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Marko Vuckovic’s Grasslamp

Marko Vuckovic’s Grasslamp combines lighting with living plants

Nowadays people are inclining more towards sustainable homes and looking for ways to bring nature into their home. That’s why even designers and architects often come up with amazing projects that integrate natural elements into living spaces. Designer Marko Vuckovic from Serbia has also created one such innovative lighting concept called Grasslamp, which combines living plants with light to spread brightness of nature in your life. It is basically a compact, egg-shaped desktop gardening ...

Ellum by Feltmark

Ellum by Feltmark automatically lights up when you need it most

Los Angeles-based design studio Feltmark has created a motion sensing light that helps you avoid stumble late at night. Entitled Ellum, energy-efficient motion sensing light is an upgraded version of simple night lights. Embedded with two sensors and high-powered LEDs, the night light can easily detect motion at night, thus turning on power for 20 seconds to give you safe landing. Fashioned in Los Angeles studio, the night lights with custom-made components are made using milled ...

Baymax Lamp turns Santa Claus

In the holiday spirit, Baymax Lamp turns Santa Claus

All those who have watched the movie Big Hero 6 still admire the Baymax robot. But do you remember the cute little Baymax Lamp that was released in March 2015? The lamp was designed to pay tribute to this famous Disney character and is a must have lighting fixture for any kid’s room. The robot’s sole purpose is to take care of people; likewise this cartoon lamp is created to shed comforting light into any room. But now for the upcoming Christmas, Baymax Lamp has been turned into Santa ...

Lucis Lamp

Lucis lamp lets you play with 16 million colors at your finger tips

Lighting is very important to determine indoor or outdoor atmosphere and set your mood right. May be that’s the reason various designers are coming up with technologically advanced, touch-sensitive lighting fixtures. Latest to join them is the cube-shaped Lucis lamp that hosts over 16 million color options to change setting of any location wherever you go. With beautiful Plexiglas housing, the LED lamp can fill any space with desired colors. This wireless portable lamp allows you to create a ...

Cycloflame Tabletop Fire Pit

Cycloflame Tabletop Fire Pit adds flickering accent to any space

Both indoor and outdoor fireplaces are just perfect to add some romantic flare to your home setting. But what if your tiny abode can’t accommodate a huge fireplace? Don’t worry. Even if you live in a limited space apartment, your desire to bring home a fireplace can be fulfilled all thanks to this tiny midnight black Cycloflame Tabletop Fire Pit. It is an elegant fire pit with a patented stainless steel wick system and runs on biofuel. Unlike conventional fuel-powered fire pits, this ...

Wooden Floor Lamp

Reclaimed wooden lamp adds rustic touch to your living area

MangoAndMore is a Dutch business selling handcrafted products on Etsy. Founded by Jib Hendricks-Rutnin, the shop sells handcrafted wood items ranging from bowls, vases, and furniture.  The young entrepreneur passionate about art and craft has created a wooden floor lamp made using reclaimed or recycled wood. The 57 cm high and 45 cm in diameter ball-shaped lamp is a sturdy lighting unit that is designed to last. The wooden lamp when powered, it is cleverly reminiscent of a stove with fire ...

Fruit Candles by Less Candles

Handcrafted fruit candles bring fruity flavor to your interiors

Lithuania-based Etsy seller Less Candles has given a complete new look to home lighting by handcrafting unique candles inspired by traditional Japanese candles. Asta Simoneliene, the shop owner and candle maker, loves to create candles using food-grade paraffin wax, pure cotton wicks and best quality dues for candles, thus making sure the home environment stays healthy and safe. The environmentally-friendly and safe candles are made using various items like birch barks, acorns, moss, ...

Industrial style bottle lamp

Industrial style bottle lamp is ideal for any Mancave

Steampunk home decor and lighting fixtures add unique ruggedness as well as sophistication into any interior. Whether used in a man cave or in an office to blend past with present, steampunk gadgets are usually liked by people looking for some raw finish in their residential or commercial surroundings. Aiming to bring past into light, Ohio-based M Jay Harrison has created a unique lighting solution inspired by the 19th century industrial-powered machinery. Built as a tribute to American ...

Fairy Bell Door Christmas tree lights

Fairy Bell Door Christmas tree lights add festive glow to your front door

While pine trees are the most traditional decor items for the holiday season, there are other alternative Christmas tree ideas those add some modern touch to the traditional festivity. We agree that purchasing a big Christmas tree and then decorating it with sparkling ornaments is one of the fun parts of this holiday. But if you’re tired of this centuries old practice, then the swanky Fairy Bell Door Christmas tree lights are surely going to catch your attention. Combining both traditional ...

Tokyo ‘Switch’ apartment by Yuko Shibata

Tokyo ‘Switch’ apartment transform into home office with sliding walls

In order to avoid paying high Tokyo rents for office spaces, architect Yuko Shibata decided to utilize her small apartment as home office. But instead of renovating the whole house, she has created a clever moving wall system in order to separate the office space from home, maximizing the use of small spaces. Inspired by fusuma (the sliding paper screens used to divide rooms in traditional Japanese homes), Shibata has managed to form ‘Switch’- a sliding bookshelf/wall that allows her to ...

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