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World’s Most Expensive Milkshake by Serendipity 3

World’s Most Expensive Milkshake Costs $100

The world is full of people who spend high amounts on an exotic dish, and sometimes only for showing off. The picture gets even broader when you’re being served something that holds a world record. Keeping these things in mind, ...
Kitchen renovation for professional looks

How to Make Your Kitchen Renovation Look Professional

The main reason homeowners adopt a ‘do-it-yourself approach’ for home renovations and design is the cost barriers associated with hiring a professional. For some aspects of home renovating (including electrical and plumbing work) professional assistance is a necessity; however, there ...
QB 01 designer compact kitchen by Atelier Mendini

Sanwa’s Designer Mini Kitchens are Fit for Tiny Homes

With the size of urban residences shrinking day by day, more and more homeowners are now getting interested in transforming furniture, kitchen islands, and other space-saving furnishings. Targeting such consumers, the Japanese Company Sanwa recently launched its new compact kitchens ...