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Bacon-scented Pillowcase by J&D's Food

Enjoy savory dreams while snoozing on bacon-scented pillowcase

There is nothing like waking up to luring smell of cured meat in the morning. What if you could go to sleep while enjoying smell of bacon all the time right from the comfort of your bed? Well, J&D’s Foods (a firm that specializes in bacon-themed items) has recently launched their latest product, the Bacon-scented Pillowcase. The world’s first pillowcase that smells like bacon allows your mind to settle for delicious bacony dreams, but be careful and try not to eat the ...

Kook Kitchen by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid’s Kook kitchen boasts sinuous silhouettes with jazzy LED strips

Renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid has designed the stylish Kook Kitchen Platform for the Italian firm Rastelli Cucine. The space-saving kitchen island utilizes the ergonomic properties of HI-MACS acrylic stone that is easy to clean and highly heat-resistant. It is a user-friendly luxury kitchen model with 35-inches deep worktop for easy storage and cooking process. The highlighting attribute of the kitchen design is its sinuous silhouette that boasts striking LED strips underneath its ...

To’ak Chocolate

Would you shell out $260 for a single bar of To’ak chocolate?

You may have tasted variety of chocolates in the world, but the latest To’ak Chocolate bar by Chicagoan Jerry Toth is something you wouldn’t want to miss out. But to consume this delicious 1.5 ounces chocolate bar you need to spend an eye-watering amount of about $260. With such high price, it may be the most expensive pure dark chocolate in the world. Why such small quantity comes with such hefty price tag? Well, the saying ‘it is quality rather than quantity that matters’ goes ...

Secret Restaurant at Gamble House by Bob Dornberger

Secret Restaurant at Gamble House urges diners to eat not shoot

Taking photographs of your meal before tasting it has become an annoying 21st century trend. Thankfully, artist Bob Dornberger thinks that food must be eaten rather than clicking its snaps. Dornberger has taken a stand against guests who unnecessarily shoot photos of the served meal by collaborating with the Secret Restaurant at Gamble House in Pasadena, California. The restaurant is installed with a conveyor belt, made of metal and scrap aluminum powered by an industrial motor, that will ...

Gwyneth Paltrow Gold-plated Kitchen Tools as Christmas Gift

Gwyneth Paltrow suggests gold-plated kitchen tools as lavish Christmas gift

Holiday season has already begun and to make it more interesting and stylish Iron Man star Gwyneth Paltrow has published a lavish Christmas gift guide on her website Goop. This exotic list includes ridiculously expensive gold-plated kitchen tools that only filthy rich can afford. Have a look at the lavish kitchen equipments that you can present this Christmas to your loved one, only if you’ve got enough money to splash out. Dualit 24-carat gold-plated cordless kettle This is definitely ...

Christmas the Italian way

Christmas, the Italian way!

Have you ever wondered how large Italian families actually gather around a table for Christmas? Well, it’s easy. Their “Natale” is all about food. Unknown to popular and common understanding, there is no such thing as “the Italian food tradition;” so every family would have their own specific Italian dishes to eat. Here are a few rules to navigate Christmas the Italian way for the unknown foreign spectator. Our suggestion is to recreate a domestic gathering with Nifeislife– an ...

Pampshade Lamps

Pampshade lamps made from actual bread loaves are making us feel hungry

Since the beginning of mankind, bread loaves and light sources are two entities that have never been associated in any form. But now a revolutionary change has taken place in shape of the Pampshade lamps that are created from actual loaves of bread. Thinking it’s absolutely impossible? Well, Japanese artist Yukiko Morita has made it possible by creating a line of variously shaped bread lamps including rounded as well as sea shell-shaped lights. These delicious bakery products have been mixed ...

Halloween Cake Ideas

Bewitching Halloween cake ideas for the haunted night

Halloween is creeping closer and now is the time to start gathering wacky food stuff for the occasion. Talking of food- you cannot miss out the dessert after dinner. So, give your spine-chilling celebrations sweet touch with a delicious potion of creepy cake. You can make your guests cackle up with fear and delight on seeing your nasty dessert creations, this October 31. Celebrate this year’s frightening night inspired from the following wacky cake recipes that you can order from your ...

Google Executive Chef Charlie Ayers

Google Chef Charlie Ayers’ outlook on startup food culture

Good food not only energizes your body, but helps to enhance your work-efficiency as well. That is why, many startups has already started serving healthy food to their employees. One such organization that believes in good food culture is the famous search engine firm- Google. Google hired their first-ever executive Chef Charlie Ayers back in 1999 so that the company’s team of 50 employees back then could get delicious and healthy food in office. Ayers shared his experience of working with ...

Honky Tonk Glamburger

Honky Tonk creates $1,770 ‘Glamburger’ gilded in edible gold

Honky Tonk, American diner-style restaurant in London, has created the world’s most expensive burger- Glamburger to give exclusive treat to their customers. The burger costing $1,770 is prepared by Chef Chris Lange, who gilded the burger in edible gold leaf and caviar with various delicious toppings. Not only will it empty your wallet, but expand your waistline too as it comes with heavy 2,618 calorie dose. The burger is loaded with a patty made of Kobe Wagyu beef and New Zealand venison, ...

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