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Close Comfort Personal Air Conditioner

Close Comfort 350-watt personal AC for both indoor and outdoor use

Tired of spending money on high energy bills due to air conditioners? Well, Australian inventor Professor James Trevelyan has probably brought an easy solution for you in form of the Close Comfort personal air conditioner that utilizes less than 350-watt energy to operate. This means it requires the same amount of energy used to power two ceiling fans, which is quite low compared to conventional air conditioners. It is a pioneering patented innovation for effective cooling for up to two ...

GE French Door Refrigerator with Keurig K-Cup Coffee Maker

GE Cafe French door refrigerator brews your favorite cup of joe

Seeking for a refrigerator and a Keurig K-Cup brewer, but don’t have enough counter space in your kitchen? Don’t worry, as appliance maker General Electric and Keurig coffee brewers have collaborated to bring you the benefits of both appliances in one- all thanks to the latest GE Cafe French door refrigerator. The refrigerator comes with built-in Keurig coffee maker at the door, without taking up any valuable counter space. The original GE Café Fridge had a built-in hot water dispenser at ...

See-through Sorapot 2 by Joey Roth

See-through Sorapot 2 makes tea brewing an artistic experience

Your tea brewing experience is going to get a lot more interesting- all thanks to the Sorapot 2 by industrial designer Joey Roth. Now you don’t have to follow the boring process of dumping tea leaves into a regular teapot and wait for brewing. In fact the see-through Sorapot 2 is designed to make tea brewing an artistic experience by allowing you to see tea leaves unfold, whilst creating beautiful color during the process. The transparent teapot is made from Pyrex glass that is held in place ...

Freezer-Wave Microwave by Colin Furze

Freezer-Wave microwave cools down food and beverages in seconds

The annual competition ‘Odd Invention Challenge’ is run by Oddka that provides platform to people from across the globe for showcasing their innovative creations on YouTube. For the competition, Emma Maskery from Peterborough has designed unique Freezer-Wave that not only functions as regular microwave oven, but also freezes your food and drinks- which are to be served cold. Maskery was crowned as winner in this year’s Odd Invention Challenge for her odd yet practical entry. YouTube star ...

Heat Map Microwave

Heat Map Microwave offers thermal vision of your food as it cooks

New technology has not touched microwave ovens since a decade. We just rely on vague guesses while cooking food inside microwave, which leads to improper cooking sometimes. But former NASA engineer and serial inventor Mark Rober wanted to change that tedious process. So, he has developed the latest Heat Map Microwave that comes with built-in thermal vision to correctly display the exact temperature of food cooking inside. The thermal microwave is installed with infrared sensor in the top of a ...

Vax Air Revolve Vacuum Cleaner

Vax Air Revolve vacuum with 360-degree flexibility for better home cleaning

If you use cylindrical vacuum cleaner, then you must be aware of its limitations such as less flexibility and the need to change its sides every time you need to clean different area of your house. To combat such problems created by vertical vacuums- Vax, Britain’s leading floorcare brand, has created the Air Revolve vacuum with 360-degree flexibility for better home cleaning. Instead of upright vacuum cleaner design, the Vax Air Revolve has horizontal cylindrical layout with two wheels ...

LG Styler

Hang up worn outfits in LG Styler to keep them fresh and wrinkle-free

Don’t like the tedious process of washing and ironing clothes every now and then? To save your time and energy, LG electronics has launched the upgraded version of LG Styler that refreshes and sterilizes your worn outfits whilst removing wrinkles. This is a futuristic washing machine in shape of a closet to rejuvenate your smelly clothes with steam. LG Styler is a compact and tall device that can fit into any narrow space without creating any clutter. It is designed especially to take care of ...

Panasonic's Triangular Robotic Cleaner MC-RS1 Rulo

Panasonic’s triangular robotic cleaner aims to clean even pesky corners

We’ve seen various smart robotic cleaners for easily vanishing dust out of your house. But the problem lies in their rounded or spherical shapes that cannot reach bothersome corners. To sort out the difficulty of such robotic cleaners, Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has developed the latest triangular robotic cleaner, MC-RS1 Rulo. The Rulo comes in roughly triangular shape with rounded sides to reach even the pesky corners of your house with ease. It has a built-in dust sensor that ...

Red Hot Classic Toaster with Improved Features

Red hot classic toaster got smarter with upgraded lineaments

Although these days you could get many toasters with high-tech features, but if you’re a lover of classic design then you’d prefer sticking to your old simple and compact toaster. However, now you don’t have to suffer with problems of old toasters such as burning of bread and spread bread crumbs everywhere. This is because French product designer Pierre Schwenke has given a new twist to the classic version of toaster with few upgraded lineaments. The attractive red hot toaster with ...

Pioneering robotic chefs cook for humans

Pioneering robotic chefs cook for humans by watching YouTube videos

The researchers from the University of Maryland and the Australian research center NICTA, have given a revolutionary leap to artificial intelligence by developing futuristic robots that can cook for you. They have developed robots with human intelligence to cook just by watching YouTube videos on internet. These pioneering robots were taught to use all kitchen tools and how to cook, using impressive artificial intelligence called ‘deep learning.’ The futuristic robots have been taught with ...

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