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butter knife with grater

Ultimate butter knife with built-in grater solves breakfast blues

Almost all of us have, at some point in time, struggled in spreading cold evenly on a slice of bread without tearing a hole into it. It is one mutual problem at the breakfast table, almost every household confronts first thing in the morning. To provide a simple, yet creative alternative to our regular butter knifes, three Australian designers Craig Andrews, Sacha Pantschenko, and Norman Oliveria have developed the ultimate butter knife with a built-in grater. (more…) Recommended for ...

Ocean Kitchen by Robert Kolenik

Turn your kitchen into oceanic wonder with aquarium cooking island

Today we are going to acquaint you to an ultimate luxury kitchen island called the Ocean Kitchen that doubles up as an aquarium. It is designed by Dutch designer Robert Kolenik to turn your cooking space into an exclusive oceanic wonder that will definitely become heart of your home. The kitchen island features an enormous aquarium with L-shaped slab of Corian on its top surface. The slab is equipped with a cooking stove, a sink and ample storage space for keeping all your necessary ...

Chuck Box by Timberline

Carry your kitchen along while camping with portable Chuck Box

If you are fussy about your food and only like home cooked meals even when travelling, then we have good news for you. Timberline Camp Kitchens has launched a complete set of camp kitchen called Chuck Box for those who spend most of their time travelling. Travelers often have to eat outside because their campervans or vehicles can’t carry all kitchen equipments for preparing their own meal. To solve the problem, this camp kitchen set is introduced that looks like an ordinary box when closed, ...

BrainWave Desktop Microwave by Steve Gates

USB-powered BrainWave Desktop Microwave heats up lunch at your desk

Do you often get stuck up at work and don’t get time to rush to the office canteen for lunch? Well, London-based designer Steve Gates has come up with a great solution for office employees to enjoy hot lunch without even leaving their desk. Gates has created the BrainWave Desktop Microwave that is powered by USB to heat up your lunch at your very own desk or workstation. This tiny microwave doubles up as a notice board until lunchtime and when it’s time to eat your food, just pop in your ...

Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier

Waterlogic Hybrid Water Purifier for purest drinking water

Volcanic springs and glaciers are the natural and purest water resources in the world. But, water that you get in your homes is not at all pure; it is contaminated by lot of water pollutants like chlorine, herbicides and pesticides. Although you filter or use water purifiers for consuming pure and contaminant free water, but such technologies don’t provide 100-percent satisfactory results. To solve this problem, Europe-based Company Waterlogic, world leader in water purification for over two ...

The Sky is the Limit Kitchen Design by LG Hausys

LG Hausys unveils its futuristic kitchen design at 100% Design in London

LG Hausys has recently presented its latest kitchen design called ‘The Sky is The Limit’ in a design exhibition organized by 100% Design, London. The innovative design represents true work of art crafted by the Belgium designer Xavier Bonte, who was inspired by a dream of a cloud in the sky. When fully closed the kitchen platform forms shape of a floating cloud in the sky, whereas the contrasting blue lines on its surface resemble contrails of an airplane that is ready to touch the sky. ...

Compact Grill by Peanuts Club

Compact electronic grill by Peanuts Club is designed for indoor use

Cooking grills are often huge and bulky for outdoor use, to enjoy grilled chicken or grilled veggies in the open with family or friends. But, what if you’re alone at home and want to enjoy delicious homemade grilled food? Obviously it won’t be quite feasible to cook on a huge outdoor grill just for a single person. So, the Japanese firm Peanuts Club came up with an amazing compact sized electronic grill for one person to enjoy his/her grilled food when alone. The grill is so small that it ...

Dunkin' Donuts Coffee Flavored Donut

Dunkin’ Donuts spreads flavor swirls with two new Coffee Flavored Donuts

August is considered as the National Coffee Month due to massive coffee obsession among citizens in USA. To kick off the month with more excitement America’s global donuts company- Dunkin’ Donuts has come up with the latest Coffee Flavored Donuts for all coffee lovers, to add a little more coffee flavor in their lives this season. Well, delicious donuts with a cup of coffee are nearly everyone’s favorite breakfast so the company picked up the slack and decided to blend the two different ...

Culimaat Kitchen Leaf

Culimaat Leaf: Extravagant futuristic kitchen design inspired by nature

We have introduced you to so many beautiful kitchen designs suiting to contemporary interior of your home. But, today we are going to present before you an extravagant kitchen design inspired by delicate forms of nature, like a leaf that reflects in its magnificent design. This kitchen is called the Leaf, and is designed by Dutch kitchen manufacturer- Culimaat for simple cooking using hi-end technology for preparing your meal. Leaf kitchen comes in an organic shape, which is created using ...

Potato Salad by Zack Brown

Kickstarter campaign for Potato Salad strangely raised over $55,000!

We have seen many creative and innovative projects on Kickstarter, but have you ever expected a potato salad recipe to be launched on this platform? Sounds absurd right? Well, such campaign was actually launched on this crowd funding website by Zack Danger Brown, native of Ohio, with an initial goal of about $10 just for trolling this popular fund raising website but it soon got viral and ended with a huge sum of about $55,492 all thanks to backers from 20 different countries in the ...

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