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Panasonic's Triangular Robotic Cleaner MC-RS1 Rulo

Panasonic’s triangular robotic cleaner aims to clean even pesky corners

We’ve seen various smart robotic cleaners for easily vanishing dust out of your house. But the problem lies in their rounded or spherical shapes that cannot reach bothersome corners. To sort out the difficulty of such robotic cleaners, Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has developed the latest triangular robotic cleaner, MC-RS1 Rulo. The Rulo comes in roughly triangular shape with rounded sides to reach even the pesky corners of your house with ease. It has a built-in dust sensor that ...

Red Hot Classic Toaster with Improved Features

Red hot classic toaster got smarter with upgraded lineaments

Although these days you could get many toasters with high-tech features, but if you’re a lover of classic design then you’d prefer sticking to your old simple and compact toaster. However, now you don’t have to suffer with problems of old toasters such as burning of bread and spread bread crumbs everywhere. This is because French product designer Pierre Schwenke has given a new twist to the classic version of toaster with few upgraded lineaments. The attractive red hot toaster with ...

Pioneering robotic chefs cook for humans

Pioneering robotic chefs cook for humans by watching YouTube videos

The researchers from the University of Maryland and the Australian research center NICTA, have given a revolutionary leap to artificial intelligence by developing futuristic robots that can cook for you. They have developed robots with human intelligence to cook just by watching YouTube videos on internet. These pioneering robots were taught to use all kitchen tools and how to cook, using impressive artificial intelligence called ‘deep learning.’ The futuristic robots have been taught with ...

GE’s Smart Sous Vide Probe and Touch-sensitive Induction Cooktops

GE’s smart sous vide probe interacts with touch-sensitive induction cooktops

If you’re looking for smart and healthy way of cooking, then switching to sous vide technique is the best solution. However, buying extra sous vide cooking appliances would only clutter your kitchen unnecessarily. To make things easy for you, GE has come up with wireless sensor that can interact with the firm’s latest induction cooktops and turn them into space-saving sous vide cooking machines. The smart sous vide probe can easily clip onto any cooking pot to monitor temperature of ...

The World’s First 3D Printed Vacuum Cleaner

World’s first 3D printed vacuum cleaner comes in shape of a vase

South African inventor Hans Fouche is well-known creator of 3D printed lawn mower, which was printed through large-scale FFF 3D printer entitled as ‘Cheetah.’ This time, Fouche along with his co-workers Kobus Van der Walt and Adam Oxford has created the world’s first ever incredible 3D printed vacuum cleaner in shape of a vase. Fouche said in an interview, We have made a lot of vases. They are so easy to make! While working on the design of a normal industrial looking vacuum cleaner, ...

Vintage home radiator for efficiency and beauty

Choose vintage home radiator for efficiency and beauty

We’ve seen variety of home radiators from industrial-style to nature-inspired towel radiators. However, if you wish to add beauty and charm to your home, then you should go for installing none other than a vintage home radiator. Many people who grew up in old buildings would remember these heating devices fondly from their childhood. In fact, radiators were the preferred heating source in homes and buildings built prior to World War II. It was not until the post-war housing boom that ...

Cooc Countertop Appliance by Impel Studio

Smart Cooc countertop appliance is all-in-one solution for kitchen

Kitchen is an awesome place to prepare and experiment with several dishes, just to please your taste buds. However, all delicious meals come at a cost of separate cooking appliance for every different meal that you cook. To avoid a kitchen loaded with unnecessary appliances of various shapes and sizes, the latest smartphone-controlled Cooc countertop slow cooker is introduced by New York-based startup, Impel Studio. This single device has ability to to steam, saute, roast, broil, etc., which ...

LG’s webOS-based Sling TV

LG’s webOS-based Sling TV delivers content packages via internet

At CES 2015, LG has blended smart webOS technology with cool Sling TV. The latest Sling TV by the company is definitely a stunning television technology that will allow users to sign up for TV content packages directly via internet rather than cable subscription. That’s good news for LG TV owners who already own webOS-based TV set. According to LG, LG Smart TVs with webOS 1.0 and 2.0 will stream Sling TV’s live sports, lifestyle, family, news and information channels, Video-On-Demand ...

Samsung Virtual Flame Induction Range

CES 2015: Samsung’s virtual flame induction top indicates intensity of heat

Although induction stoves are more energy-efficient than electric or gas burners, as they distribute heat evenly and are safer to use. But their major drawback is that you cannot find out when the burner is on and at what intensity it’s heating. Due to this, cooking on induction sometimes get tricky. However to resolve the problem, Samsung has unveiled the latest range of induction stoves with virtual flame technology at CES 2015. The virtual flames with a ring of bright blue LED lights ...

Sony Android-powered 4K UHD TV

CES 2015: Sony flaunts its super slim Android-powered 4K UHD TV

Yesterday we acquainted you with Samsung’s SUHD TV offering extra image clarity on display screen. However its rival Sony is not behind; as it is proudly flaunting its latest super slim Android-powered 4K UHD TV at Consumer Electronics Show 2015. It is the thinnest 4K television so far with just 4mm thickness, which is even less than the iPhone 6. Just because of its ultra slim body it doesn’t look bulky when mounted onto any wall, whilst displaying beautiful color display on screen. The ...

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