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Ancient Art of Stone

Couple creates swirling rock wall murals for both indoors and outdoors

Tired of boring walls and old wallpapers on them? Well, Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl, Vancouver-based couple and owner of Ancient Art of Stone, have unique stone patterns for your walls. They both specialize in building stunning wall murals, fireplaces and mosaic patterns from a wide cluster of stones, pebbles and other decorative elements. Hundreds of small stones and pebbles are stacked together to form these astonishingly graceful free flowing stone spirals and waves. The swirling patterns ...

Bluetooth-enabled Pendant Lamp by Terence Woodgate

Terence Woodgate’s Bluetooth-enabled cylindrical pendant lamps

England-based lighting brand Terence Woodgate has launched Solid Collection of cylindrical pendant LED lamps and surface-mounted downlights this year. These lamps not only come in elegant designs but also with Bluetooth technology for controlling functions of these lighting fixtures from any corner of the house. Solid collection comes with a mobile app that supports all Bluetooth-enables smartphones and tablets to on/ off and dimming of the lighting within your house. These lighting fixtures ...

World’s first high-efficacy OLED light panels by LG Chem

World’s first high-efficacy OLED light panels to compete with LEDs

LG Chem has introduced the world’s first high-efficacy OLED (Organic light emitting diode) panels that can compete against LEDs for smart lighting solutions. OLEDs are better than LEDs due to their high luminous efficacy rate of 100 lumens per watt and long lasting performance with 40,000 hours of lifetime, whereas, LEDs can work only for 20,000 hours with only 60 lumens per watt. OLED (Organic light emitting diode) is made from organic (carbon based) materials that emit light when ...

Stack Alba Smart LED Bulb

Alba Smart LED Bulbs run autonomously according to your behavior

Future homes are expected to run on advance technology without much need of manual efforts. With the similar vision, a new manufacture in lighting industry- Stack has come up with the Alba Smart LED Bulbs that are completely responsive. These bulbs come with built-in sensors to control lighting within your home based on your routine behavior or lifestyle. The smart bulbs come with a mobile app just to enable customized programming for scheduling when it should light up or not. Other than that, ...

3D-printed Lamp and Clock Collection by Samuel N. Bernier

3D-Printed collection of lamps and clocks inspired by three cities

Samuel N. Bernier, Canadian industrial designer and owner of Fabshop, has created a collection of 3D-printed lamps and clocks for an international furniture event to be hosted by Maison & Objet. The designs of lamps and clocks of each collection are inspired by three famous cities that hosts event for Maison & Objet – Paris, Miami and Singapore. The Paris collection is inspired by famous French landmark- the Eiffel Tower, and the Florida collection reflects the designer’s ...

Removable Wallpaper and Flooring

Spruce up your rental home without breaking the bank!

Just think about your dream home for a while. Have you framed a picture of it in your mind? Well, we are pretty sure you haven’t thought of tedious white walls, dull rugs and carpet, and vertical blinds in your home. But this is what most of the renters get when they move into a new rented apartment, as well as, you are not allowed to paint walls, alter flooring or drill holes into the walls. Moreover, such alterations need a lot of investment and putting so much money into a rented house ...

IVY Cyborg Sound System

IVY Cyborg Sound System portrays birth of sound through sculptural design

We all love different genres of music, but have you ever wondered about the birth of sound? Well, designer Jermy Dube at Melting Color, Barcelona-based art and design studio, has developed a beautiful cyborg shaped sculpture that portrays birth of sound with its artistic design. The sculpture resembles woman carrying a child in her belly and the speakers outside her abdomen are deigned to depict electronic birth of sound. Dube has beautifully illustrated the origin of sound through this elegant ...

Fluke 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester

Fluke’s Fluorescent Light Tester check bulbs without removing from fixture

Maintaining fluorescent light fixtures is not as easy as it seems because every time you need to climb a ladder and remove bulb from the socket to check it. Have you ever wished to test large number of fluorescent lights without following the tedious procedure? If yes, then Fluke Corporation, world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools, has listened and answered to your secret wish in form of the latest 1000FLT Fluorescent Light Tester. It comes with a sturdy metal test rod that ...

Honda F1 Exhaust Tailpipe Lamp

Ultra-luxury lamps made from Honda’s F1 car parts

Avid Formula 1 art collectors, get ready to add another fine F1 décor piece to your collection. Memento Exclusives has created the latest race-used Honda F1 Exhaust Tailpipe LED lamps to brighten up your living room or study. The exhausts are not form any ordinary F1 Honda, but were originally part of Honda’s used in 2003 F1 season. Each exhaust comes from the Honda that was ‘race-used’ by former F1 World Champion Jenson Button, former F1 World Champion Jacques Villeneuve and ...

Water Sculpture by Ben Young

The sculptural ocean waves handcrafted using layered sheets of glass

You might misinterpret these beautiful sculptures for actual water, but these are nothing but glass and concrete sculptures handcrafted by Australian artist Ben Young. He is greatly influenced by mysteries of ocean waters, since he has grown up near the Bay of Plenty on the northern coast of New Zealand’s North Island. What makes his artistic sculptures more interesting is the fact that these are not made through any computerized or 3D-printing technologies. In fact the stunning art pieces ...

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