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HB Pencil Lamp by Michael & George

Create doodles all over your room with playful HB Pencil Lamp

We all have used the HB pencil in school and college for doodling all over our notebooks when we had nothing else to do. To redefine that notion, London-based design team Michael & George has created a playful HB Pencil Lamp that resembles the actual HB pencil standing inside a room. It is a playful design created to illuminate your room just like every other lamp, but how is it different form rest of the lamps? Well, the fun part lies in its power cord that begins from the tip of the ...

Ikea Death Star Lamp

Ikea launched Death Star Lamp for avid fans of sci-fi flick Star Wars

Are you still not over merchandise and products of famous sci-fi flick Star Wars? Well, here is another treat for avid fans of the movie in shape of the Death Star Lamp by Ikea, global manufacturers of quality interior furnishing, known for its latest IKEA PS Collection 2014. The ceiling lamp is designed by the firm’s renowned designer David Wahl inspired by the fictional space station ‘Death Star.’ This lamp is designed into both functional as well as playful design, which is likely to ...

Lotus Flow by Rodrigo Capati

Lotus Flow is flower-shaped air purifying and lighting system

Australia-based designer Rodrigo Capati has created an air purifying system in shape of lotus flower named Lotus Flow. The device acts as a beautiful lighting system and home décor object that can be controlled using your internet-connected smartphone or tablet. It comes with a mobile app supporting all Android/iOS devices, allowing you to monitor quality of air and change lighting effects of a room it is placed in. Moreover, you can also open or close petals of this air purifier through your ...

Vocca Light

Vocca Light: Voice-activated socket turns ordinary light bulbs smart

Smart lighting in your home using a remote-control or smartphone control is nothing new. But, the common problem with this technology is that it gets cumbersome when you need to search for a remote, or take out your mobile phone, navigate lighting app and then execute the desired function. Instead, you could have turned a light bulb on/off manually without any of these confusing procedures. Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a simpler way to operate light at home? Well, it is now possible ...

PicShade by Versoteq

PicShade: 3D-Printed lampshades that display your favorite images

3D-Printing has revolutionized the way of customization for things like clothes, furniture, accessories, etc., but lampshades remained untouched with this concept until now. Finland-based company Versoteq is trying to provide this amazing 3D-printing customization option into lampshades named PicShade. Using 3D-printing technology the company customizes an image to be displayed on the shade. For instance, you need to give a picture of your child, pet, favorite movie or yourself to the company; ...

Ariel Light by Jake Dyson

Ariel Light uses heat tube technology of satellites for better lighting solutions

London-based lighting manufacturer Jake Dyson has created a unique and long-lasting solution for better lighting for years to come in form of the Ariel Light. This is a ceiling lamp that comes with a unique heat tube technology, which is basically used in satellites for providing longevity and cooling effect to LEDs. Due to this amazing technology the designer claims that the lighting fixture could last up to 13 years of continuous use. Ariel ceiling lamp covers LED light fittings within a ...

Rubik's Cube Lamp

Illuminate your table space with playful Rubik’s Cube Lamp

You may or may not have tested your puzzle-solving skills with Rubik’s cube, but you can now use this iconic puzzle as a part of your room’s décor. Now, this playful cube doubles up as the Rubik’s Cube Lamp to illuminate your table space with soothing ambiance of light. It is not only to light up a certain area, but also can be used as a stress buster because you can actually try to solve it like the original Rubik cube. (more…) Recommended for You ...

Slash Lamp

Concrete Slash Lamp by Dragos Motica is intended to be broken

Bucharest designer Dragos Motica has created the concrete ‘Slash Lamp’ for UBIKUBI, Romanian furniture brand, which is made to be broken. The Slash Lamp comprises of a cylindrical metal frame that is covered by concrete covering and has a wooden cork on its top. It comes equipped with a stone allowing the user to smash the concrete covering to expose more light into a room. ...

Green House LED Solar Lantern

Inflated beach ball-shaped LED Solar Lantern by Green House

Tokyo-based household equipment manufacturer Green House has created a transparent beach ball shaped LED Solar Lantern of GH-LED10SLA series. This transparent ball-like lantern is made of IPX6 waterproof material, thus making it durable for outdoor use even in monsoons. The small LED fixtures are circularly embedded within this inflated structure at its base, and this inflated ball shaped lantern can also be deflated when not in use. (more…) Recommended for You ...

interactive storm cloud lamp speaker richard clarkson

Cloud is an audiovisual fixture that simulates real thunderstorm

New York based designer Richard Clarkson, brings to you an amazing audiovisual fixture, dubbed Cloud. Appearing exactly like a small, angry storm-cloud, this interactive light and speaker gives away lighting effects and roars of a real thunderstorm and therefore can be a wonderful addition to your living room. You just would have to suspend the cloud from the ceiling and control the fixture with a remote to play tunes and mimic a real thunderstorm inside your house, of course without making ...

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