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Cultivator 3D Prints Meat

Cultivator bioprints meat to satisfy consumption needs of tomorrow

Back in March, we acquainted you to the unique PancakeBot that can 3D print pancakes into various designs. What if you could even 3D print your desired meat, just like this amazing pankcake robot? Well, lab-grown or simply 3D-printed meat will soon be a reality, as two German design students have come up with a conceptual machine called Cultivator for bioprinting meat. Both the students, Sarah Mautsch and Aaron Abentheuer from the University of Applied Sciences Schwäbisch Gmünd, have created ...

Ripple Maker

Ripple Maker provides emotionally caffeinated experience to coffee lovers

Isn’t it amazing to get a cup of coffee with personal message and photograph specially scribbled for you? Yes, you heard it right. The Ripple Maker from Steam CC is designed to give you an emotionally caffeinated experience. The company in collaboration with their launch partner Lufthansa is all set to change the consumption of coffee by providing foam prints on the coffee, adding personal and unforgettable reminiscence to your everyday coffee experience. The Ripple Maker is ...

DIY 3D printed mini USB vacuum cleaner

DIY 3D printed mini USB vacuum cleaner to make your workspace dust-free

We’ve already seen world’s first 3D printed vacuum cleaner in shape of a vase for proper cleaning of your house. But what about cleanliness of your working desk? Instead of purchasing expensive vacuum cleaner for workspace, Loann Boudin, a French student and Instructables user, has created a 3D printed mini USB vacuum cleaner using few recycled materials. To begin with, Boudin gathered certain objects such as RE-140 DC motor (commonly found in toys), old USB Apple cable from iPhone 5, 6 x ...

Freescale's Radio Frequency Oven

Freescale’s Radio Frequency Oven is revolutionary take on microwave cooking

In the digital era, technology is evolving rapidly to make our lives smarter and more convenient. But, microwaves have not seen any riotous innovation since ages, until now. Freescale Semiconductor has come up with a revolutionary concept to upgrade microwave cooking with latest solid-state radio frequency (RF) technology. Freescale’s Radio Frequency Oven uses radio frequency (RF) emitters, which are derived from similar technology that’s used for powering cellphone towers. Conventional ...

UVe kitchen countertop cleaner

UVe kitchen countertop cleaner sanitizes surfaces by UV light

Before preparing every meal, you often clean your kitchen countertop with regular cleaning products. But do you know chemicals in these cleaning products have various health and environmental hazards? So forget harsh chemicals and opt the latest UVe kitchen countertop cleaner that efficiently cleans any worktop using UV light. Cleaning visible mess on your culinary surface is easy, but UVe robotic cleaner deals with even invisible germs on countertop to avoid health risks. This simple ...


Vac’a’Soup: Vacuum cleaner makes wholesome soup in few minutes

On a lazy morning, a warm bowl of soup is not only easy to make but its filling as well. Instead of preparing unhealthy soup premixes, why don’t you make soup with fresh veggies at push of a button? To make homemade healthy soup at touch of single button is now possible, all thanks to British inventor Colin Furze’s latest brainchild Vac’a’Soup. The crazy inventor has brilliantly turned old vacuum cleaner into a convenient soup maker. Inner section of the vacuum cleaner includes ...

June smart computer-based oven

June smart computer-based oven cooks perfect meal like a pro

Ever wished to cook perfectly roasted chicken or bake your favorite cake like a professional chef? At home it’s nearly not possible to get desired results, unless you’ve June smart oven. Former Apple engineers Matt Van Horn and Nikhil Bhogal have created this ultra-high-end countertop oven to take cooking to next level. June smart computer-based oven incorporates a quad-core processor, built-in HD camera and sensors in one appliance that can cook meals like a professional chef without any ...

Roccbox Pizza Oven

Roccbox: Mailbox-shaped oven evenly cooks pizza in 90 seconds

Love to make pizza at home, but your current oven fails to cook perfect crispy pizza? Well, the latest Roccbox pizza oven a new take on traditional wood-burning ovens. This mail-box shaped pizza oven is the brainchild of Tom Gozney, a man who envisioned bringing wood-fired cooking into every home. From certain distance, it appears like a mailbox but it’s actually a compact wood/gas fired oven that can bake 12-inch pizzas in just 90 seconds. The pizza oven features a back compartment to be ...

Alchimist Robot Bartender

Alchimist Robot Bartender whips fancy cocktails in four seconds

You may have seen many futuristic robots to help you in various tasks from household chores to prepare perfect cocktails. Living up to the futuristic demands, the latest Alchimist Robot Bartender is designed to create fancy cocktails at the simple push of a button. So you don’t have to go though unnecessary hassle of preparing your booze. This bartender can hold up to 11 liquor bottles and non-sparkling bottles. It can be connected to a touch screen desktop, smartphone or laptop to monitor ...

Nobot N1H1

Nobot N1H1 is humanoid device to do your household chores

Latest futuristic robots are taking over your home to manage daily activities, using automated software algorithm. Slowly people are also becoming dependent on these self-operated devices to do all household chores just at single push of a button. However, the newly developed Nobot N1H1 wants to change that and give complete control to human beings once again. Nobot is a humanoid device ‘like a person in robot suit’ to be operated by human beings for doing daily household tasks with ease. ...

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