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Grenade Ice Cube Mold

Grenade Ice cube mold will make you grenadier of every party

If you are popular in your group for holding creative and funky-themed house parties, then this 3D grenade Ice cube mold is the perfect party accessory for you. The innovative and eccentric designed ice cube mold will surely act like an explosive for your and guests’ drinks, making you real grenadier of every party. The 4.5 x 3 x 2.5-inches grenade-shaped mold is designed by keeping in mind the size of most glasses that can easily fit into any freezer, promising your perfectly ...

KFC Memories Bucket

KFC’s new crispy chicken bucket doubles as a Polaroid printer

Whether we like it or not, but clicking pictures especially selfies have become a major part of our life over past few years. We often find people around us capturing images of themselves and even their food at restaurants. May be that’s the idea that clicked KFC’s chain in Canada and they finally decided to create a whole new KFC Memories Bucket to celebrate their 60th Anniversary. What’s unique in creating a chicken bucket? Well, the new KFC Memories Bucket also doubles as a Polaroid ...

Ikea 2016 catalog

Sneak Peek at few awesome pieces from Ikea catalog 2016

Every year Ikea, Swedish furniture giant, comes up with something minimalist but very practical for homeowners. It’s always interesting to find out such household deigns that speak out for themselves and need no further description. Likewise, Ikea catalog 2016 is also full of simple yet wonderful surprises that any homeowner would love. The latest catalog is based on a theme ‘The Little Things That Matter,’ which focuses on people’s lives at home. This new collection represents ...

World’s tallest ice-cream by Norwegian ice-cream maker

Norwegian firm sets world record with three-meter tall ice-cream cone

Who doesn’t like delicious ice-creams? But have you ever seen or tasted the world’s tallest ice-cream? Norwegian ice-cream maker Hennig Olsen has recently scooped the Guinness World Record for the world’s tallest-ever ice cream cone in front of 9,000 people at the start of Sunday’s Tall Ships Race at Kristianstad. To be precise, the largest ice-cream cone measures 3.08-meter tall and weighs almost a tonne. The ice-cream cone is filled with 1,080-liters of vanilla ice-cream, 60-liters of ...

Impossible Cheese Burger

Google tries to nab Bill Gates-backed veggie burger business

From home services business to driverless robotic autos, Google is slowly trying to venture into every trending market. Reportedly, it almost got involved in a meatless burger business. The search-giant recently tried to nab Bill Gates-backed veggie burger startup called Impossible Foods. Although large population loves to eat meat burgers, but Impossible Foods has come up with unusual Impossible Cheese Burger. Why are we calling beef burger unusual? This is because it is made entirely out of ...

Homemade Strawberry Slushie

Homemade fruit Slushie is a perfect summer drink to enjoy with family

Whenever we talk about summers, there are very few things that always come into our minds i.e. heat, school holidays and family. So to beat the heat this summer, lets try something that is healthy and I can assure you even kids will love it. We all know that healthy drinks and kids are never at same level, but fresh homemade slushie will surely help you in bringing them at same par. This drink is not only beneficial for health, but also helps to keep kids and notorious family members away ...

Food-inspired Handmade Felt Bookmarks

Tiny hand-stitched fruity bookmarks for bibliophiles

Nowadays most of us prefer ebooks over paper books, but there are still many people who love to read conventional paper books. However, booklovers often have to find tedious paper pieces or bookmarks to save a page. How about colorful book tabs that look like your favorite food? To make things more interesting for bibliophiles, Inspirational Gecko, Etsy shop lead by Italian seller Francesca, has come up with cute little fruit-inspired felt bookmarks. The felt bookmarks in shape of mouthwatering ...

L-Original by Elica

L-Original from Elica features auto-refresh system to remove cooking smell

Europe-based Elica Corporation, world’s leading manufacturer of cooker hoods for household use, now brings L-Original cooker hood. This newly conceived cooker hood is an innovative hood, which is designed to increase performance and set new standards in contemporary kitchens. L-Original is integrated with friction cyclonic technology that provides access to high performance filtration and also clears air more swiftly than any other traditional hood. To provide maximum grease removal, the ...

Beef Noodle Vending Machine

Shanghai will be world’s first city to have Beef Noodles Vending Machine

Yes! You heard it right; Shanghai is all set to welcome the world’s first Beef Noodles Vending Machine, an innovative vending machine, which is designed to pour steaming hot beef noodles with the touch of a button in just two minutes. Four inventors from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan designed the all-new beef noodle vending machine and have already received investment of approximately one million dollars from international sources. The easy to get noodles vending machine works like any other ...

Icecle by Giovanni Busseti

Icecle by Giovanni Busetti is wooden ice-lolly that grows fruit trees

Italian designer Giovanni Busetti came up with a novel idea of motivating people to plant more trees with wooden ice-lolly sticks. The Icecle is mouthwatering and innovative wooden ice-lolly stick, which is embedded with a fruit-tree seed. Its wooden stick can be planted in the ground to a grow tree. Currently the popsicle is available in four mouth-watering seed variants i.e. strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and kiwi. After finishing the ice-lolly, one can simply plant the wooden stick in the ...

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