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Handcrafted Lamps by Inclussivis represent fusion of wood and acrylic glass

Romania-based designer Edouard Lacota, founder of Inclussivis Design Studio, has created innovative handcrafted lightning that beautifully exhibits the fusion between wood and acrylic glass. Believing in creating imperfections as beauty, each handcrafted lamp is 100-percent unique and distinct from each other. Base of the illuminated lightning fixture is made out of hard block of Oak Wood, which is provided with natural wood finish to maintain the raw finish of the lamp base. Whereas, the ...

Arc Light

Arc Wall Light: Telsa coiled wall piece interacts with LED tubes

Arc Wall Light by industrial designer Vedat Ulgen is a blend of both scientific as well as artistic design that approaches the 21st century’s contemporary lifestyle. Ulgen strongly believes in experimenting with new technology, using materials in unconventional and irregular ways to bring out something new every time. The designer is also the founder of colorful container studio- Thislexik Studio, which has been previously showcased on our site. The Arc Wall light is wood board made ...

Ikea 2016 catalog

Sneak Peek at few awesome pieces from Ikea catalog 2016

Every year Ikea, Swedish furniture giant, comes up with something minimalist but very practical for homeowners. It’s always interesting to find out such household deigns that speak out for themselves and need no further description. Likewise, Ikea catalog 2016 is also full of simple yet wonderful surprises that any homeowner would love. The latest catalog is based on a theme ‘The Little Things That Matter,’ which focuses on people’s lives at home. This new collection represents ...

Niki Table Lamp

Niki Table Lamp is Bakker’s personal haven to subdue the loss of a child

No parent is ever prepared for a child’s death, even if they  have anticipated it during child’s illness. It is the worst pain and the grief cannot be expressed in words. Dutch designer Sander Bakker, owner of SplinterSeed, had gone through the same when he lost his son Nikolaas due to CDH (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia), a life-threatening birth-defect in infants. Although it seems impossible, but one can eventually let the loss become part of who you are and one can go on to ...

Infinity C Lamp by Jung Dongsung

Futuristic ‘Infinity C’ desktop lamp boasts touch sensitive display

With changing time, designers are coming up with interactive household objects that require more user involvement. Keeping the same concept in mind, South Korean designer Jung Dongsung has created an exclusive desk or bedside lamp dubbed ‘Infinity C.’ It is aptly named so, as its curvaceous shape-changing layout represents endless possibilities. Shape of the lamp can be rearranged in forms of ‘0’, ‘8’ or ‘9’, giving flexibility to the users to convert it as per their ...

Philips Hue Lights

Philips Hue Lights provide captivating gaming escapade

While watching movie or playing games, we all wish to have some extraordinary lighting system to increase the gaming experience. But we all know, there are no such electrical brands that provide such lighting solution. However, Royal Philips recently flabbergasted game lovers and other clients with splendid lighting fixture for gaming. Thanks to the Internet of Things, now everything can be connected with each other and taking this as foundation, Philips’ Hue lighting system has been ...

M-Lamps by Anastassiya Leonova

M-Lamps: Series of ring-like ceiling lamps by Anastassiya Leonova

It’s amazing to see how gorgeous lamps not only brightens up your living space, but also enhance home decor with stunning aesthetics. Another addition to such attractive yet practical lighting fixtures is the latest M-Lamp series by Anastassiya Leonova, Kazakhstan-based designer from NN Design Band. The series of M-lamps in shape of polygonal rings looks like celestial bodies shining above your head. These lighting fixtures are made from polished wood covered with lacquer, giving extremely ...

Halo Lamp by Kjartan Oskarsson

Adjust brightness of ‘Halo Lamp’ by pulling its leather strap

Looking for aesthetic as well as functional decor object for your home? The eye-catching ‘Halo Lamp’ by Reykjavik-based designer Kjartan Oskarsson is simply a perfect lighting fixture to spruce up your interior. It’s minimally attractive halo-like layout is not only pleasing to the viewer’s eyes, but also creates playful environment for the user to adjust its brightness. The lamp is made out of ring-shaped white oak, built-in LED strip and unique leather strap for suspending the ...

SALt Lamp by Aisa Mijeno

Sprinkle your indoor and outdoor spaces with SALt Lamp by Aisa Mijeno

Most of us still misuse basic facilities like food, water and electricity, but there are many countries around the world that crave even for such simple privileges. If we go by Philippine Institute for Development Studies, there are million families across the globe that are living without electricity. In 2014, Aisa Mijeno, an engineer and social worker, has invented the SALt lamp to combat the problem of lacking power grids in Philippines. It is a compact, portable lamp that doesn’t require ...


Baselamp by Luke Lamp Co. turns any object into a light fixture

The Baselamp by Luke Lamp Co. is a sleek LED light that has capacity to turn any object into a lighting fixture. The cleverly assembled lamp not only provides versatility and practicability, but also gives wings to your imagination. The lamp is designed in a way that it can turn anything into your personal lightning fixture, whether it’s a glass, fish bowl, whiskey bottle, or any other glass object; just place it on the lamp and watch it glow. The lamp comes with a chip-on-board LED ...

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