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ChefSteps’ Joule: Tube-like smart immersion wand for sous vide cooking

If you often follow instructional cooking videos, then you must be aware of ChefSteps, Seattle-based food and technology company, that often share online instructions for home cooks. Now, the company has taken a giant leap from content to hardware. They have created the world’s smallest but powerful smart immersion wand called Joule for sous vide cooking. Measuring just 11-inches tall and 1.85-inches in diameter, the immersion wand comes in shape of a tube with no digital display that’s ...


15-minute (or less) Thanksgiving recipes and centerpieces

Thanksgiving is an important time of the year, as it brings family and friends together to be appreciative and thankful for what they have. So why not delight your guests with some festive home makeover and Thanksgiving-inspired food to leave them foaming at the mouth? We know you must be thinking that ‘Thanksgiving is tomorrow not a month away. So, how is it possible to make all such preparations in a single day?’ So even if you feel unprepared, don’t fret. We are here to give you ...

Bamboo and Glass Toaster by StumpfStudio

Bamboo and Glass toaster adds transparency to your toasty treats

Gone are the days of old pop-up toasters that often burn your bread. Here’s the latest Bamboo and Glass toaster by StumpfStudio to take bread toasting to next level. With a touch of transparency, the all-new toaster lets you take a sneak peek at how your bread is being toasted. Contrived by designer James Stumpf, the toaster is made from steam-bent bamboo plywood that holds glass toasting trays to warm bread slices for breakfast. These toasting trays not only heat up your bread, but also ...

Gold KitKat by Nestle

Nestle Japan to sell limited edition 24K Gold Kit Kat

For chocolate lovers having extra cash to spend, Nestle Japan is all set to unveil gold-coated Kit Kat bar. Hitting stores later this month, Nestle will be selling only 500 limited edition single finger golden KitKat bars for ¥ 2,016 (approx. $16). Celebrating the milestone of welcoming the one-millionth visitor, Nestle Japan is giving away edible gold-leafed chocolate bars to commemorate the occasion. This is not for the first time Nestle has done something unique and interesting in ...

Apple pie

Simple science tricks to enjoy crisp n’ crunchy apple pie

University of California’s science and food blog has come up with some beneficial scientific tricks to help you bake pie like a pro. To help baking and cooking enthusiast inside you, Biophysicist Amy Rowat has suggested five interesting scientific ways to let you bake crisp and crunchy apple pie this holiday season. The university food blog explains how small amount of vodka and little understanding on molecular level can help you cook your Grandma’s tried and tested recipe in a ...

10 cool kitchen gadgets every home cook should have at hand

10 cool kitchen gadgets every home cook should have at hand

Outfitting a kitchen can be a daunting task when you have to start everything from scratch. This is because you come back home too tired without any energy left to get into the kitchen and start preparing snacks for kids or meal for dinner. But don’t worry, nowadays you can find variety of cooking gadgets out there to help cut down on prep time and make cooking easier even for any newbie. So life has got a little easier for people like to have healthy home cooked food, despite their busy ...


ChefCuisine prepares upscale restaurant food at home

Swiss-based startup Nutresia has created a revolutionary kitchen gadget dubbed ChefCuisine that prepares fancy restaurant dishes at home. With just a touch of button, food lovers can get the chance to enjoy high-end restaurant food at the comfort of their home. The company in collaboration with Michelin-Star French chef Anne-Sophie Pic has created 30 mouthwatering ready to eat dishes. Prepared with precision and dedication, the dishes are not cheap, but still cost less than they would in ...

Finesse Kitchen By Tokujin Yoshioka

Glassy Finesse cookspace turns kitchen utensils into display objects

Instead of hiding away kitchen tools and utensils, now people are following the open-kitchen trend in home as well as restaurants. This means the eater can view your kitchen’s counter top directly from a couch in your living room. But still most of the cooking tools and other culinary equipments remain hidden within these fancy open kitchen islands. To add more transparency to your cooking area, Tokyo-based designer Tokujin Yoshioka has created see-through Finesse cookspace that completely ...

Nearly Eternal Food Art by Norbert Schoerner

Nearly Eternal highlights transient nature of food via images

Captured by German photographer Norbert Schoerner, each image is highlighting transient nature of food in form of playfully edible imagery. With the help of Tokyo-based art director Steve Nakamura, Schoerner has managed to contrive magnificent illustration of solitary meals and ambiguous ingredients used in routine life. Nearly Eternal is not just another food art reflected through stunning pictures; here food and related accessories are used as mysterious props for the abstract. The ...

C2Sense’s artificial nose smells your food to avoid rotten produce

C2Sense’s artificial nose smells your food to avoid rotten produce

While buying perishable food items, sometimes we lose track of when edible stuffs are going to go bad. This is because every time our sense of smell cannot detect that the food is rotten or not. To solve the problem, startup C­2Sense has invented a tiny sensor or artificial nose, which can accurately sniff out whether your food is on the verge of spoiling. Do you know that perishable foods release ethylene gas when they begin to ripen or simply rot? Well, the same contagious gas has a domino ...

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