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Turbaya Multi-functional Light in Shape of Gramophone

Turbaya multi-functional light in elegant shape of a gramophone

Remember the old times when gramophone was the only source for listening music? Sadly, the beautifully crafted equipment has no use in today’s tech savvy world. But, Hungary-based lighting manufacturers Intueri Light think differently so, they’ve designed a multi-functional light dubbed Turbaya in shape of a gramophone. The versatile lamp can become a striking wall light, table light or ceiling light, to grace up any living space with its unique style. It is handmade from brass, copper, ...

Kaleido Multi-colored Lighting String

Kaleido multi-colored LED string to decorate your Christmas tree

Still thinking about Christmas tree decorations for December 25? Have a look at the striking Kaleido multi-colored LED string by Quirky user TimeTraveler to spruce up your Christmas tree. The string features 50 varicolored LEDs that can easily be controlled via mobile app that supports all Android and iOS smartphones. The lighting effects along with color of each bulb can be controlled individually using your smartphone, moreover the illuminating strand can sync with your favorite party songs ...

Katris Modular Cardboard Cat Furniture by Papercut Lab

Katris modular cardboard cat furniture framed with Tetris-like entities

Why to buy separate cat condo and cat scratcher, when your adorable furry friend can get benefits of both in one Katris modular cardboard cat furniture. It is made by a creative design team at Papercut Lab and consists of different sturdy cardboard shapes that assemble together in varying structures just like the game Tetris allows you to form endless configurations. Each piece is created from 100-percent recyclable cardboard shaped into various figures, using non-toxic starch-based adhesives ...

Edgy Wall Tiles by Kaza Concrete

Edgy asymmetric wall tiles to give textured finish to your dull walls

Fed up of monotonous painted look of your walls? Well, you can add a unique texture to interior or exterior walls of your house with Edgy wall tiles that beautifully gives 3-dimensional pattern to plain wall structures. These elegant wall coverings are created by designer Patrycja Domanska from Hungary-based tile manufacturer Kaza Concrete. The asymmetric hexagonal tiles are made out of colored porcelain for adding a twisted touch to any wall whether indoor or outdoor. These tiny wall decors ...

Nook Wine Racks

Turn any dead area into elegant wine slot with Nook wine racks

Stop wasting your money on expensive wine racks that add hodgepodge look to your interior. As, the modular Nook Wine Racks are designed by Award Winning industrial designer Craig Nottage to fill in all dead spaces within your home or office and make them more functional. It is a customizable masterpiece for enhancing your décor, whilst stacking your pricey wine bottles with great care. This minimalist wine storage system can be assembled using two metal pieces up to infinite number of ...

OdenneBoom Christmas Tree

OdenneBoom Christmas tree made from 100% recyclable ridged cardboard

Thinking about home décor for this Christmas? What tree design to buy for embellishing home interior? Don’t stress too much and bring home the OdenneBoom Christmas tree to add sophisticated and unique touch to your Christmas décor. The inventive pattern of this life-size tree stands out from rest of the conventional Christmas trees, thus making it an indigenous decoration object. It is made from double-layered ridged cardboard that’s 100-percent recyclable and can be reused for ...

Jo-a Olmo Spiral Staircase

Olmo spiral staircase with clever storage system

Staircases with hidden storage system is not new to the world, but the Olmo spiral staircase is a sculptural design that cleverly flaunts storage system beneath each tread. The central staircase is designed by architectural studio Jo-a to renovate an apartment in Brussels. To easily access two floors of the house, this wooden helix staircase is suspended from a steel top gasket in order to save maximum amount of space in the living room. The alluring attribute of the wooden ladder is that ...

BW 1.1 Smoke Detector Bulb

BW 1.1 smoke detector bulb is smart lighting and fume identification system

Safety of your loved ones is probably your major priority, may be that is the reason smoke detectors are installed in every house these days. But what if benefits of smoke alarms are combined with an elegant lighting fixture? Well, French designer Thomas de Lussac has designed the exact device in form of the BW 1.1 smoke detector bulb for France-based lighting solutions firm- Bell & Wyson. The aforementioned device is integrated with hi-end smoke detector and array of LEDs. Thus, acts as ...

Primacandle Hand-carved Candles

Primacandle’s hand-carved artistic flambeau inspired by candy canes

Designer Natalia Burikov has designed and hand-carved artistic wax candles inspired by candy canes for Tel Aviv-based candle makers Primacandle. The innovative pattern of these candles reminds us of tempting candy canes, which are closely correlated to Christmas celebrations. Each candy cane-like candle features Baroque aesthetic along with variant lively color combinations. Thus, these striking candles would be a wonderful gift this Christmas for your friends and colleagues. These are made ...

All I Own House by PKMN Architectures

Sliding chipboard shelves transform this tiny home throughout the day

We’ve already seen imposing transformable apartments including MIT’s City Home that comes with hi-end technology of transformation using simple hand gestures. However, All I Own House by PKMN Architectures for a fellow designer Yolanda Pila is indeed a genius house design we have came across so far. The complete house structure is built in a tiny corridor space with sliding chipboard shelves that helps the client to transform her apartment throughout the day into various house units such as ...

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