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Smart Home Startup- Leeo

Creators of Beats and Guitar Hero has teamed up to launch ‘Smart Home’ Startup

There is good news for smart home savvy homeowners as two big giants behind Beats and Guitar Hero has teamed up to jump into smart home market. They raised over $37 million from investors for their latest startup- Leeo, which is keeping their ideas close to chest as of now, but is rumored to bring smart home appliances to the consumers in less disruptive way. Leeo also mentioned in an interview with Forbes that it believes in working for both consumer and telecommunication and utilities ...

Collar Perfect ironing device by Brandon Dierker

Collar Perfect: Traditional iron gets a maker over

It’s time to switch to a better and a more convenient way of ironing clothes than the traditional iron boards. Meet Collar Perfect, a compact ironing device that is specifically designed for the on-the-go lifestyle. Created by Brandon Dierker, Collar Perfect redefines the personal appearance in busy schedule and lifestyle of this generation. Unlike customary irons featuring just one hot edge, this ingenious device comes with two heated surfaces. Working just like a hair straightener, the ...

Solari Portable Solar Cooker

Solari: Smart-phone controlled portable solar cooker for outdoor meals

Camping and outdoor picnics are often relished over delicious meals cooked on open fires, barbecues or stoves. But, the smoke produced by these cooking sources is very harmful to the environment, as well as human health. To prevent the environment from getting polluted, Houston-based product designer Bodin Hon has developed a sustainable ‘cork-pot’ styled cooker dubbed Solari. It is clear from its name that this portable cooker runs on the solar energy for cooking meals outdoor for 4-6 ...

85-inch BioVision Avant

Bang & Olufsen launches huge 85-inch version of BeoVision Avant

Danish equipment manufacturer Bang & Olufsen has come up with a giant 85-inch Beovision Avant 4K TV that is identical to its small version sibling 55-inch BeoVision Avant. With this huge television, the manufacturer wants to bring cinema hall experience directly into your living room, like never before. It is equipped with wide UHD screen having 4K resolution for better visual depth and quality that is reminiscent to UHD displays. The Avant 85 rests on a motorized stand that can adjust ...

TCL 110-inch Curved UHD TV

TCL launches massive 110-inch China Star Curved UHD TV in Berlin

TCL- Chinese TV manufacturer has unveiled the world’s first 110-inch China Star Curved UHD TV at IFA 2014 in Berlin. It comes with high resolution power of 3,840 x 2,160 to provide incredible image clarity that can create 3D effects sans any 3D glasses. The screen is anti-glare and offers 55-degree field views even from three meters of distance. Furthermore, it is equipped with exceptional backlight technology that cleverly dims certain areas of the display while keeping other areas bright ...

Airbutlr Housekeeping Drone

3D-printed AirButlr is your personal housekeeping drone

Housekeeping is something that is necessary but no one really likes to get their hands dirty in the process. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a personal butler or better a robotic assistant to do all the cleaning? Well, it is actually possible with the Airbutler that is the latest 3D-printed drone to keep your home clean and tidy all the time. It is designed by the creative team of two designers- Wouter Nuytten and Thomas Broekaert to complete basic household tasks with push of a ...

Elgato smart home technology

Elgato smart home devices work with iOS to monitor your dwelling

We are living in an ever changing hi-tech world, where everything around us is turning ‘smart’.  From our phones and tablets that we carry in our  pocket to the monitoring of our home’s heating and air conditioning, while we are out of town for a business meeting or vacation, smart technology can be seen everywhere. Besides saving  our time, energy and money, the smart appliances also make our home efficient in the various day to day operations. If you too want to take advantage of the ...

Panasonic 65-inch 4K OLED TV

Panasonic flaunts 65-inch 4K curved OLED TV prototypes at IFA 2014

In December 2013, two well-known electronic brands -Panasonic and Sony halted their OLED TV joint development project. But Japanese manufacturer Panasonic has decided to again try its hand on OLED market with launch of its 65-inch 4K curved OLED TV at the IFA 2014 trade show in Berlin. At the event only prototypes of the OLED TV were displayed just to obtain response and feedback from IFA attendees before the firm actually decides to release it commercially. However, the prototypes of 65-inch ...


Smartender: Portable touchscreen cocktail bar makes over 600 drinks

US-based firm Smartbar has created the world’s first portable touchscreen bartender dubbed Smartender. The bar tender works on a computerized technology and is capable of mixing over 600 drinks with just few taps on its touchscreen interface. It dispenses almost every favorite drink of yours including mixed drinks, martinis, shots, tropical drinks and mocktails at touch of the screen. On its counter top you can see a touchscreen with a tap at its bottom to fill your glass with your favorite ...

Sharp and Q-pot's Melty Chocolate TV

Sharp and Q-pot’s latest TV resembles a melting chocolate bar

Q-pot, Japanese accessory brand that makes chocolate-themed products, has teamed up with multinational electronics manufacturer- Sharp to create an innovative Melty Chocolate TV design. The TV is inspired by a melting bar of chocolate that seems good enough to eat. But, don’t try eating frame of the chocolate TV because it is not made of real chocolate. In fact, this deceptively delicious television is carved out of dark walnut frame to resemble chocolate’s brown shade. This is a small TV ...

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