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Oras Optima eco-friendly faucets

Oras Optima eco-friendly faucets with touchless technology

Want to uplift your kitchen the smarter way? Oras Optima series of kitchen faucets is here to transform your kitchen with smart touchless technology. These smart faucets are made from high quality eco-brass for eco-friendly user experience, without any negative impact on surroundings. Each faucet features touchless function, high spout, aerator and automatic washing machine valve. There are sensors in the faucets for smooth touchless function that can be turned on/off by sensing motion of your ...

Cook & Connect

Milan Furniture Fair 2015: Cook&Connect chopping board uses QR code to access recipes

The Cook&Connect is a modernized culinary board designed by Studio Lievito for Officinanove in collaboration with GialloZafferano – a leading Italian cooking portal serving Italian cuisine. The chopping board is an outcome of a collective effort of the design studio and the food portal to provide a culinary advancement for you and your kitchen by integrating a QR code system to help you get an instant access to expert cooking tips from Giallozafferano. All you need is scan the ...

Moley robotic chefs cook meals with human-like precision

Moley robotic chef cooks meals with human-like precision

In this digital era, you may have already seen plenty of robotic structures that can vacuum floors, clean windows, mow lawns, etc. for you. But what if they could also prepare a delicious meal for you? Well, this futuristic dream has been made possible by UK-based robotics company Moley Robotics that has created prototype robotic chef for preparing meals precisely like a human chef. At Hanover Messe, the premier industrial robotics show in Germany, the company has revealed an autonomous kitchen ...

Pia Pop-up kitchen by Dizzconcept

PIA pop-up kitchen is perfect solution for small living spaces

Sustaining valuable space with maximum utility, PIA pop-up kitchen by Dizzconcept is designed in shape of small cabinet that turns into a fully-functional scullery. On opening its doors, the cupboard-like unit converts into ready-to-go kitchen equipped with all necessary equipments and kitchenettes. Internal area of this cabinet consists of 71-inches long worktop that incorporates a sink, a faucet and a cooktop. Beneath the cooking area, the unit is integrated with dishwasher, waste disposal ...

Microsoft and Miele team up to revolutionize IoT smart cooking

Microsoft and Miele team up to revolutionize smart cooking with IoT services

A smart home with connected devices is the futuristic dream of most people. Living up to the concept of connected homes, Microsoft is venturing into your kitchen to provide you smarter appliances that follow your instructions through a simple app. Microsoft has announced the latest tie up with German manufacturer of high-end domestic appliances Miele to revolutionize the way you cook. Miele’s next generation smart cooking appliances will be based on Microsoft Azure Internet of Things (IoT) ...

Q-China Mobile Kitchen by MoMang

Milan Furniture Fair 2015: Q-China mobile street-food station by MoMang

Q-China, the mobile kitchen designed by Italian firm Momang, will be presented again at the Milan Furniture Fair 2015 from April 14 to 19. This is fully-equipped mobile kitchen inspired by street-food stations with built-in equipments, re-inventing the experience of outdoor cooking. The structure is made from wood and steel, and two big wheels are present for relocating it from one place to another. Q-China is designed to accommodate necessary kitchen utensils and cooking stove as well as ...

Orange Chef Countertop

Orange Chef Countertop connects kitchen appliances for smart cooking

Do you often get confused what to cook after returning home from work? Well, the new Countertop Smart Kitchen System from Orange Chef wants to help people deciding what to eat along with full recipe for the recommended dish. It is an iOS app-enabled system that syncs available kitchen appliances as well as your fitness wearables, allowing them to prepare healthier meals. It operates as a smart kitchen scale that also doubles up as food preparation surface and fetches data from Jawbone UP bands ...

‘Decadence D’or’ Cupcake

$750 ‘Decadence D’or’ cupcake for sweet-toothed high rollers

How much money have you spent on a cupcake? Well, surely not $750! But there is one bakery in Las Vegas, which is selling an extravagant gold ‘Decadence D’or’ cupcake worth $750. However only filthy rich, who like to shell out money like water on cakes and pastries, could afford it. The ‘Decadence D’or’ cupcake is being served at at the Venetian and Palazzo resorts. This sugary treat is made by French pastry Chef Johann Springinsfeld, who created red velvet base of the cupcake. ...

Faberge-inspired Easter Egg made out of Cake

Basingstoke cake artist creates extravagant Faberge-inspired Easter egg

Basingstoke-based cake decoration teacher Vicky Turner has recently displayed her extravagant cake design at Cake International exhibition in London. At the event, Turner was one of the 14 country’s top cake artists who participated in Sugar Egg Collection exhibition- organized by Cake Masters Magazine. The exhibition was conducted to display innovative Faberge-inspired Easter eggs, but made completely out of cake. Turner, who runs The Yellow Bee Cake Company has created a marvelous cake ...


10 fun facts you didn’t know about Easter eggs

Easter is the most important celebration for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. But the celebration is not complete without eggs, as Easter eggs are a lot more than colorful orbs for decoration and collection. The practice of dyeing Easter eggs dates back as far as the thirteenth century. But no one really knows how this colorful holiday tradition started, but here are few fun facts about these decorative eggs that we love to hide and collect. The egg shell Did you know that there is a ...

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