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Flare Pot by Lankeland

Flare is new age saucepan that cooks your meal faster than ever

We all know the benefits of home cooked meal; it is not only healthier than junk food but also saves extra dollars that we spend on food outside. Despite these benefits we often avoid cooking at home because it requires lot of time and efforts. To save your time, UK-based kitchenware manufacturer Lakeland teamed up with Dr. Thomas Povey, a rocket scientist from Oxford, to create the Flare Saucepan that heats 44-percent faster than other conventional pans, using FIN-X technology. ...

deVOL Air Kitchen Range

deVOL’s Air Kitchen is inspired by chic streamlined designs of 1970s

The Air Kitchen is a fresh and contemporary range of exclusive kitchen designs created by deVOL, UK-based kitchen manufacturers. Design of the kitchen range is inspired by classic streamlined designs of vintage cars, boat hulls and the iconic- Airstream trailer. It features curved oak frames, aluminum panels, push-to-open doors and drawers with solid Hi-Mac finishing; all of which are framed together using both traditional and modern materials. (more…) Recommended for You ...

Vessel Kitchen by Studio Backs

Studio Backs design Vessel Kitchen to suit urban lifestyle

San Francisco-based design firm Studio Backs has launched a new notion for kitchen in form of the Vessel Kitchen. It comes with minimal fine architectural lines like high-end finishing of European styled kitchen. The sleek and modern design displays an elegant working surface, a venting hood and ample storage space for tools above and below the working area. The name ‘vessel’ is derived from its essence of storing kitchen accessories metaphorically like a vessel containing water. ...

Micro Kitchen from GE

GE Appliances unveils Micro-Kitchen concept at the Dwell on Design

The vast technology of today has made us so much dependent on our daily use appliances that we are hardly ready to compromise with any of them, even when the living spaces are constricting. As a solution to this, we came across the Stealth Kitchen designed by Resource Kitchen that incorporated an entire kitchen behind a wooden cabinetry. Now the appliance giant GE Appliances has come forward and designed the Micro-Kitchen keeping in mind the space efficient needs of people today. Along with ...

Edible Mist Machine

Edible Mist Machine creates over 200 delicious food flavors without calories

We all feel guilty after having our favorite food because usually the best tasting recipes have maximum number of calories. But we just end up hoping, if we could enjoy more and more delicious flavors without putting on weight. Well, the problem is solved, all thanks to the Edible Mist Machine invented by Charlie Harry Francis, founder of the edible invention company- Lick Me, I’m Delicious in UK. This machine allows you to taste your favorite flavors without any calories, so you can enjoy ...

ChopChop by Dirk Biotto_1

ChopChop kitchen workstation for elderly and physically disabled persons

Berlin-based industrial designer Dirk Biotto has created the ChopChop kitchen workstation for elderly and physically disabled persons. He noticed that elder and differently-abled persons usually find it difficult to chop vegetables and pickup heavy pots  while preparing stuff for cooking. To solve the problem, Biotto made this height-adjustable kitchen workstation with easily accessible tools. ...

Krispy Kreme's Most Expensive Doughnut_1

World’s most expensive doughnut made from edible 24 carat gold and diamonds

This beautifully designed golden and creamy doughnut is worth £1,000 (approx. US $1682). Well, the hard work and ingredients used in making this doughnut are the reason for its extremely high cost. The golden doughnut took three days to assemble and is made of 500-year-old Cognac, vintage Dom Perignon 2002 champagne jelly, Chateau d’Yquem cream. It is topped with handmade gold-dusted Belgian white chocolate lotus flowers, ivy, blossom and butterflies, edible 24 carat gold, passion fruit ...

BjornQorn Popcorn_2

Take a turn to Brooklyn to munch BjornQorn popcorns popped by sun

Whenever we hear anything related to solar-powered appliances, we start thinking about electricity generation to save energy. But have you ever heard of making popcorns by solar-powered technique? It is possible with BjornQorn technique to make popcorns without a popcorn maker. Yes, that’s right! This technique does not require a popcorn maker. BjornQorn popcorns are prepared using five-meter basin structure called Caloris basin, which is built into the ground, lined with concrete and mortar ...


Ye range hood by Elica breathes life into your kitchen

There are a number of things that can be added in the kitchen to make a style statement. But, Elica, an Italian manufacturer of kitchen range hoods, presents a unique way of providing a chic appeal to your kitchen and bringing a gust of fresh air into the heart of your home. Most of their cooker hood designs combine efficiency, innovation and cutting edge technology that makes them the most sought-after devices available so far. The Ye range hood from Elica is one of those spectacular ...

Noun glass toaster  by Bugati

This smartphone-controlled glass toaster cooks steaks for $1000

Just like any other kitchen appliance, a toaster has also evolved through generations and has become advanced and modernized not only in appearance but also its working. Italian kitchen appliance maker Bugatti has created a new toaster that takes a contemporary kitchen appliance design to a whole new level. Launched at Milan’s EuroCucina 2014 expo, this toaster christened Noun, not just browns your bread, but also cooks steaks. (more…) Recommended for You ...

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