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Philips Hue smart lights can be commanded via Siri

Philips Hue smart lights can be commanded via Siri

Wouldn’t it be great if Siri could turn down the smart lighting within your home? Well, this has been actually made possible by Philips, one of the first companies to confirm support for Apple’s HomeKit into its Hue smart bulbs. Now the company has finally released its latest Philips Hue 2.0 bridge, which allows Siri to take charge of your smart home lighting. All thanks to this new hub, you’ll be able to control existing bulbs in your house via voice commands you’ve given to Siri. But ...

Eclipse of Rainbow

Eclipse of Rainbow cleverly replicates the supermoon lunar eclipse

Greece-based designer Eugenia Antoniou has created a mesmerizing luminaire, which is inspired by the supermoon lunar eclipse and rainbow color phenomenon. Entitled Eclipse of Rainbow, the nature-inspired LED lighting solution takes its existence from the lunar eclipse, and emphasizes on the phenomenon of light and shadow. Designed by placing an opaque disc between the light source and adjusting the level of projection, for Antoniou, the main idea behind this lamp was to create an object ...

Luna Lamp by Acron Studio

Luna Lamp transforms simple corners of home into a magical place

Luna Lamp by Taiwan-based Acron Studio is a designer decor fabricated to transform any corner of your home into a magical place. Replicating earth’s only natural satellite, the studio is hoping to redefine the relationship between humans and spaces with their moon lanterns. Being a symbol of delicacy, balance and renewal; this lamp is designed to bring pleasure and light in every corner of your house. Made from glass fiber and non- toxic latex, the lantern is designed to mimic color and ...

Edison steampunk Lights

Edison steampunk luminaires works on energy-efficient LEDs

Melbourne-based Edison Light Globes is a manufacturing company that has been producing 19th century Thomas Edison-inspired lights, cables and fittings. Like Thomas Alva Edison, an American inventor, who influenced life around the world, Edison Light Globes is also touching people’s life by creating steampunk LED-lights that give classic-looking fixtures and bulbs a more contemporary feel. The company creating eco-friendly lamps loves to create steampunk-inspired luminaires, which ...

Halloween Decor

Kansas lady celebrates her birthday in Halloween style every year

The Halloween enthusiasts Kay with ‘Strange’ as surname and birthday on October 31, has been celebrating Halloween in a big and lavish way every year. The Wichita, Kansas-based Kay Strange, from past five years has been organizing witch-themed luncheon for her friends, who always come dressed as witches. According to Kay Strange, she has been decorating her house for very long now and is well acquainted with the decorations. For Strange, rather than going all childish and ...

Plug & Plant Smart Garden

Plug & Plant smart garden uses biodegradable biofoam to grow plants

Over the years, smart indoor gardening equipments have shown us a valuable way to conserve space and water while growing plants. For active gardening enthusiasts living in small apartments, here’s another wall-mounted planting system dubbed Plug & Play Smart Vertical Garden to make gardening more convenient. It is a smart sensor-equipped system of pods that’s designed to smartly organize your indoor plants and keep them healthier even without natural sunlight. Instead of natural soil, ...

Charles Kalpakian turns optical illusion into Rocky shelving

Charles Kalpakian turns optical illusion into Rocky shelving

Minimalist yet practical shelving units are preferred by every urban dwellers living in small apartments. This is because these wall-mounted or floor-standing shelves not only form an elegant storage space, but also provides appealing charm to home interior. Living up to the same concept, Lebanese designer Charles Kalpakian has cleverly transformed optical illusion into Rocky shelving unit, featuring well-defined angular and sculptural lines. The contemporary credenza has been designed for ...

DIY Fake cookies

DIY: Trick everyone this Halloween with fake monster cookies

Halloween is 29 days away and it’s time for trick or treat! Therefore, to get you into feel of Halloween, we thought of introducing you to an easy and funny DIY project that gives you a chance to share spirit of Halloween with your loved ones. So, to help you trick everyone around this Halloween, especially kids, Kami Bigler from NoBiggie has come up with an innovative way to recreate sugar monster cookies using tan and colored foam. Pretend cookies not only resemble to those yummy ...

Frost Flower by Tsé & Tsé

Frost Flower by Tsé & Tsé is a creative lighting option for your walls

Well, festive season is rapidly approaching and you must start planning your home decorations now rather than waiting till the last moment. Probably, the very first thing that comes to anybody’s mind while thinking of decorations is an elegant lighting system. That’s the reason we’re here to acquaint you with a fancy lighting option dubbed Frost Flower for your walls. Created by French designers and brand Tsé & Tsé, the lighting system is a climbing lamp with flexible stems that ...

Velux Cabrio Balcony

Velux Cabrio turns skylight into a small balcony in seconds

What if you could add a little balcony to loft or attic space of your home? Thinking how is it possible on slanting rooftops of attics? Well, Danish window company Velux has a brilliant solution in form of a window installation dubbed Cabrio. It is nothing but a roof window that can easily transform itself into a small balcony, providing you 180-degrees outside views. Velux Cabrio is made up of two sections to serve different purposes. The top section has standard GPL top-hung roof window that ...

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