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ChefSteps’ Joule: Tube-like smart immersion wand for sous vide cooking

If you often follow instructional cooking videos, then you must be aware of ChefSteps, Seattle-based food and technology company, that often share online instructions for home cooks. Now, the company has taken a giant leap from content to hardware. They have created the world’s smallest but powerful smart immersion wand called Joule for sous vide cooking. Measuring just 11-inches tall and 1.85-inches in diameter, the immersion wand comes in shape of a tube with no digital display that’s ...

Bamboo and Glass Toaster by StumpfStudio

Bamboo and Glass toaster adds transparency to your toasty treats

Gone are the days of old pop-up toasters that often burn your bread. Here’s the latest Bamboo and Glass toaster by StumpfStudio to take bread toasting to next level. With a touch of transparency, the all-new toaster lets you take a sneak peek at how your bread is being toasted. Contrived by designer James Stumpf, the toaster is made from steam-bent bamboo plywood that holds glass toasting trays to warm bread slices for breakfast. These toasting trays not only heat up your bread, but also ...

10 cool kitchen gadgets every home cook should have at hand

10 cool kitchen gadgets every home cook should have at hand

Outfitting a kitchen can be a daunting task when you have to start everything from scratch. This is because you come back home too tired without any energy left to get into the kitchen and start preparing snacks for kids or meal for dinner. But don’t worry, nowadays you can find variety of cooking gadgets out there to help cut down on prep time and make cooking easier even for any newbie. So life has got a little easier for people like to have healthy home cooked food, despite their busy ...


ChefCuisine prepares upscale restaurant food at home

Swiss-based startup Nutresia has created a revolutionary kitchen gadget dubbed ChefCuisine that prepares fancy restaurant dishes at home. With just a touch of button, food lovers can get the chance to enjoy high-end restaurant food at the comfort of their home. The company in collaboration with Michelin-Star French chef Anne-Sophie Pic has created 30 mouthwatering ready to eat dishes. Prepared with precision and dedication, the dishes are not cheap, but still cost less than they would in ...

Darth Vader Cooler

Bring home Darth Vader cooler to keep your beer chilled

Last week we featured intergalactic R2-D2 refrigerator, which bring you chilled beverages on command. The only trouble with that moving fridge is that it comes with a hefty price tag US $8,000. To spend your money on a cooler that can hold only six pack of cans is not a great option for most of us. However, Japanese company Haier Asia didn’t want to disappoint any of the Star Wars fans. So, they collaborated with Disney to create the all-new Darth Vader cooler. The good news is that it’s ...

10 perfect outdoor cooking tools for any grill fanatic

10 perfect outdoor cooking tools for any grill fanatic

Barbecuing is a full time job, as one has to be attentive while cooking food. This is because the master chief in BBQ has to make sure that whatever they are grilling must be delicious and perfectly cooked at the same time. Is there any such grilling perfectionist in your life, who likes to cook meals for the family on BBQ? If yes, then why don’t you make them feel special with some useful gifts on this festive season? Don’t stress, we have compiled a list of best outdoor cooking tools that ...

R2-D2 refrigerator

R2-D2 refrigerator fetches you chilled beer on your command

Thought Sphero’s BB-8 droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the awesome robotic toy ever? Well surely it is, but the life-sized R2-D2 refrigerator will blow your mind. Japanese appliance maker Haier Asia has taken a big step lately to create a mobile fridge that looks exactly like the iconic R2-D2 robot from Star Wars. Measuring 25.6 x 24.4 x 37.4-inches and weighing 55 kg, the roving refrigerator has same dimensions as well as sound effects like that of the original film robot. R2-D2 ...

Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker

Death Star Waffle Maker destroys dark forces of morning hunger

Being the most important meal of the day, breakfast provides fuel to body and brain for energetic kickstart every morning. And what better than starting your day by conquering the galaxies and galactic mega-structured waffles resembling to Death Star. The Star Wars Death Star Waffle Maker, is fully-operational machine, designed to serve 7-inch round waffles with two sections. The officially licensed Star Wars merchandise is an exclusive ThinkGeek creation made out of cast aluminum cooking ...

Underground Beer cooler

Underground beer cooler perfectly hides your favorite drink

Well stocked beer fridge can surely attract many brew thieves, especially one at home waiting for you to leave for office. But to fight off such beermongers, Germany-based Peter Gotting has invented a revolutionary underground beer cooler that reserves and saves your favorite drink from house thieves. Gotting posted a video online to show his latest invention, an underground beer cooler/fridge cleverly hidden under flowerpot placed in his backyard. Brilliantly designed as three-tier fridge, ...

10 portable washers for travelers and camping enthusiasts

10 portable washers for travelers and camping enthusiasts

What’s the most common problem faced by travelers? Food? No, it’s washing clothes. Imagine you’re traveling to some place and suddenly you got to know that your trip has been extended for few more days. So, how are you going to manage with such limited number of clothes for the rest of the days? Well, we all have faced this situation at some point of our lives. But all thanks to portable washing machines the problem can be solved in a jiffy. There are various handy washers available in ...

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