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Dartz auctions world’s most expensive vodka and caviar at Cannes 2015

Dartz auctions world’s most expensive vodka and caviar at Cannes 2015

In the past, Dartz, Latvian firm behind over-the-top Prombron line of SUVs, has taken lot of criticism for launching luxury vehicles with whale penis trim on the seats. Despite the controversy, the company has never taken a back seat when it comes to support a good cause. Dartz’s charitable side was revealed recently at Cannes Film Festival’s charity auction, where the firm offered up for sale its RussoBaltique line of vodka and Imperial Prix 1912 caviar, supporting a good cause. The ...

Elise Rijnberg Piattona

Piattona is a minimalist cutlery set for your dinner time

Elise Rijnberg is a Netherlands-based freelance photographer, food stylist and designer whose works are a reflection of her extensive travelling and engagement with culinary diversity. Piattona by Elise is also a minimalist silver cutlery collection to help people relax and enjoy their food. Piattona is a an Italian word originally suggested by the well-known businessman and writer Pellegrino Artusi, which means cutting food without haste and chewing it slowly – a sole purpose of ...

Elan Vital from Watermark

Elan Vital from Watermark Designs takes faucet design a step further

Watermark Designs introduces new Elan Vital faucet collection that combines aesthetics of industrial design with completely customized features for your kitchen and bathroom. The collection is redolent of industrial steam pipes and will make you easily believe that the faucets were extracted from a century old abandoned factory. The faucets do resemble to that of old industrial pipes, but they do have modern touch to it. The Elan Vital collection is finished with intricate knurled ...

La Cornue presents Château G4

La Cornue presents Château G4, fourth generation of vaulted ovens

Renowned French house kitchen La Cornue has launched the fourth generation of vaulted ovens dubbed Château G4. The oven is individually handcrafted by experienced operators and craftsmen in the workshops of Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône in France. It is designed specifically to revolutionize energy efficiency of ovens, combining advance technology with culinary art. Moreover, it’s encased in a sealed environment for even cooking. The new range of ovens is incorporated with patented technology ...

KFC Tray Typer

Greasy fingers won’t stop texting, all thanks to KFC Tray Typer

Using your smartphone while eating “finger-lickin’ good” chicken is quiet messy and leaves oil marks all over your phone’s screen. This means you can only text or eat, whilst killing your desired to do both things at once. But to fulfill your need for texting and eating at the same time, the famous fast food brand KFC has introduced a smart Tray Typer that allows grease-free typing. As part of an advertising campaign, this disposable paper-thin Bluetooth keyboard is ...

Contemporary kitchen furniture

Schüller contemporary kitchen furniture gives new edge to your kitchen

Today kitchen is not just a place where you cook meals, but it’s more of a meeting place or communication center where you can cook and correspond freely. Keeping today’s need and demand in mind, Schüller brings the new contemporary furniture collection to the market as a key object to give kitchen a room where creativity is given deserved space. From relaxed country kitchen to statement kitchen, Schüller has created the new collection by keeping every individual’s ...


SmartPlate keeps track of what you’re about to eat

You may have used fitness trackers to know how much you moved to burn out calories. But these fitness gadgets need manual effort to monitor your calorie intake. How about a simple plate that could track your dietary intake and count calories of what you’re about to eat? Well, this is now possible- all thanks to the SmartPlate by company Fitly. This is an intelligent plate that helps you to manage food portions and control dietary calories and carbohydrates. It comes with built-in cameras and ...

IKEA Hacka Modular Kitchen Concept

IKEA Hacka: Modular frames ‘hack’ kitchen to meet your changing needs

Together IKEA, IDEO and Lund University School of Industrial Design have created a simple design concept known as IKEA Hacka to reinvent the modular kitchen notion. Lund university students Linus Hagberg, Philipp Süssmann and Niklas Papen, have created the Hacka to bridge the gap between customizable kitchen and hacking trend of the today’s world. Hence, provides you a clever solution to ‘hack’ your cooking space. Hacka features modular kitchen frames that can be put together and mixed ...

McDonald's takeout bag doubles as serving tray

McDonald’s takeout bag doubles as serving tray

Eating your favorite fast food always get messy- no matter you’re having it in the car, at your desk, or while sitting somewhere outside. To make on-the-go eating more convenient, McDonald’s Hungary and ad agency DDB Budapest have teamed up to create innovative takeout paper bag called BagTray that also doubles as a serving tray. On pulling a tearaway perforated strip of paper near the bottom of the bag, the serving tray gets detached from the upper bag. The detachable tray is made from ...

Clei two-in-one hideaway kitchen and Murphy bed

Clei unveils two-in-one hideaway kitchen and Murphy bed

Most of you living in small apartments may scoff at the lack of space their home has to organize furniture. For this reason, many people opt for transformer furniture units to get more out of that space. Living up to the concept of small living, Italian company Clei has created the Kitchen Box that features two-in-one hideaway kitchen and Murphy bed. In daytime you can unfold the kitchen section, which is composed of two elements, one contains pantry and tilting dining table. The other element ...

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