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25 Concrete pieces to add industrial flair to any room

25 Concrete pieces to add industrial flair to any room

If you want to give minimalist industrial touch to your interior decor, then nothing beats tasteful concrete pieces. While concrete is often used for construction of buildings or structures, but utilizing this rugged material on other objects deliver some evident industrial feel to the specific item. Whether you choose to blend it with glass, stone or metal, concrete always provide unique flair to any room when used in unconventionally. May be this is the reason why certain designers and DIY ...

Hulkbuster Desk Lamp

Hulkbuster power lamp protects you from danger at night

Marvel fans can rejoice, as their favorite superhero Ironman is here to protect them from the dark. Remember Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor suit in The Avengers: Age of Ultron? The iconic suit’s classic red-and-gold armor helmet has been revamped in shape of a superhero light source to accompany you when you’re burning the midnight oil. This Iron Man Hulkbuster armor-inspired power lamp glows at night through its mouth and eyeballs. It can be remote-controlled to play multiple lighting ...

Nightlights by The Land of Nod

Pop Icon Nightlight lamp provides just the right amount of light

The Land of Nod has designed a perfect night lamp for kids room that can actually sit on bedside table or hang on the wall. The Pop Icon Nightlight is a lamp designed to provide right amount of light inside the room that’s as much of a bedtime necessity for your kids, as their blanket and toys. The charming metal lampshade is available in number of shapes including hearts, clouds and stars. The metal lamps comes with perforated metal front that allows the right amount of light to ...

Philips Hue Wireless Dimmer Switch

Dim Philips’ Hue bulbs with wireless dimmer switch

How do your control smart Philips Hue light bulbs in your home? Probably, you take out your smartphone, search for a mobile app and finally manage to operate lighting as per your need. But it is not the most convenient way to monitor smart lighting system. So to provide you the best possible way to manage lighting of your home, Philips has introduced the new wireless dimmer switch that allows you to dim nearly 10 Hue light bulbs at once. The complete dimming kit comes with one Philips Hue white ...

Corker Lights

Corker Lights by Max Harper are mythical rendition of Australian Cork Hats

Sydney-based designer Max Harper has created Corker Lights, a series of pendant lights that are inspired by the iconic cork hats, a stereotypical and mythical representation of the Australian ocker, in the United Kingdom. The handmade corker lights are made in Sydney from agglomerated cork – a renewable and hardy resource, to give it both functionality and durability. According to Harper, he wanted to add some good-humored impression to the Australian cork hat while side-by-side ...

Mini tree with LED Lights

Mini trees with LED lights bring joy and festivity to your house

Mini trees with LED lights is an elegantly designed light that not only illuminates but brings festivity feel to your house whenever the lights are switched on. It is important to have properly illuminated house, as it not only increases the aesthetics but also brings in positive energy. It is therefore necessary for every homeowner to have balanced and soothing light. The tree lights are also designed with same motive, i.e. to ignite as well as appease the exterior and interior of the ...

Anodos RAL 9000 Robotic Lamp

This robotic lamp seems to be coming straight out of a geek’s fantasy

Are you one of those tech-savvy individuals who love collecting robotic stuff to break up boredom of your dull home decor? If yes, then here’s another techie lighting fixture for you- the RAL 9000 Robotic Lamp that would be every geek’s dream illuminator. Tokyo-based manufacturer of high-end electronics Anodos has created this attractive sci-fi sort of lamp to add funky industrial style to your tedious man cave or study. This luminescent mechanical sculpture is made entirely of polished ...

Myeki System

Mandalaki Myeki: Fashionable charging & lightning system for Eclettis

In the time of Internet of Things and smart homes, where everything at your home is connected and managed with the help of smartphones, it becomes very important to have universal charging devices to keep your smart IOT devices ready to work. Keeping these latest trends and need in mind, design studio Mandalaki has created innovative yet simple universal system Myeki for Eclettis, E-Lab. E-Lab by Eclettis is an open lab inviting creative as well as technical professionals to come and work ...

Aerelight World's First OLED Lamp

Aerelight is the world’s first OLED Lamp with Qi wireless charging

Still happy with LED lighting? But, that is so 2002; move on to the future of lighting i.e. Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED). Toronto-based OTI Lumionics have developed an OLED desk lamp named Aerelight A1. The OLED lamp is more energy-efficient and brighter as compared to the LED lighting fixtures. Design of the table lamp is elegant and slender with a wooden base that has a built-in Qi Wireless Charging pad. The charging pad makes it easy for you to set down your smartphone on the base and ...

Lovlit Candle

Internet-connected Lovlit Candle makes your emotional bonds stronger

Candles bring mysterious glow, warmth and serenity to any interior as well as beautify outdoor spaces. But do you know that candles can now emotionally connect you with your loved ones? Well, the latest Lovlit Candle by Titusville-based Joshua Jameson is aiming to make your bond stronger with your loved ones, using simple yet effective gesture. It is an internet-connected, flameless candle that is designed to bring light into your loved ones’ life, when they’re going through a tough phase ...

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