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Smart Lamp Speaker by Emoi

Responsive Smart Lamp Speaker blends both sound and lighting

Light and sound are two essentials that add life to any party across the globe. So, why don’t we combine the two to have a blast throughout? Well, Chinese firm Emoi has thought the same and developed the Smart Lamp Speaker that combines traditional household devices like a touch lamp and Bluetooth speaker. This nifty combination in shape of a ‘magic fate ball’ has put an entirely new spin to the multi-purpose accessory that not only can lit up your room, but also lets you listen to your ...

Handwoven Sputnik Lamps by Julie Lansom

Handwoven crafty and contemporary Sputnik Lamps by Julie Lansom

French designer Julie Lansom has created versatile lighting fixtures dubbed Sputnik Lamps that forms a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. These lampshades are made in Lansom’s design studio in Paris and are completely handwoven using wood and colorful cotton threads. The cotton threads are beautifully intertwined around the perfect geometric wooden frame, forming a sculptural mesh or cage-like design. The lamps come in various sizes large and small, and can be hung from ...

Simon Heijdens- Shade Installation

Now Gallery at London turns into a moving kaleidoscope of light during daytime

Dutch designer Simon Heijdens has created a responsive glass façade that reacts to sunlight and prevalent Greenwich Peninsula wind to turn interior of Now Gallery, London into a moving kaleidoscope of light and shadows. Heidens used Shade installation that is created using sheets of responsive film fixed over the glass surface. The responsive sheets includes near about 1920 triangular cells each programmed to react with the outside environment. The installation on the glass responds to ...

Quercus Desk Lamp by Max Ashford

Quercus: Sustainable desk lamp made out of reclaimed materials

Max Ashford, industrial design student from Falmouth University in United Kingdom, has created an elegant desk lamp dubbed Quercus for design-oriented young professionals. C-shaped curved stand of the lamp is made of local reclaimed oak and was steam bent using laminating method, adding up elegance to the design. For lampshade, Ashford used a wine bottle that he cut in half and frosted to emit warm and soothing ambiance of light. Lampshade is fitted into the oak mounted ring on top of the curvy ...

Clock Side Table by Soriano Blanco

Clock side table by Soriano Blanco doubles up as lamp in bedroom

Looking for a bedside table for your bedroom? Well, after looking at this intriguing side table you’re most likely to forget regular, boring side tables. Milan-based design studio Soriano Blanco has created this striking bedside table that not only features a digital clock on its top, but also acts as a source of dim light at night. The cubical bedside table is enclosed with a wooden frame that features a built-in light source and a digital clock displayed at its surface. To turn on the ...

T1 Table Lamp

T1 handmade LED table lamp composed of recycled materials

Ukraine-based Design Studio Artzavod has created a unique portable and energy-efficient table lamp- T1. The table lamp is handmade by Nick Ponomarenko, product designer from Ukraine, and is composed of 80-percent recycled materials with no negative impact on surrounding environment. T1 has got a minimalist design and can be easily assembled or disassembled by the user as per his/her convenience. The eco-friendly desktop lamp is made out of natural wood, high brightness LEDs and power cord with ...

LED Tree Swing by Gonzalez Garrido

Gonzalez Garrido’s LED Tree Swing creates dazzling light painting in air

Kids love to swing outdoors all the day, but are often afraid swinging at night due to dark. But with this LED Tree Swing designed by Spanish designer Gonzalez Garrido your kids will get fascinated to take a swing even when its pitch dark outside at night. It is clear from its name that the swing is created to be tied on to a branch of a tree with its strong chords. The chords are strong enough to hold weight of any person whether child or adult. The striking feature of the swing is its ...

Icarus Wall Lamps by Arturo Alvarez

Rounded Icarus wall lamps by Arturo Alvarez reminiscent to bright sun in the sky

Don’t confuse these dotted objects on the wall with any ordinary décor objects because these are nothing but wall-mounted lamps designed by Spanish lighting designer Arturo Alvarez. Alvarez is well known for his unique designs that stand out from the crowd. This time he has created an unusual piece of art in form of rounded Icarus wall lamps that would remind you of a bright sun while glowing on any wall within your living room, bedroom or any other area. Each lamp is made out of a LED ...

Aerelight World's First OLED Lamp

Aerelight is the world’s first OLED Lamp with Qi wireless charging

Still happy with LED lighting? But, that is so 2002; move on to the future of lighting i.e. Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED). Toronto-based OTI Lumionics have developed an OLED desk lamp named Aerelight. The OLED lamp is more energy-efficient and brighter as compared to the LED lighting fixtures. Design of the table lamp is elegant and slender with a wooden base that has a built-in Qi Wireless Charging pad. The charging pad makes it easy for you to set down your smartphone on the base and ...

Swing Time by Howeler + Yoon Architecture

Swing Time: Color changing illuminated ring-shaped swings in Boston Park

What is the coolest thing you’ve done lately? Well, stop thinking and visit the Boston’s Lawn on D Park that offers the coolest playscape with its 20 illuminating ring-shaped swings of three different sizes. This illuminating park is called ‘Swing Time’ and is set up temporarily for playful interactions with friends. This glowing park is created by Howler + Yoon Architecture for people to play, relax, exercise and enjoy their time interacting together with family or friends. The series ...

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