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DIY kitchen ceiling lighting made from Ikea Lack tables

DIY kitchen ceiling lighting made from Ikea Lack tables

Instead of purchasing expensing kitchen ceiling lighting, you can make one at home using simple Ikea Lack tables. The designer Manu Gysen has purchased four affordable Lack tables in black for constructing unique lighting fixture for his kitchen ceiling. Firstly, he assembled all four tables to form a big square layout and used copper tubing to fix all the tables together. He has further cut circular sections on surface of each table and fixed two GU10 LED spotlights, forming a huge ceiling ...

Gherkin Chandelier

Gherkin chandelier by Bompas & Parr has both thrilling and dreadful elements in it

The culinary experimentalist Sam Bompas and Harry Parr of Bompas & Parr have come up with a bizarre and innovative food chandelier made from Gherkin. Yes, this time around the duo tinkered with gherkins to make them illuminate in the evening in pursuit of making something which in itself is a very fascinating and contemporary food design. The backyard scientists chose gherkin because of its special capability of containing a high amount of sodium chloride or salt contained within it. ...

Espresso Maker Desk Lamp

Beau Birkett’s Espresso Maker Desk Lamp is made from retired coffee maker

Beau Birkett, student from Birmingham City University, has designed and created the Espresso Maker Desk Lamp for Upcycle Project by converting Whittard Espresso Maker and vegetable rack into balanced and graceful desk lamp. Birkett had used the Whittard Espresso Maker as base and lampshade, whereas the vegetable rack provides required height and acts as a support arm for the desk lamp. The desk lamp is an work-of-art, presenting creativity as well as craftsmanship that shows how an ...

Astro Twist Smart Lightbulb

Twist LED light bulb can stream music over AirPlay and Wi-Fi

Light bulbs integrated with speakers are not new to the world; such light fixtures are successfully entertaining the world. But the only problem with these light bulbs-cum-speakers is that one has to always turn on Bluetooth in order to play music and that’s not convenient all the time. However, the latest Astro’s Twist LED light bulb wants to change that forever with its built-in AirPlay speaker. Rather than using Bluetooth, this light bulb can easily stream music over Apple AirPlay and ...

Janus Solid Steel Candleholder by Joe Doucet

Light up your home with Janus solid steel candleholder/tea light

There is nothing better than elegant candleholders with tall candles or intricate tea lights for enhancing ambiance of any room. But why to clutter available space with separate candleholders and tea lights when you can get both in one form i.e. Janus candelabrum. New York-based designer Joe Doucet has created a line of Janus candleholders to embrace both tea lights and long tapered candles, simply by rotating its holder. The stunning collection of candleholders is made from hand turned solid ...


Duncan Meerding turns tree stumps into gorgeous vessels for light

Thought ordinary tree stumps can only used for bonfire? Well, Tasmanian furniture designer Duncan Meerding doesn’t think alike. This is because he knows how to turn salvaged log pieces into gorgeous vessels for emitting light. He transforms salvaged wooden blocks into stunning Cracked Log Lamps, which spread light through natural cracks on the log pieces. Meerding is legally blind; however he retains 5-percent of his vision in his peripheries. So he uses these light pieces to communicate with ...

Astolfo by Lumen Center Italia

Remarkable Astolfo floor lamp freely mounts on its wooden stand

Looking for elegant and convenient lighting solution for your tiny apartment? Astolfo Floor Lamp by Lumen Center Italia is one such lamp that fits into any limited space without cluttering the area. This minimal lighting fixture represents union between organic nature of wood and extreme LED technology, forming extraordinary light object for any home or office setting. Designed by Amedeo G. Cavalchini, the floor lamp has extremely thin and technological design featuring solid wood (oak or ...

iLUV Rainbow7 Smart LED Light Bulb

iLuv Rainbow7 smart LED bulb brings 16 million hues into your home

Multicolored smartphone-controlled light bulbs are not new to the world. But iLuv Creative Technology has recently jumped into home automation market with the launch of multicolored Rainbow7 smart LED bulb. This LED bulb is a customizable color changing light solution, letting you pick desired home lighting hue from 16 million color options including white light for reading. This means you can set schedules for varying colorful home settings, as per your mood. The smart LED bulb can sync with ...

TWIK triangular wall lamp by Moeko

TWIK triangular wall lamp is suitable for any modern interior

Designed by French design studio Moeko, the minimalist TWIK is triangular wall lamp that adds exquisite touch into any home or office interior. This minimalist lamp is stylish in its own way, as it features a set of overlay wooden strips that create illusion of movement by central light source. It is made from reclaimed wooden pieces, probably post-industrial chips collected either from sawmills or pallets. The wooden pieces are assembled beautifully to form a curvaceous lighting fixture, ...

Stacked Lamp

DIY Stacked Lamp playfully shuffles the way you want

If you’ve already seen Babele lamp by Manifattura Italian Design, then this DIY lamp may seem familiar to you. This is because it is inspired by the expensive wooden lamp that comes with hefty price tag, €660 (approx. US $737). Dissatisfied by unnecessarily high price of the lighting fixture, craftsman Mike Warren decided to created his own Stacked Lamp, which is undoubtedly replica of the pricey lamp. It is made from wood and few other parts collected from a hardware store. Small wooden ...

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