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Pizza Pouch

Portable pizza pouch makes sure you’re never without a slice

Well, who doesn’t love pizza? But due to your busy schedule you cannot sit and enjoy  you favorite cheesy slice of everyday. However, Stupidiotic wants to make sure that you’ve never without a pizza slice. So the online retailer has come up with the Portable Pizza Pouch that’s a necklace-like accessory to hold pizza slices for you. It comes with a durable zip-lock sealing, making it possible to carry your preferred snack all the time. This means you can take your favorite ...

Medicinal Chocolate by Kuka Xoco

World’s first medicinal chocolate developed by Kuka Xoco

US-based company Kuka Xoco claims to have developed chocolate bar that is so healthy that it can be consumed as medicine. Claiming to be world’s first medicinal chocolate, it is made from cacao that contains antioxidants and minerals. Scientist of Kuka Xoco claims that the chocolate can help in lowering blood pressure while increasing good cholesterol. The prototype bar unlike any normal chocolate bar contains only 35 percent fats and sugar making cacao more effective. To achieve the fewer ...

Pancake by Dr. Dan

Pancake food art by Daniel Drake [In Pictures]

Daniel Drake, aka ‘Doctor Dan the Pancake Man’ is world’s first professional pancake artist who is renowned for pouring silly faces and converting them into renowned celebrity pancakes. With his frying pan, batter and a spatula, Dan loves to rents his time out as a performer/caterer to private parties, business events, weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, and really, anywhere else. But, when he is not working on his food art, Drake can be found performing as the frontman ...


Illumicap world’s first smartphone-controlled LED bottle cap

Determined to create a new drinking experience, Kirin Co. Ltd., in collaboration with White Inc. is all set to launch world’s first smartphone-controlled LED plastic bottle cap. Called Illumicap, an innovative Internet of Things (IoT) project, the removable cap is embedded with functions that goes far beyond any ordinary cap. The cap is installed with a Bluetooth module and an LED, which emits light downwards. Designed to illuminate the whole plastic bottle, the plastic cap is provided ...

Cheese Please

Cheese Please is a new way to grate crumb-free cheese

The cowbell-shaped cheese grater from Alessi pays beautiful homage to the producers of delicious cheeses. Designed by Lorenza Bozzoli and Gabriele Chiave, the eye-catching Cheese Please cheese grater is a functional kitchenware that is easy to handle. Made from stainless steel the grater is provided with circular holes that are surrounded by tiny teeth. Whether you move cheese vertically or horizontally, every time you will get perfectly grated, crumb-free cheese. And thanks to ...

Simple pizza trick

Simple trick helps remove one third calories from a pizza

Everyone loves a big slice of cheesy pizza but getting over that guilt of consuming so many calories at a time stays with us for long. Nevertheless, Pizza lovers, to save you from the guilt of consuming so many calories, scientists have come up with a simple trick that will gash the number of calories on your slice without cutting the toppings and cheese. For this trick, all you need is a napkin. We know it might sound strange, but yes, napkin is all you need to remove extra calories from ...


Chambong: First ever bong designed for champagne lovers

Rejoice Champagne lovers, after cannabis and beer bong, there is a dedicated device specially designed for champagne drinker in you. The Chambong is a special bong designed to enhance the experience of sparkling wine and champagne. Made in America, this is dishwasher safe and is created using high borosilicate glass, which will beautify the drinking experience of bubbly beverage. To optimize champagne drinking and make it an all-party choice, the young team at Chambong, created this funnel ...

Katjes Magic Candy Factory

Magic Candy Factory is world’s first 3D gummy candy printer

Katjes – German confectionery is world’s first confectionery using 3D gummy candy printer which allows customers to create their own customized sweet treat. Entitled Magic Candy Factory, the 3D candy printer is capable of printing gummies in 3-10 minutes, unlike other machines that can take hours for the same task. The printing machine, which looks like any fancy FDM/FFF based 3D printer from the outside is actually a specially designed machine, which pours yummylicious gummy candy ...

Food art bny Steve Casino

Steve Casino’s food art turns peanuts into famous characters

46-year-old toy inventor Steve Casino has given food art a complete new identity by transmuting empty peanut shells into detailed celebrity caricatures. Casino got the idea while eating peanuts at work when he stumbled upon peanut that looked like him, and from there the story of celebrities or characters on nuts started. In past three years, Casino has created approximately 223 pieces; but for him the highest point was being commissioned by MTV to create twelve ‘Game of Thrones’ ...

Misen Chef's Knife

Misen Chef’s knife is fancy and amazingly useful

Whether you are a professional cook or a homemaker, you know that in kitchen utensils, knife holds the most important place. The sleek yet dangerously powerful tool, gives a sensational feel when its blades slip swiftly through tomatos or onions.. To make us all professionals with our chooping and cutting chores, Misen, a new company dealing in kitchenware utensils has recently unveiled an extraordinary knife for an affordable cost. Dubbed chef’ s knife – it is a professional ...

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