then you’d surely like the latest design of Pando E-240 range hood. It is a compact yet highly functional ceiling extractor that is designed to blend with the interior of any contemporary kitchen. Designed by Lagranja study, the new concept bell is made of stainless steel and glass, which camouflage with its surroundings. Moreover, its sleek layout features 20W LED at ...


Bartesian will make you the lead mixologist of every house party

We all enjoy blissful, fresh coffee coming out from Keurig K-Cup, a single-serving coffee brewing system either in office space or at home. But what if we introduce you to Bartesian, a personal bartender similar to Keurig K-cup, for making various cocktails. We can actually call it Keurig of Cocktails. The simple and easy-to-use cocktail machine is powered by very simple technicalities, giving maximum adroitness to the users while making drinks. All you need for making a perfect glass of ...

Beef Noodle Vending Machine

Shanghai will be world’s first city to have Beef Noodles Vending Machine

Yes! You heard it right; Shanghai is all set to welcome the world’s first Beef Noodles Vending Machine, an innovative vending machine, which is designed to pour steaming hot beef noodles with the touch of a button in just two minutes. Four inventors from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan designed the all-new beef noodle vending machine and have already received investment of approximately one million dollars from international sources. The easy to get noodles vending machine works like any other ...

Weltevree Groundfridge

Groundfridge is underground ice-chest to keep food fresh without electricity

Every year some new world ending conspiracy creates a stir among our minds. Thanks to all sci-fi alien invading movies, once in a while we do indulge in conversations regarding how life is going to be without technology and electricity. However, these movies and news also motivated us to look for simple ways to manage life without technology or to look for self- sufficient existence. To provide modern day self-sustaining living, Dutch-based designer Floris Schoonderbeek, co-founder of the ...

Four most successful ethical Kickstarter startup ideas

Four most successful, ethical Kickstarter startup ideas

Kickstarter has been used to fund a wide variety of products and ideas and is a great source of alternative business funding. Kickstarter offers potential customers from around the world, and with around 86 per cent of people preferring to buy from companies that give back to society, it’s little wonder that environmentally-conscious and ethical businesses in particular have been so successful. In this piece, we will take a look at four of the most successful ethical businesses that started ...

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