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Beer Tree by Freddie Paul

Beer Tree by Freddie Paul adds fun to the craft of home brewing

Beer brewing is not an easy job; it takes days of hardwork to ferment perfect tasting beer that we drink like crazy in bar or home. Although we’ve seen few beer brewers in the past, but all those cannot beat the Beer Tree by London-based designer Freddie Paul. This beer brewing apparatus forms a tree-like design, giving it an appealing outlook along with better functionality. Paul has worked in a brewery and knew roughly the process of brewing, so he created glass and plastic apparatus that ...

Bakerstone Pizza Oven

Bakerstone Pizza Oven prepares pizza at home in a jiffy

Home cooks often face problem to prepare perfect pizza even after hours of efforts. Don’t be disheartened as Bakerstone Pizza Oven is here to rescue your pizza making skills. Using this simple, lightweight and portable pizza box you can now bake crispy, crusty and fluffy pizza at home just like you get in the restaurants. It features a stone baking chamber with enameled steel housing, which together creates a unique airflow system to enhance convective, conductive and radiant heat around the ...

GE Smartphone-controlled Profile Series Gas and Electric Ranges

GE’s latest smartphone-controlled Profile Series Gas and Electric Ranges

Most Americans use smartphones for various tasks from checking emails to controlling gadgets. GE is now bringing that same convenient technology to the kitchen by adding latest free-standing Profile Series of gas and electric ranges to its lineup of smart appliances. The new GE Profile ranges (models PB930, PGB940, P2B940) can be controlled by homeowners simply by downloading the GE Brillion mobile app that supports both Android and iOS platforms to control functioning of these kitchen ...

Capsule Aquarium

Capsule Aquarium uses Wireless electricity to power robotic fish inside

Most of the kids are delighted to have an aquarium of their own, as their faces light-up when they see their tiny friends swim around in the water. But, because of a poor maintenance, the fish often dies early and the parents are left to see the sadden faces of the kids. If you are willing to get an aquarium for your kids, but don’t have enough time to properly take care of the creatures inside, then you can get home the Capsule Aquarium designed by Sphere corporations, which has robotic fish ...

Tefal Safe to Touch Kettle

Save water and energy with Tefal’s Safe to Touch Kettle

The problem with an electric kettle is that it utilizes excessive water and energy every time you boil water, and prepare tea or coffee in it. To minimize the wastage of water and energy Tefal, global manufacturer of non-stick cookware and household appliances, has come up with a brand new glossy black electric kettle called ‘Safe to Touch Kettle’. As the name says it all, Touch Kettle’s outer part is made entirely of high quality plastic which makes it safe to touch even after boiling ...

BrainWave Desktop Microwave by Steve Gates

USB-powered BrainWave Desktop Microwave heats up lunch at your desk

Do you often get stuck up at work and don’t get time to rush to the office canteen for lunch? Well, London-based designer Steve Gates has come up with a great solution for office employees to enjoy hot lunch without even leaving their desk. Gates has created the BrainWave Desktop Microwave that is powered by USB to heat up your lunch at your very own desk or workstation. This tiny microwave doubles up as a notice board until lunchtime and when it’s time to eat your food, just pop in your ...

Dyson's Bladeless Desk Fan

Cool-off your home or office with Dyson’s Bladeless Desk Fan

One of the reasons we don’t prefer table or floor fans is because of children at our homes, as you never know when kids might accidentally put their fingers between blades of a fan or knock it off while playing. But not anymore, as UK-based household appliances manufacturer Dyson has created the Bladeless Desk Fan AM06 for cooling your home or office without worrying about your child’s safety. From certain distance the fan looks like a huge magnifying glass standing on your desk. But, ...

Industrial Chic Radiator by The Radiator Company

Industrial Chic Radiator design collection by The Radiator Company

Autumn is approaching and soon you’d be requiring heat regulators in your home for a warmer indoor environment. UK-based designers of urban radiators- The Radiator Company has come up with a collection of contemporary radiators with utilitarian look to offer cozy environment within your house, irrespective of any outside weather conditions. The company has combined the industrial aesthetics with elegant and sleek designing for classier interior of your house. This urban line of collection of ...

Coleman 2-Burner Hyperflame Stove

Coleman’s 2-Burner Hyperflame Stove is idyllic for faster cooking outdoors

We have introduced you to many outdoor cooking grills and stoves before, but they are suited to cook only one thing at a particular time. So, what if you want to prepare coffee, tea, or some sandwiches while your meal is getting ready? The options that you have to cook two different dishes at same time are either to carry another stove with you to camping site (which is obviously not feasible) or to take Australia-based Company Coleman’s latest 2-Burner Hyperflame Stove along with you. It can ...

Compact Grill by Peanuts Club

Compact electronic grill by Peanuts Club is designed for indoor use

Cooking grills are often huge and bulky for outdoor use, to enjoy grilled chicken or grilled veggies in the open with family or friends. But, what if you’re alone at home and want to enjoy delicious homemade grilled food? Obviously it won’t be quite feasible to cook on a huge outdoor grill just for a single person. So, the Japanese firm Peanuts Club came up with an amazing compact sized electronic grill for one person to enjoy his/her grilled food when alone. The grill is so small that it ...

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