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BORK Air Cleaner-Humidifier A802 Rain

BORK air cleaner-humidifier A802 Rain responds instantly to slightest touch

Bork, international household appliances manufacturer, has recently unveiled the latest air cleaner-humidifier A802 Rain on the Russian market. The highlighting attribute of the device is its unique touch-responsive control panel. The control panel instantly responds to slightest touch of the user and change settings depending on the user’s desires. The vessel-shaped air cleaner-cum-humidifier can smoothly change its working time, micro-climatic parameters such as humidity, purity of air and ...

Miito Kettle by Nils Chudy

Miito Kettle heats up liquids directly in their containers

The humble electric kettles are literally a boon especially during winters, when you frequently need to warm water and other beverages. But conventional kettles waste unnecessary energy in case these are overfilled. Not any more, as Dutch Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Nils Chudy has come up with the advance solution in form of the Miito Kettle. This is handy heating tool that heats up liquids directly in their containers, unlike traditional electric kettles. Miito is a user friendly kettle ...

Brick Modular Refrigerator

Brick modular refrigerator adjusts with your changing needs

Each family member has different tastes and preferences when it comes to food, so to preserve their divergent food choices dissimilar refrigeration conditions are required. Therefore, two refrigerators are often seen in house of a single family, leading to overcrowded kitchen space. To make it simpler for homeowners, Korean industrial designer Jangho Kim has designed the Brick modular refrigerator that can be adjusted according to individual food needs of each family member. Just like ...

Anza Coffee Machine by Montaag

Anza coffee machine in shape of a concrete block

At first glance you might feel that this concrete block is some bizarre décor object, but don’t get confused- as it is actually a coffee machine. California-based design firm Montaag has designed the Anza Coffee Machine to examine functionality of brewers in an innovative way. It is created to give whole new dimension to design pattern of conventional coffee makers. Designers of the firm wanted to create unusual coffee brewer, leaving behind its technicalities and boring layout. Therefore, ...

Blue Bottle Coffee Moka Pot by Joey Roth

Blue Bottle revamps age-old ‘Moka Pot’ with stylish new look

Moka Pot is one of the age-old Italian kitchen gadgets to make coffee, way back in 1933. It had gone out-of-flavor after the launch of advance coffee makers. But, Oakland-based coffee providers Blue Bottle Coffee and renowned designer Joey Roth teamed together to bring back this traditional brewer with an elegant face-lift. The compact pot comes in a stylish combination of steel and porcelain with a cork handle. But, don’t go on its small size, as it can brew sufficient amount of coffee i.e. ...

Home Barista Coffee Maker by Joris Petterson

Home Barista coffee maker allows you to personalize your cuppa joe

There are many advance coffee makers available in market but all come with the limitation of brewing only a specific kind of coffee. What about the tastes of serendipity seekers- who like experimenting to explore which brand or taste they like the most? Don’t worry, as Netherlands-based designer Joris Petterson has designed the inventive Home Barista coffee maker that comes with a possibility to brew different sorts of coffee for various individuals. This modular transparent coffee machine ...

Oxx Coffeeboxxx

Indestructible Oxx Coffeeboxx brews hot cuppa joe at construction sites

It is pretty easy for us to brew piping hot coffee at any time of the day at home or office, all thanks to our handy coffee makers. But such privilege is not available for workers at construction sites and similar rugged workplaces. This is because conventional coffee brewers cannot bear harsh environmental conditions of such onerous workplaces. Not anymore, as Michigan-based startup Oxx has come up with the Coffeeboxx that is built to withstand exposure to the brutal elements such as dirt, ...

Qi Teamaker

World’s first app-enabled Qi teamaker to make a perfect cup of tea

Tea is the most popular beverage in the world, but very less attention is paid to make efficient tea making appliances. There are few companies that have already developed some tea makers for easily preparing tea, without much hassle. However, Rick Ha, Hong Kong-based founder and CEO at Keyway Innovations, has created the world’s first app-enabled smart Qi teamaker to make a perfect cup of tea. The smart tea-making tool comes with easily downloadable app that supports Android and iOS ...

Jacqmotte Slow Drip Coffee Maker

Jacqmotte Slow Drip coffee maker offers complete sensory experience

Coffee is a tempting beverage that not only pleases your taste buds, but also calms your senses with its alluring aroma. To intensify its aromatic effect and offer you a complete sensory experience, Belgian coffee maker Jacqmotte has taken a step further in form of the Slow Drip Coffee Maker, designed by Belgium-based studio Pinkeye. The coffee maker is designed to ensure seamless extraction of the more subtle flavors of Jacqmotte coffee, blending perfect taste with aroma. Slow Drip coffee ...

Samsung 78-inch curved UHD TV with Korean Golden Ottchil

Samsung 78-inch curved UHD TV flaunts its back with golden Korean Ottchil

Samsung is known for bringing innovative technologies especially when it comes to UHD televisions. This time the electronics giant has teamed up with Korean artist Sung Yong Hong to create a masterpiece out of the 78-inches curved UDH TV. Hong, who specializes in Ottchil- a Korean lacquer painting technique from Neolithic Era, created a beautiful Ottchil portrait with a gold lacquer-painted finish on back of the aforementioned TV. The intricate golden painting on the TV’s rear face ...

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