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Samsung 78-inch curved UHD TV with Korean Golden Ottchil

Samsung 78-inch curved UHD TV flaunts its back with golden Korean Ottchil

Samsung is known for bringing innovative technologies especially when it comes to UHD televisions. This time the electronics giant has teamed up with Korean artist Sung Yong Hong to create a masterpiece out of the 78-inches curved UDH TV. Hong, who specializes in Ottchil- a Korean lacquer painting technique from Neolithic Era, created a beautiful Ottchil portrait with a gold lacquer-painted finish on back of the aforementioned TV. The intricate golden painting on the TV’s rear face ...

Belkin and Mr. Coffee's WeMo-enabled Smart Coffeemaker

Brew your coffee from bed with WeMo-enabled smart coffeemaker

Many of us cannot really function well in the morning without sufficient dose of coffee. If you’re one of those, then you might be looking for an easy coffee brewing system without having to step out of your bed early morning. For that you have got two options, either to go with traditional alarm clock style coffeemaker or go for a smarter way with WeMo-enabled Mr. Coffee Smart Coffeemaker. US-based home automation brand Belkin and famous coffee makers Mr. Coffee have now collaborated for ...

Christmas Gift Ideas Perfect gift of appliances

Christmas Gift Ideas: Best home appliances

Already planning to purchase some handy and useful appliances this Christmas? Well, don’t forget to include your dear ones for gifting something beneficial this occasion. Instead of buying gifts that will only be stored or often discarded after something, get into buying some practical gifts that are actually useful to your family members, colleagues and friends. Interesting, high-tech home appliances could be a great gifting idea, as these devices are extremely useful in everyone’s ...

Venus Bucket-mounted Washing Machine

Venus turns ordinary bucket into a washing machine

Portable washing machines are nothing new to the world, as many inventors across the globe are coming up with compact designs that save money as well as effort. However, Mumbai-based startup has designed a noticeable gear dubbed Venus that can easily clamp on inner side of any ordinary bucket to turn it into a washing machine. Venus features an electric agitator that can effortlessly wash up to 2.5 kg of laundry within 5 minutes. You just need a bucket half-filled with water and some detergent ...

Dyson Humidifier

Dyson’s Humidifier aims to moisten your home with germ-free air

Winter is sneaking upon us and dropped winter temperature comes with various health as well as skin problems such as blocked sinuses, dry skin, chapped lips, etc. Although it is impossible to control these cold climatic conditions outside, but you can certainly control it inside your home using Dyson’s latest Humidifier that is designed to moisten home environment in winters. Sounds warm and cozy, but what about the bacteria that grows due to moisture and causes diseases? No need to worry, as ...

Panasonic Zero Oil Technology Powered Microwave Oven

Panasonic boosts ‘Zero Oil’ technology with latest range of microwave oven

You may not be unaware that unhealthy eating habits lead to hazardous diseases like obesity, diabetes, heart problems etc. But still we have to use some oil in our food even at home due to our conventional cooking appliances like microwave ovens. This is because these are not compatible to cook completely healthy food without using oil at all. But, Panasonic has a new take on microwave cooking with its latest Zero Oil Technology powered range of microwave oven- including NN-CD684B, NN-CD674M ...

The Sub- Beer Machine by Marc Newson

Marc Newson’s latest draft beer machine is shaped like a Mac Pro

You must be aware of by now, product designer Marc Newson is a new member at Apple. So far, he is quiet about what he is working on part-time with Jony Ive at Apple, but the renowned designer these days is busy with promotions of his latest beer machine- The Sub that closely resembles Mac Pro with a nozzle on top. As a consistent beer drinker Newson decided to team up with Dutch brewing company Heineken and technology company Krups to produce a draft beer machine for beer lovers, who like ...

Imbreco Fridge

Imbreco Fridge blends both traditional and modern food preservation techniques

Temperature and humidity are not suitable for all types of food, due to which most households waste huge amount of food every other day. To prevent food wastage, Betty Lujan- product designer from ENSAAMA- Olivier de Serres, France has developed the Imbreco Fridge that amalgamates both traditional and modern techniques of food preservation. It is partitioned into three sections (lower, middle and upper) to allow users to store food according to its characteristics so that its freshness remains ...

Smart Home Startup- Leeo

Creators of Beats and Guitar Hero has teamed up to launch ‘Smart Home’ Startup

There is good news for smart home savvy homeowners as two big giants behind Beats and Guitar Hero has teamed up to jump into smart home market. They raised over $37 million from investors for their latest startup- Leeo, which is keeping their ideas close to chest as of now, but is rumored to bring smart home appliances to the consumers in less disruptive way. Leeo also mentioned in an interview with Forbes that it believes in working for both consumer and telecommunication and utilities ...

Collar Perfect ironing device by Brandon Dierker

Collar Perfect: Traditional iron gets a maker over

It’s time to switch to a better and a more convenient way of ironing clothes than the traditional iron boards. Meet Collar Perfect, a compact ironing device that is specifically designed for the on-the-go lifestyle. Created by Brandon Dierker, Collar Perfect redefines the personal appearance in busy schedule and lifestyle of this generation. Unlike customary irons featuring just one hot edge, this ingenious device comes with two heated surfaces. Working just like a hair straightener, the ...

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