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Enhance the flavour of your wine with WW Carafe

Whether a congratulatory situation, a conciliatory or a comforting one; all call for a little wine and serving wine through a practical & stylish carafe will make these moments more enjoyable. if, you are looking for  a carafe that not only improves the flavor of your old wine, but also looks classy then you must go for  WW Carafe  designed by London based designer, Benjamin Hubert. His steel aerator is accompanied with a set of 4 stack-able glasses is created for the Danish design ...

CHOP Cutting Board by Stilform

CHOP board with three integrated bowls optimizes work flow in kitchen

Chopping various ingredients for your recipe could be annoying sometimes, due to improper structure of cutting boards, and it also breaks workflow while cooking. Most of the cutting boards are either too small or bulky to transfer chopped vegetables into a bowl; moreover it’s quite cumbersome to cut large quantity of veggies on a tiny board. To solve all these problems, Munich-based design studio Stilform has created simple yet functional cutting board-CHOP to maintain persistent workflow in ...

Bump Mark Label

Bump Mark label tells your food has gone bad with swipe of a finger

Recent UN food report has estimated that about seven million tons of food is wasted in UK each year due to unreliable best before dates. To put an end to food wastage in such huge amounts, Solveiga Pakstaite, a research intern from Brunel University, has came up with bio-reactive labels called Bump Marks. These labels are made of gelatin that degrades at the same rate as the food inside a package. Each label on a sealed food starts off smooth but over time develops bumps as gelatin decays. So, ...

Free-standing Kitchen by Piotr Domanski

Add counter space in your kitchen with Four Boards’ free-standing platform

One of the common problems in small kitchens is the lack of counter space. To break the monotony Four Boards, Poland-based specialists in handmade furniture, has created an innovative and versatile free-standing kitchen that is part of their 100% Love collection of furniture. It is designed by Piotr Domanski into minimalist layout for small homes to increase extra space with added adaptability. The kitchen platform comprises of American walnut, lacquered plywood and minimum-density fiber for ...

Mr Kipling Edible Billboard

World’s first edible billboard is made entirely out of Mr Kipling cakes

JWT London had created an exciting ad campaign for Mr Kipling, UK-based largest manufacturer of cakes, pies and baked products since1976, by forming a giant edible billboard at Westfield shopping center in London. But, what is so exciting about this huge billboard? Well, the billboard was made entirely out of 13,360 tiny cakes of various flavors. This delicious mouth watering poster was unveiled at the shopping center on 4th September 2014, for cake lovers to be a part of the firm’s ‘Life ...

Modular Kitchenette Set by Stephanie Nguyen

Stephanie Nguyen’s modular kitchenette set is made entirely of Staron

Australian designer Stephanie Nguyen, a student of Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney, has created an outstanding modular kitchenette that is entirely made out of Staron. Staron is a solid surface material composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate created by DuPont. This kitchenette set is rectangular in shape, with playful rounded edges and comprises of several customizable modules that can be changed into various configurations. It comes with a smooth countertop with an ...

America's Finest Grill

American-themed Grill is built over 19-feet long trailer

Summer and grilled food is a perfect combination for people in America to enjoy time while partying with family and friends. But, we are tired of seeing small and huge outdoor grills at backyard or other camping locations. What next? Well, today we are going to acquaint you with something different and it is the America’s Finest Grill, that is basically American-themed grill built over a 19-feet long trailer. Discovery Digital Networks partnered up with Ball Park to create this amazing grill ...

Bar Brutus

World’s first all-bacon restaurant to treat your taste buds in Montreal

If you’re a passionate meat lover, then it’s time to celebrate as Bar Brutus- an all-bacon restaurant is opening in Montreal to delight all Canadian meat lovers. This new restaurant is a brainchild of Anthoni Jodoin, who is also the owner of Montreal dive bar Nacho Libre. Jodoin has built the sophisticated neighborhood bar and restaurant inspired by a classic barbershop and serves dishes primarily made from Bacon. The menu boasts dishes like Bacon Sushi, Jägermeister poutine- 100-percent ...

butter knife with grater

Ultimate butter knife with built-in grater solves breakfast blues

Almost all of us have, at some point in time, struggled in spreading cold evenly on a slice of bread without tearing a hole into it. It is one mutual problem at the breakfast table, almost every household confronts first thing in the morning. To provide a simple, yet creative alternative to our regular butter knifes, three Australian designers Craig Andrews, Sacha Pantschenko, and Norman Oliveria have developed the ultimate butter knife with a built-in grater. (more…) Recommended for ...

Ocean Kitchen by Robert Kolenik

Turn your kitchen into oceanic wonder with aquarium cooking island

Today we are going to acquaint you to an ultimate luxury kitchen island called the Ocean Kitchen that doubles up as an aquarium. It is designed by Dutch designer Robert Kolenik to turn your cooking space into an exclusive oceanic wonder that will definitely become heart of your home. The kitchen island features an enormous aquarium with L-shaped slab of Corian on its top surface. The slab is equipped with a cooking stove, a sink and ample storage space for keeping all your necessary ...

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