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How to Build Space-Saving Sofa Bed for Under $150

Space-saving is something all of us want to accommodate new stuff without disturbing the aesthetics of the interior. Furniture that can save on space makes complete sense, especially in cities where every square foot counts. Space-saving furniture such as sofa ...
Sit on a Cloud with Nube Seating Collection from Chairs & More

Sit on a Cloud with Nube from Chairs & More

Made from soft tech polyurethane, Nube is the latest chair collection designed by Italian architect and designer Roberto Paoli for furniture company Chairs & More. The seating collection comprises of a chair and stool in two different heights. There are ...
79°C Upcycled Bench by Nelly Trakidou

Old Water Heater Turned into Bench for Two

Today we’re taking you across a unique project by the Greek designer Nelly Trakidou which focuses on transforming old unused objects into a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. Dubbed 79°C, it is an upcycled bench created from an abandoned water ...
Porky Hefer to Debut Endangered Series at Design Miami

Porky Hefer Presenting New Animal Chairs at Design Miami

The South African artist Porky Hefer gained extensive recognition for his whimsical, animal-shaped hanging chairs, showcased during the 2015 Design Miami. For this year’s event, once again he will be presenting another similar project entitled ‘Endangered’, realized in collaboration with SFA ...
green furniture - Reclaimed wood furniture

What is Green Furniture

A bitter truth – furniture you use at home or office negatively influences the environment. This may not be something you would consider upgrading every not and then. After all, much of your furniture is probably wood – a natural and ...