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Ariel Light by Jake Dyson

Ariel Light uses heat tube technology of satellites for better lighting solutions

London-based lighting manufacturer Jake Dyson has created a unique and long-lasting solution for better lighting for years to come in form of the Ariel Light. This is a ceiling lamp that comes with a unique heat tube technology, which is basically used in satellites for providing longevity and cooling effect to LEDs. Due to this amazing technology the designer claims that the lighting fixture could last up to 13 years of continuous use. Ariel ceiling lamp covers LED light fittings within a ...

Rubik's Cube Lamp

Illuminate your table space with playful Rubik’s Cube Lamp

You may or may not have tested your puzzle-solving skills with Rubik’s cube, but you can now use this iconic puzzle as a part of your room’s décor. Now, this playful cube doubles up as the Rubik’s Cube Lamp to illuminate your table space with soothing ambiance of light. It is not only to light up a certain area, but also can be used as a stress buster because you can actually try to solve it like the original Rubik cube. (more…) Recommended for You ...

Slash Lamp

Concrete Slash Lamp by Dragos Motica is intended to be broken

Bucharest designer Dragos Motica has created the concrete ‘Slash Lamp’ for UBIKUBI, Romanian furniture brand, which is made to be broken. The Slash Lamp comprises of a cylindrical metal frame that is covered by concrete covering and has a wooden cork on its top. It comes equipped with a stone allowing the user to smash the concrete covering to expose more light into a room. ...

Green House LED Solar Lantern

Inflated beach ball-shaped LED Solar Lantern by Green House

Tokyo-based household equipment manufacturer Green House has created a transparent beach ball shaped LED Solar Lantern of GH-LED10SLA series. This transparent ball-like lantern is made of IPX6 waterproof material, thus making it durable for outdoor use even in monsoons. The small LED fixtures are circularly embedded within this inflated structure at its base, and this inflated ball shaped lantern can also be deflated when not in use. (more…) Recommended for You ...

interactive storm cloud lamp speaker richard clarkson

Cloud is an audiovisual fixture that simulates real thunderstorm

New York based designer Richard Clarkson, brings to you an amazing audiovisual fixture, dubbed Cloud. Appearing exactly like a small, angry storm-cloud, this interactive light and speaker gives away lighting effects and roars of a real thunderstorm and therefore can be a wonderful addition to your living room. You just would have to suspend the cloud from the ceiling and control the fixture with a remote to play tunes and mimic a real thunderstorm inside your house, of course without making ...

GE Link LED Light Bulb

Smartphone-controlled Link LED bulb lights up your home from anywhere in the world

USA-based multinational firm GE (General Electric) has recently entered into the smart home market segment by launching its latest smart LED bulb called Link. Link LED bulb is installed with a micro-chip that wirelessly connects to internet-enabled Android and iOS mobile operating systems on smartphone or tablet via the Wink app. The app is designed by Quirky especially for controlling the smart bulb, providing flexibility to the users to control lighting of their home from anywhere in the ...

Luxo Marble Hanging Stairs

Luxo marble hanging stairs lined with beautiful ambience of light

A beautifully designed staircase plays an important role in contemporary interiors nowadays. Luxo, Norwegian lamp manufacturing company, has now come up with a wonderful idea of highlighting this centerpiece of your home’s interior with ambience of light. The firm designed whitish marble hanging stairs in a house with embedded lighting fixtures, which looks exquisite on lighting up at night. ...

Brabbu Gold-plated Niku Floor Lamp

Contemporary Gold-plated Niku Floor Lamp comes in a classic design

USA-based home décor company Brabbu Design Forces has designed an elegant gold-plated Niku Floor Lamp to enhance grace of your home with its classic design. The design of this lamp is like an antique object with a contemporary touch. Niku Floor Lamp is made entirely of brass with gold plating on its surface, giving it a royal look. It includes eight spherical lamp shells with standard light bulbs fixed inside, having half portion of each sphere made of glass and another half of gold-plated ...

Mosaic LEGO Lamp by Baron von Brunk

Create mosaic styled LEGO Lamp for geeky yet elegant decor in your room  

Recently we came across the LEGO Chair that was made beautifully  with LEGO bricks by professional LEGO builders to represent the Davison Highley’s armchair. Today we have yet another LEGO piece, a functional lamp that enlightens your room and also adds a geeky decor to it. Baron von Brunk, who is  classic Nintendo video games fanatic, has created this gorgeous and classy LEGO Lamp that looks uber cool for any home setting. ...

Goal Zero lighthouse250 lantern

Goal Zero Lighthouse250 Lantern powers gadgets too

Being an outdoorsman, you rely so much on a handy lantern for all your lighting needs. But frankly speaking, traditional lanterns cannot give you the kind of lighting freedom that you would want away from home. To fill the slot, Goal Zero has introduced the Lighthouse250 Lantern – an epitome of emergency lights for your camping kit. The amazing Lighthouse250 Lantern comes with a USB Power Hub, beams 250 lumens of bright LED light and has a maximum run time of 48 hours. ...

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