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LED Decorative Wreath

This Christmas, add cheer to your house with LED Decorative Wreath

Looking for a way to make your home dazzle for the holiday season? Well, there is nothing as startling as the glowing wreath display to add holiday festivity to your home. Wreaths are the most iconic holiday symbols representing the arrival of Christmas for centuries. The circular shape of wreath symbolizes eternity, with no beginning and no end. Therefore, the LED Decorative Wreath is the best decorative object to spruce up the decorations, this Christmas or the entire holiday season. The ...

California neighborhood united to sync electrifying Christmas light display

California neighborhood united to create electrifying Christmas light display

Recently we acquainted you to the world’s largest Christmas light display by a Canberra family, but this startling light display will certainly put all house light shows to shame. The highlighting attribute of the Christmas light show is that an entire neighborhood in Yucaipa, California has united to sync lightings of all the houses to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra song “Wizards in Winter.” According to a recent report, 16 neighbors spent months preparing the striking light display to ...

3D Printed Lightpaper by Rohinnii

Rohinni contrives world’s ultra-thin 3D printed LED lights

Lighting in our homes has undergone an extensive revolution from incandescent light bulbs to OLED lights. Thought it couldn’t go beyond OLEDs? Well, just when you were only fantasizing about multiple uses of OLEDs, Idaho-based startup Rohinni was busy in developing light bulbs in the ultra-thin shape of paper dubbed Lightpaper. This paper-thin light source is 3D printed and could be applied to any surface including lamps, cars, smartphones, etc. The thinnest light source is 3D printed on a ...

Kook Kitchen by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid’s Kook kitchen boasts sinuous silhouettes with jazzy LED strips

Renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid has designed the stylish Kook Kitchen Platform for the Italian firm Rastelli Cucine. The space-saving kitchen island utilizes the ergonomic properties of HI-MACS acrylic stone that is easy to clean and highly heat-resistant. It is a user-friendly luxury kitchen model with 35-inches deep worktop for easy storage and cooking process. The highlighting attribute of the kitchen design is its sinuous silhouette that boasts striking LED strips underneath its ...

Volatevia Shelves by Formabilio

Formabilio’s Volatevia Shelves imitate leaves blown by a gust of wind

Designer Livia Chisari of Formabilio, Italian product designing firm, has beautifully blended nature into art in form of the ingenious Volatevia Shelves. These nature-inspired shelves are creatively designed to imitate leaves blown by a gust of wind, which reminds us of serene autumn season. Volatevia shelves are made of bent metal sheets coated with water-based varnishes to add lively touch into your interior. The shelving system will spruce up walls of any area of your home from living room ...

Aura Christmas Tree Lights

Aura Christmas tree lights to spruce up your home wirelessly

Tired of decorating your house every year with tangled Christmas lighting strings? Don’t stress and grab wireless Aura Christmas tree lights to ornate your home décor for the occasion. Aura is an energy-efficient LED light to embellish your home and enliven the festive mood. Moreover, due to its wireless attribute it cuts the risk of fires because no direct is heat involved and no wires are present to create any chances of short circuit. Another good thing about the striking LED light is ...

SplashLIGHTLamp by Avooq

Upgrade empty liquor bottles into startling SplashLIGHT lamp

What do you with the empty bottles of your favorite wine or any other liquor? Throw it away? Well, this now instead of tossing it directly into dustbin try converting it into a useful light source. The empty colored or transparent glass bottles can be transformed into functional featured lamps. Something like- the SplashLIGHT lamp by Matthew William Keen of design studio Avooq. Every useless liquor cisterns are able to scatter soothing ambiance of light, depending on its individual glass ...

Canberra family sets world record for largest Christmas lights display

Canberra family sets world record for largest Christmas lights display

In Canberra a family is not going to decorate a traditional tree this Christmas, as they have designed a gigantic record-breaking display of LED lights. David and Janean Richards from Canberra earned a Guinness World Record title for decorating their home with the largest image made with 1,194,380 LED lights. The striking light display features 3D image of three Christmas gifts within 3,865-square meter, surrounded by dazzling lighting fixtures. This all began four years ago when Mr. Richards ...

Ora Candle by Gauthier Poulain

Ora candle with aroma diffuser to embroider atmosphere of your home

Candles are stunning part of your decorations, whether it’s for holidays, special occasions or simply to make a room more inviting and relaxing. However, to make these waxed lightings more interesting French designer Gauthier Poulain has created the astonishing Ora Candle to spruce up your living space. The candle not only lights up your room, but even diffuses refreshing aroma to enhance atmosphere of any space whether indoors or outdoors. Ora is a customizable candle that consists of four ...

Turbaya Multi-functional Light in Shape of Gramophone

Turbaya multi-functional light in elegant shape of a gramophone

Remember the old times when gramophone was the only source for listening music? Sadly, the beautifully crafted equipment has no use in today’s tech savvy world. But, Hungary-based lighting manufacturers Intueri Light think differently so, they’ve designed a multi-functional light dubbed Turbaya in shape of a gramophone. The versatile lamp can become a striking wall light, table light or ceiling light, to grace up any living space with its unique style. It is handmade from brass, copper, ...

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