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Land Lamps by Leonardo Fortino

Land Lamps represent playful interaction of light with distinct objects

Tired of dull looking pendant lamps in your house? Well, you can give intriguing makeover to any home interior with Land Lamps by Italian designer Leonardo Fortino. These are not just any other ordinary lighting fixture; in fact the grayish layout of each lampshade features unique three-dimensional objects such as ship, house, agile dancer, astronaut in space and many more. You can select any one of these lampshades as per theme of any home or office interior. For instance, you can place a ...

Frozen Melt and Recreate Lamp

Frozen pendant lamp constantly drips to be recreated by the user

Swedish designers Siri Bahlenberg and Sofia Bergfeldt have created Melt and Recreate pendant lamp for amazing user and product interaction. This frozen pendant lampshade is designed to bring the user closer to the creation and witness complete life cycle of a product, while adding visual retreat into a living room. Designers have cleverly formed the lethal combination of water and electricity for more practical day to day use. The lighting fixture is enclosed within frozen water and ...

iViTi ON LED Light Bulb

iViTi ON LED bulb doesn’t leave you in dark even during power cut

We’ve seen many smart light bulbs so far, but all of them stop working when main power goes off and leaves us searching nearby flashlights. UK-based lighting manufacturer iViTi Lighting Ltd. has solved the problem with their latest iViTi ON LED bulb. The light bulb uses a battery to keep itself on so that you can see clearly during an outage. It is designed with standard light bulb and screw base layout, but incorporates an internal battery that stores juice to remain lit up during power cut. ...

Clear Band Pendant Lights by John Pomp Studios

Reinvent your home interior with hand-blown Clear Band pendant lights

Pendant lamps elegantly beautify any home interior space whether hanging above a table or over any reading nook. Keeping the delicacy of these fine lighting fixtures, John Pomp Studios, master glass blower from NYC, has created hand-blown Clear Band pendant lights to intensify grace of any home or office interior. The clear glass ceiling lamps are created from hand-blown glass with thick clear band optic lens. Designers have focused on the purity of natural materials using their inherent ...

GRAN RU Pori by Wilhelmiina Kosonen

Wilhelmiina Kosonen brings vintage Scandinavian artistry into your interior

Wilhelmiina Kosonen, Helsinki-based freelance interior decorator, has created extremely beautiful sound absorbent wall panel collection- GRAN RU Pori to redecorate your living space in style. Each piece of wall panel features 3D-textured Scandinavian traditional handicrafts to create visually appealing wall art for any urban dwelling. The complete Pori set consists of six panels, measuring 60×92-inches. These panels are inspired from classical craftsmanship of Finnish tufted rugs that are ...


Nothing’s fully-functional office space made from cardboard boxes

Use of cardboard for making cat homes, furniture, light fixtures, etc. has become popular over past few years. This is because cardboard is recyclable, easy to build, portable and adaptable material that creates eco-friendly structures without any need of additional tools. Living up to the concept, Dutch designer Joost van Bleiswijk teamed up with design director Alrik Koudenburg to fabricate a unique cardboard office interior for Amsterdam-based advertising agency Nothing. The entire office ...

Stalactites by Layers Design Studio

Stalactites pendant lamps boast upturned NYC’s skyscrapers

Tired of looking at boring LED bulbs all around your house? Well, you can snap on to the artistic Stalactites pendant lamps by David Graas of Layers Design Studio. These ceiling lamps are actually 3D printed LED bulbs that are designed with upturned skyscraper structures present in New York City. These remarkable upside-down architectural designs look stunning in shape of a light bulb, while scattering warm yellow light within interior of any room. The best thing about these amazing lamps is ...

Sengled Snap LED Light Bulb with Security Camera

Sengled Snap LED light bulb incorporates smart surveillance camera

Most smart bulbs we’ve seen so far allow you to control lighting functions through your smartphone. However, Shanghai-based startup Sengled has given a whole new dimension to the smart home lighting by the launch of latest Snap LED light bulb with integrated surveillance camera. The Snap LED light bulb is installed with hi-tech 720p IP security camera, speaker and microphone. It comes with cloud recording, motion detection, geo-fencing and facial recognition ability, which can ...

Bushel Basket Pendant Lamp

Bushel basket pendant lamp adds rustic tinge into any interior

You may have used wooden bushel baskets for storing fruits and vegetables until now. But these bushel baskets are now presented with a twist in form of unusual pendant lighting fixture for decorating your home. The bushel basket pendant lamp adds rustic tinge to any living space with a hint of splashy color. It is made from reclaimed wooden bushel basket that is color-washed into flamboyant piece of decor. The pendant light has a firm metal chain to elegantly support and hang the lamp through ...

London’s most pricey £10m apartment

London’s most pricey £10M apartment comes with SAS-trained security

Recently we apprised you of the most expensive apartment sale in Manhattan, NYC for $10 million. Keeping up the high standards of living, Britain is not lagging behind, as sale of the most expensive apartment at One Hyde Park in London has become talk of the town. The ultimate duplex flat has hit the market for whooping asking price of about £10 million (approx. US $15,143,950), which is 56 times the average house price in England. This luxury pad has been dubbed the ‘ultimate ...

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