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Foodnited States of America by Chris Durso and his son [In Pictures]

According to Chris Durso (creator of Foodiggity), his eight-year-old son Cameron thought of creating ‘US states from food,’ and it was this idea that gave them the inspiration for their awesome Food art. Started with ‘New Jerky’ (made from lean piece of beef jerky cut into shape of New Jersey), the whole project took almost a year and now that the project is complete, Durso is set to take this food art to a new level by creating Foodnited States maps or individual state maps ...

Whirlpool AKR 759 IX Rangehood

Whirlpool’s chimney-style rangehood with 6th sense technology

With its chic chimney-style Absolute design and easy-to-use touch controls, the Whirlpool has introduced its brand new AKR91 IX rangehood that ensures your kitchen smells as good as it looks. The new extractor incorporates the brand’s 6th Sense technology to automatically detect air quality, helping you to rid of kitchen pollutants like smoke and grease. The extractor comes with four automatic speed settings to maintain perfect atmosphere during or after cooking. Due to these smart setting ...

Weird trick to skin a watermelon in just 10 minutes

Weird trick to skin a watermelon in just 10 minutes!

Wondering what snacks to add into your menu for summer party? Well, what’s better than refreshing fruits in summer, especially a watermelon? But the most annoying thing about this delicious fruit is that it’s too annoying to peel off, so most people try avoiding it even in hot summer parties. Not anymore, as Former NASA engineer Mark Rober, who loves posting amazing food tricks on his YouTube channel Creativity Design Science, has come up with a weird but easy way to skin watermelon in ...

Fishing Restaurant Zauo

Zauo fishing restaurant lets you catch fish for dinner

If you love fishing and are planning to make a trip to Japan in near future, then don’t forget to visit one of the most innovative and eccentric restaurants in Japan named Zauo. Meaning of Zauo is ‘sit and fish.’ The restaurant has a boat-shaped design and is famous for serving authentic Japanese cuisines like sushi, sashimi, sukiyaki, etc., and the best part is you can do fishing. The restaurant is a hit among  locals as well as foreign tourists, not because of unique ...

Eatsa Fully Automated Restaurant

Eatsa is fully-automated restaurant run by robotic cubbies

Most of the times fast food is not really fast, as you have to wait in queues to place order and wait more till it’s served at your table. But the new restaurant called Eatsa wants to eliminate employees and time spent waiting for your order. This restaurant is designed to serve food from robotic cubbies, unlike typical fast-food joints near you. Opened yesterday in San Francisco at 121 Spear Street, the diner takes order through an iPad. Less than 10 minutes after placing the order, your ...

Food Art by Ioana Vanc

Food art by Ioana Vanc [In pictures]

Architect by profession, Ioana Vanc is a creative artist and photographer from Romania passionate about food art. Inspired by everyday objects, she has converted different materials and objects into small pieces of art that show the creative side of everyday food items that we fail to see. To add edge to her artwork, rather than using chopping board or plate as canvas, Vanc has used large soup spoons to create the art. Interesting and cushy as it may seem to you, but if you ask me the artwork ...

World’s first unmeltable ice-cream

World’s first unmeltable ice-cream can endure summer heat

Ice-cream is probably everybody’s favorite summer treat to combat summer heat with delicious flavors. But the most irritating thing associated with it is sticky fingers soon after your ice-cream begins to melt in the sun. Lately, Alton Towers Resort conducted a survey in UK to find out people’s experience while enjoying their favorite ice-cream in summer. According to the survey results, almost half of British people were unable to finish their ice cream before it melts in the summer sun. ...

Optimus Prime birthday cake

Truck-shaped cake morphs into Optimus Prime robot

Transformers fanatics may have seen, as well as crafted all different types of related objects over the years. But none of them would have ever thought of a transforming Optimus Prime birthday cake. Yes, you read that right! YouTuber Russell Munro with his wife has created this unusual transforming treat for their son, who wanted a Transformers-themed cake for his sixth birthday. At first glance it appears like a normal truck-shaped cake, but the fun begins when it actually transforms itself ...

iMove by Kessebohmer

iMove by Kessebohmer is a pull-down system for wall cabinets

Kessebohmer is all set to bring new standards in wall cabinets with its shelf lifter iMove – an innovative pull-down system designed especially for wall cabinets. As the name suggests, the shelf lifter is designed to provide better accessibility of material stored on the top of the shelf. The innovative lifter transforms the classic wall cabinet into an ergonomic storage system giving maximum comfort to the user. iMove is a user-friendly lifter that is assembled to provide ...

PURA hood by Adriano Design

PURA hood by Adriano Design bags Salão Design Award 2015

The PURA hood by Adriano Design presents elegantly functional solution to blend with today’s open-concept kitchens. This box-shaped rangehood is designed by the design studio for showcasing at the inauguration of Cinex LAB, innovation and design cell by Cinex. The minimalist rangehood seems like a ceiling lamp with lights embedded on its edges, but it incorporates a fully-functional 360-degrees ventilation mechanism. So it provides all around suction for removal of strong odors and to offer ...

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