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25 Wooden Lamp

Tulip-shaped 25 wooden lamp by Kovac Family

LED wooden lamp ‘25’ is one-of-a-kind environmentally conscious project of Swedish design studio Kovac Family. The studio is a multidisciplinary company that works closely with the scientist performing researches in biomimicry. They are working on projects that are well-adapted to life on earth over the long haul. ...

Mood of the City

Mood of the City: 3D printed Twitter mood lamp by Chadwick John Friedman

Human beings are very clear in expressing their emotions, but have we ever given a thought that how our city feels. Mood of the City – a 3D printed mood lamp, which is designed by Chadwick John Friedman – a specialist in emergent digital practices with the University of Denver, is powered by Twitter feeds. The lamp assesses the mood of the city with the help of Arduino Yún and activity of Denver-based Twitter users. The Arduino Yún is a microcontroller board that can communicate with ...

Skylights by Simar Design

Bring immensity of sky inside with windowless display by Simar Design

Tired of boring look of your home or office interior? Now, welcome the entire sky into interior of your living space or workspace with windowless display by Simar Design. These skylights come installed with beautiful images of sky and nature to completely transform your interior into a refreshing space. The panels come in standard size of 24 x 24-inches, but its size can also be customized as per the user’s desire. These panels are installed with LED technology and designed to offer high ...


Whizzy gadgets to turn your place into smart home

Have you ever thought of turning your place into smart home? Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a house that actually listens to you? Well, nowadays there are plenty of smart home automation devices in the market that let you enjoy all the luxuries with single swipe on your smartphone’s screen. We’ve listed five smart devices for you to make your home smarter, like never before. Vocca Light adapter Replace your old lightbulb sockets with Vocca Light adapter by Isareal-based designer Ori ...


Bring natural light into your home with skylights

Are extra lighting fixtures increasing your power bills? Instead of costly power consuming lights, you can opt for the natural way by setting up skylights. The skylight installations can completely transform your interior with direct sun exposure, making it appear brighter and spacious. Although there are several ways to install skylights, but these roof equipment can often make or break entire look of your home. So, appropriate space and roof lights must be chosen before making any changes. ...

Lightbrary Table by Mickael Koska

Lightbrary table forms ingenious amalgam of library and light

With increasing demand of multipurpose furniture, various designers are coming up with unique twofold furniture designs. Living up to the concept, French designer Mickael Koska has created the innovative two-in-one Lightbrary table that forms elegant combination of library and lighting fixture. The round tabletop is made from powder coated grey anthracite, MDF veneered oak, walnut or oak finishes. The table top rests on 32-inches steel base with pointed triangular pattern at center. In middle ...

Switchmate Smart Lighting Switch

Switchmate turns your light switches smarter in few seconds

As the demand of smart home automation is increasing, many firms are also rapidly jumping into the business of developing remotely-controlled gadgets including smart light bulbs. But the only problem with smart light bulbs it that once the main switch is off you can’t even operate it from your smartphone. Moreover, installing smart switches simply means additional costs for rewiring. Switchmate wants to change all that complex lighting procedure with simple installation that turns any light ...

Land Lamps by Leonardo Fortino

Land Lamps represent playful interaction of light with distinct objects

Tired of dull looking pendant lamps in your house? Well, you can give intriguing makeover to any home interior with Land Lamps by Italian designer Leonardo Fortino. These are not just any other ordinary lighting fixture; in fact the grayish layout of each lampshade features unique three-dimensional objects such as ship, house, agile dancer, astronaut in space and many more. You can select any one of these lampshades as per theme of any home or office interior. For instance, you can place a ...

Frozen Melt and Recreate Lamp

Frozen pendant lamp constantly drips to be recreated by the user

Swedish designers Siri Bahlenberg and Sofia Bergfeldt have created Melt and Recreate pendant lamp for amazing user and product interaction. This frozen pendant lampshade is designed to bring the user closer to the creation and witness complete life cycle of a product, while adding visual retreat into a living room. Designers have cleverly formed the lethal combination of water and electricity for more practical day to day use. The lighting fixture is enclosed within frozen water and ...

iViTi ON LED Light Bulb

iViTi ON LED bulb doesn’t leave you in dark even during power cut

We’ve seen many smart light bulbs so far, but all of them stop working when main power goes off and leaves us searching nearby flashlights. UK-based lighting manufacturer iViTi Lighting Ltd. has solved the problem with their latest iViTi ON LED bulb. The light bulb uses a battery to keep itself on so that you can see clearly during an outage. It is designed with standard light bulb and screw base layout, but incorporates an internal battery that stores juice to remain lit up during power cut. ...

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