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MySommelier Wine Cellar

MySommelier: Smartphone-controlled wine cellar with luminous bottle holders

Italian firm Bat-Tech has created eye-catching wine cellar dubbed MySommelier that blends advanced technologies into its aesthetics. It is a fully-customizable wine display that is composed of stainless steel structure for weather-resistance, whereas its rest of the components are made of anodized aluminum. It comes with a mobile app to connect it with your smartphone to control eight different programmes for controlling temperate zones and preserve your wine collection for longer duration. ...

Incandescent-Glass-Staircase-by-Frederic Hamerlak

Incandescent glass staircase with eccentric zigzag treads

French interior designer Frederic Hamerlak has created illuminating glass staircase for a client to offer space saving access to each level of the building. To make it space-efficient, the designer has replaced house’s wooden spiral staircase with these glowing fittings attached onto a side wall. The unusual zigzag pattern steps is created to offer lightness and compactness to the stairway, saving extra space within the apartment. Each tread of the staircase comes with built-in LED lights to ...

25 Wooden Lamp

Tulip-shaped 25 wooden lamp by Kovac Family

LED wooden lamp ‘25’ is one-of-a-kind environmentally conscious project of Swedish design studio Kovac Family. The studio is a multidisciplinary company that works closely with the scientist performing researches in biomimicry. They are working on projects that are well-adapted to life on earth over the long haul. ...

Apple Wall Clock

You leave them, we use them: Recycled Apple keyboard wall clock

For all the Apple lovers here comes a new addition to your home, handmade Apple Keyboard wall clock by Dreams Great Dreams. The wall clock is exclusively made up of recycled computer parts toting up a steampunk feel to it. The clock that measures approx. 11.25” wide and 9” tall makes good use of discarded Apple laptop keyboard and hard drive platter to add visual significance and an element of ecology to the timekeeping. ...

Mood of the City

Mood of the City: 3D printed Twitter mood lamp by Chadwick John Friedman

Human beings are very clear in expressing their emotions, but have we ever given a thought that how our city feels. Mood of the City – a 3D printed mood lamp, which is designed by Chadwick John Friedman – a specialist in emergent digital practices with the University of Denver, is powered by Twitter feeds. The lamp assesses the mood of the city with the help of Arduino Yún and activity of Denver-based Twitter users. The Arduino Yún is a microcontroller board that can communicate with ...

Skylights by Simar Design

Bring immensity of sky inside with windowless display by Simar Design

Tired of boring look of your home or office interior? Now, welcome the entire sky into interior of your living space or workspace with windowless display by Simar Design. These skylights come installed with beautiful images of sky and nature to completely transform your interior into a refreshing space. The panels come in standard size of 24 x 24-inches, but its size can also be customized as per the user’s desire. These panels are installed with LED technology and designed to offer high ...

Zutil Wall-mounted Organizing System by Alki

Zutik wall-mounted storage system keeps your stuff organized

Do you often find yourself surrounded by clutter of your belongings whether in home or office? Well, you can bring order into your life- all thanks to deliberately designed Zutik wall-mounted storage system by French design studio Alki. Zutik is a functional storage system that is designed along a horizontal solid oak beam. Around the oak beam, the storage system includes shelves, hooks, mirror and ladder that double as bookcase. This modular system can be reconfigured both in length and ...

Honeycomb Shelves by Leg Studios

Modular shelves by Leg Studios mimic honeycomb pattern

Leg Studios continues to build rich and varied projects based on contemporary trends, evergreen ideas and sound research, developed into functional, efficient designs for office and personal spaces. Honeycomb modular shelves is the new edition for the J&B Met 2015 expo by Giulia Odendaal in partnership with Leon Erasmus and Tim Richert. ...

Eight steps to give ‘net-zero’ makeover to your home

Eight steps to give ‘net-zero’ makeover to your home

Want a home that produces as much energy as it consumes? Well, few such net-zero homes are designed by certain architects but not everyone has access to these houses. But you can make your existing home closer to zero energy dwelling by making few changes. Check out the following eight steps towards net-zero homes, which consume as well as generate enough energy to cancel out its overall footprint. 1. Effective insulation and solar panels Heating and cooling consume more than half of the ...

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