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Chrysalide multipurpose lamp

Chrysalide multipurpose lamp provides different lighting possibilities

At first glance, this lighting object seems like luminous ice sandwiched between two wooden blocks. However, this simple unit is a multipurpose lighting fixture dubbed Chrysalide Lamp. Designed by Paulin Giret and Sullivan Jolly, the lamp is made out of two blocks of Oakwood that are conjugated with Plexiglas tubes. Further transparent plastic is melted over the tube to form elegant lamp unit. As light source, square LED panels are embedded onto each wooden block and plugged though a power ...

Movie Lamp by Staygreen

Cardboard floor lamp inspired from golden age of silver screen

Looking for something simple yet attractive to spruce up your interior? Well, this stunning cardboard floor lamp by Staygreen is perfectly suitable to enhance decor and lighting of any contemporary living space. Its tripod-like design is inspired by lighting fixtures from golden age of Hollywood, thus aptly named the Movie Lamp. Its circular head elegantly rests on three legs, recalling golden era of silver screen and providing perfect direct light to any specific direction. The lamp is made ...

Farmall tractor-themed steampunk floor lamp

Industrially chic Farmall tractor-themed steampunk floor lamp

Looking for trendy industrial lighting fixture for your living space? Then, you’ve landed on the right spot. Today, we’re going to acquaint you with chic steampunk-style floor lamp that is designed to spruce up any interior with its chic industrial look. This one-of-a-kind industrial lamp is a crossbreed of vintage Farmall tractor units and retired service station porcelain light fixture. It is made from ¾-inches black pipe frame, brass fittings, 24-inches beveled glasstop, vintage ...

Arbo wooden luminaries

Arbo luminaires alters with your changing light necessities

Decorative lighting may add stylish touch into your interior, but they surely cannot adjust as per your changing needs. Czech-based interior lighting manufacturer Halla has created simple yet fully-functional light fixtures range called Arbo to alter with your needs. The lineup consists of four basic luminaires- two in wall-mounted and other two in suspended forms. Arbo luminaires might be simple looking, but elegant wooden detailing makes these stand out from rest of the light fixtures. Their ...

Toro Motor-Head lamps

Toro Motor-Head lamps to spruce up your man cave

Forget animal trophy heads, as stylish wall-mounted Toro Motor-Head lamps are here to decorate motorcycle lovers’ man cave. Industrial designer and motorcycle enthusiast Eran Peled has created these stunning lamps using the iconic motorcycle structure that appears somewhat like a bull’s skull. The motorhead lamps are purposely crafted to resemble head of a bull, so it can adorn your walls similar to an animal trophy head, whilst providing a striking lighting fixture. Keeping in mind ...

Sony’s LED light bulb

Sony’s LED light bulb incorporates Bluetooth speaker

Lighting fixtures with integrated speakers have gained popularity over the past few years. Now Sony has also joined the club by launching its latest LED light bulb that looks like a simple LED bulb at first glance. It’s indeed far from that however, as it manages to double up as a smart Bluetooth speaker. The smart bulb can be fixed into standard light bulb socket of any overhead light fixture or lamp. Light bulb portion of this 360 lumen speaker can be controlled via smartphone app, which ...

Illume lamp

You need two smartphones to light up Illume lamp

So far, we’ve seen lighting fixtures that can be controlled using your smartphone. But how about a lamp that need two smartphones to illuminate, while charging them at the same time? Mayela Mujica, a graduate student pursuing MFA at the Rhode Island School of Design, has created one such lighting fixture called Illume lamp. This unique lamp is made from cypress, glass and nickel-plated brass and turns on only when two smartphones are placed on its wooden base, meanwhile charging both the ...

It's Love 4D Printed Lamp

‘It’s Love’ 4D printed lamp stretches to form chandelier-like fixture

3D printing has taken the world by storm, due to its creative and fully-functional designs. But now, make way for the latest 4D technology that is considered even better. This is because objects made by 4D printing techniques are able to change their shape and size as per the environmental factors. To give you a beautiful example of the latest technology, Taiwan-based firm DC for Life has come up with a unique lamp that has been printed on EOS P. It took 30 hours to print this exquisite ...

Multi-faceted Modular Lamp Made from Paper and 3D Printed Parts

Multi-faceted lamp made from waste paper and 3D printed parts

3D printed home decor objects including fascinating lampshades have gained popularity over past few years. This is because such lighting fixtures are not only lightweight and attractive, but also has customizable design that can be changed according to the user. Living up to the concept of customization and hi-end technology, Thingiverse user Phathousecat has recently uploaded a design for a modular paper lamp. It can be made from several pieces of waste paper and 3D printed plastic parts, ...

Flyte Levitating Lightbulb by Simon Morris

Flyte lightbulb floats in mid-air using magnetic levitation

Tired of boring lighting fixtures and clutter of messy wires to fix them? Well, you can now add refreshing and glowing touch to your interior with wireless Flyte lightbulb designed by Simon Morris. This is a unique lightbulb that floats in mid-air atop its wooden base, using Tesla laws of magnetic induction powered by air. It basically comprises of LED bulb with wireless power receiver and electromagnet in its bottom. Within the wooden base there is a wireless power transmitter and another ...

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