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World’s most expensive scoop of ice cream

World’s most expensive scoop of ice cream gilded with 23-carat gold

After the world tallest building and first climate-controlled city, Dubai is again in news for serving the world’s most expensive scoop of ice cream. The Scoopi Cafe in Dubai is offering a sweet treat to its customers with the Black Diamond ice cream that costs eye watering $817 per scoop. What makes this scoop of ice cream cost nearly a piece of jewelry? Well, the luxurious frozen dessert is made out of Madagascar vanilla ice cream infused with threads Iranian saffron and few pieces of black ...

KFC’s Edible Scoff-ee Cup

KFC’s edible Scoff-ee Cup made from biscuit and white chocolate

People who love sipping hot coffee after a bucket full of chicken at KFC will be treated with something sweet later this year. Kentucky Fried Chicken is planning to serve coffee to their customers in an edible cup that lets you enjoy piping hot beverage and later you can even eat the cup too. Wondering how you could eat the cup? Well, it is made from sweet cookie and aptly named the Scoff-ee cup. KFC collaborated with UK-based The Robin Collective to create this incredible cup to eat. The ...

Danbokko Kitchen

Danbokko Kitchen lets your child learn cooking while having fun

Do you have an aspiring little chef in your house? Well, you can encourage his/her cooking interest with Danbokko Kitchen by Japanese startup Kayac. This smart toy kitchen helps your child to learn safe and fun cooking, using smartphone and cardboard kitchen set. It is basically a cardboard kitchen including stove, frying pan, saucepan, knife, cutting board, etc. You can download a mobile app that comes with various recipes from making omelet to baking hamburgers. To use the kitchen set, you ...

Dollhouse-sized Kitchen Cooks Real Food

Dollhouse-sized kitchen allows you to cook real breakfast using tiny utensils

You may have seen plenty of dollhouse kitchens that allow kids to practice cooking fake food. But, what if such tiny kitchens let you cook real food? Well, YouTuber [AAAjoken] has actually done that by cooking real breakfast for two, using a miniature toy kitchen. The stove within the dollhouse-sized kitchen is part of Japanese popular toy line Konapun, which lets users create toy kitchens with fake food. With tiny utensils, cookware and fully-functional stove, he has prepared a complete ...

Alpes Inox’s Stainless Steel Kitchen Modules

Alpes Inox’s stainless steel kitchen modules alter as per your needs

Looking for a kitchen island that fits perfectly into your small scullery? Well, Italian kitchen cabinet manufacturer Alpes Inox has created stylish stainless steel kitchen modules, which are not only beautiful but also space-saving for any small area. These high-end steel modules are free standing and can be altered according to your changing needs. Their freestanding design helps you to easily fix them in any available space without need of any extra installation equipments. These units are ...

Pioneering robotic chefs cook for humans

Pioneering robotic chefs cook for humans by watching YouTube videos

The researchers from the University of Maryland and the Australian research center NICTA, have given a revolutionary leap to artificial intelligence by developing futuristic robots that can cook for you. They have developed robots with human intelligence to cook just by watching YouTube videos on internet. These pioneering robots were taught to use all kitchen tools and how to cook, using impressive artificial intelligence called ‘deep learning.’ The futuristic robots have been taught with ...

GE’s Smart Sous Vide Probe and Touch-sensitive Induction Cooktops

GE’s smart sous vide probe interacts with touch-sensitive induction cooktops

If you’re looking for smart and healthy way of cooking, then switching to sous vide technique is the best solution. However, buying extra sous vide cooking appliances would only clutter your kitchen unnecessarily. To make things easy for you, GE has come up with wireless sensor that can interact with the firm’s latest induction cooktops and turn them into space-saving sous vide cooking machines. The smart sous vide probe can easily clip onto any cooking pot to monitor temperature of ...

Tetra Rex World's First Plant-based Cartons

Tetra Rex: World’s first 100% plant-based cartons hit retail shelves

Finnish dairy producer- Valio has become the first company to use world’s first plant-based Tetra Pak cartons- Tetra Rex. The bio-based packaging is manufactured from a combination of plastics derived from plants (bio-plastic laminate films, necks and caps derived from sugarcane) and paperboard. In Tetra Rex cartons, low-density polyethylene is used to create the laminate film for the packaging material. The neck of the opening and cap are made from high-density polyethylene derived from ...

Cooc Countertop Appliance by Impel Studio

Smart Cooc countertop appliance is all-in-one solution for kitchen

Kitchen is an awesome place to prepare and experiment with several dishes, just to please your taste buds. However, all delicious meals come at a cost of separate cooking appliance for every different meal that you cook. To avoid a kitchen loaded with unnecessary appliances of various shapes and sizes, the latest smartphone-controlled Cooc countertop slow cooker is introduced by New York-based startup, Impel Studio. This single device has ability to to steam, saute, roast, broil, etc., which ...

Samsung Virtual Flame Induction Range

CES 2015: Samsung’s virtual flame induction top indicates intensity of heat

Although induction stoves are more energy-efficient than electric or gas burners, as they distribute heat evenly and are safer to use. But their major drawback is that you cannot find out when the burner is on and at what intensity it’s heating. Due to this, cooking on induction sometimes get tricky. However to resolve the problem, Samsung has unveiled the latest range of induction stoves with virtual flame technology at CES 2015. The virtual flames with a ring of bright blue LED lights ...

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