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Red Baron Plane Shelves

Red Baron Plane Shelves for boys who love to fly high

Smitherofstamfords brings another retro and vintage themed Red Baron Plane Shelves, a remarkable wall hanging shelving system for boys, who love to fly high. Manfred Albrecht Freiherr von Richthofen, also popularly known as the Red Baron, is the inspiration behind the red baron airplane shelving system- World War I flying ace. Back then, Manfred was officially credited with 80 air combat victories and painted his aircraft in blazing red, that you can clearly see in the shelving layout. The ...

Gherkin Chandelier

Gherkin chandelier by Bompas & Parr has both thrilling and dreadful elements in it

The culinary experimentalist Sam Bompas and Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr have come up with a bizarre and innovative food chandelier made from Gherkin. Yes, this time around the duo tinkered with gherkins to make them illuminate in the evening in pursuit of making something which in itself is a very fascinating and contemporary food design. The backyard scientists chose gherkin because of its special capability of containing a high amount of sodium chloride or salt contained within it. ...

El me cagneto

El me cagneto is bohemian-styled home for man’s best friend

El me cagneto by Alessandra Fagnani, realized by Brighenti Fratelli, is a peppy, creative and fashionable bohemian-styled little abode for the man’s best friend. The elegant pet house is inspired by the Venetian parlance “il mio cagnolino,” which means my little dog. So this beautiful house is especially designed for your adorable puppy in the house. Besides being a comfy pet house, El me cagneto’s  bohemian as well as baroque style of architecture also becomes ...

Espresso Maker Desk Lamp

Beau Birkett’s Espresso Maker Desk Lamp is made from retired coffee maker

Beau Birkett, student from Birmingham City University, has designed and created the Espresso Maker Desk Lamp for Upcycle Project by converting Whittard Espresso Maker and vegetable rack into balanced and graceful desk lamp. Birkett had used the Whittard Espresso Maker as base and lampshade, whereas the vegetable rack provides required height and acts as a support arm for the desk lamp. The desk lamp is an work-of-art, presenting creativity as well as craftsmanship that shows how an ...

FAVO by Imperfetto

FAVO is organically-shaped offbeat shelving system for your home

Designed and manufactured by Italian studio Imperfettolab, the FAVO shelving system is an organically-shaped offbeat shelving system to add minimal aesthetics to your home. The Imperfettolab studio workshop provides wide range of art research projects and organize exhibitions, under the trademark of Verter Turroni and Emanuela Ravelli’s design and production. The design studio works on the imperfection and ordinary aesthetic of natural materials and tries to replicate the same in their ...

Astro Twist Smart Lightbulb

Twist LED light bulb can stream music over AirPlay and Wi-Fi

Light bulbs integrated with speakers are not new to the world; such light fixtures are successfully entertaining the world. But the only problem with these light bulbs-cum-speakers is that one has to always turn on Bluetooth in order to play music and that’s not convenient all the time. However, the latest Astro’s Twist LED light bulb wants to change that forever with its built-in AirPlay speaker. Rather than using Bluetooth, this light bulb can easily stream music over Apple AirPlay and ...

Brooklyn factory into chic co-working office by STUDIOSC

STUDIOSC converted old Brooklyn factory into a chic co-working office

This playful workspace with hints of bright colors was once an industrial factory in Bushwick, Brooklyn. However, New York based architectural and design studio STUDIOSC has brilliantly converted this abandoned factory into a lively modern co-working office. Due to its vibrant interior, the office becomes a cheerful working space, breaking monotony of usual office environment. The 10,000-square-feet ground floor factory space was constructed using reclaimed materials such as old OSB boards, ...

Janus Solid Steel Candleholder by Joe Doucet

Light up your home with Janus solid steel candleholder/tea light

There is nothing better than elegant candleholders with tall candles or intricate tea lights for enhancing ambiance of any room. But why to clutter available space with separate candleholders and tea lights when you can get both in one form i.e. Janus candelabrum. New York-based designer Joe Doucet has created a line of Janus candleholders to embrace both tea lights and long tapered candles, simply by rotating its holder. The stunning collection of candleholders is made from hand turned solid ...

Apartment V01 DontDIY Studio

Renovated bright home hides kitchen behind a folding wall

The V01 apartment with bright interior is located in Sofia, Bulgaria on the first floor of an old building. However, the clients commissioned Bulgarian design studio DontDIY to renovate outdated interior of the house. The studio aimed at bringing more natural light into the apartment, while giving it a contemporary makeover. In order to make the apartment more spacious, the hall is enlarged by hiding rooms and kitchen behind a white folding wall. The entire wall consists of huge sliding doors, ...


Duncan Meerding turns tree stumps into gorgeous vessels for light

Thought ordinary tree stumps can only used for bonfire? Well, Tasmanian furniture designer Duncan Meerding doesn’t think alike. This is because he knows how to turn salvaged log pieces into gorgeous vessels for emitting light. He transforms salvaged wooden blocks into stunning Cracked Log Lamps, which spread light through natural cracks on the log pieces. Meerding is legally blind; however he retains 5-percent of his vision in his peripheries. So he uses these light pieces to communicate with ...

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