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Fishing Restaurant Zauo

Zauo fishing restaurant lets you catch fish for dinner

If you love fishing and are planning to make a trip to Japan in near future, then don’t forget to visit one of the most innovative and eccentric restaurants in Japan named Zauo. Meaning of Zauo is ‘sit and fish.’ The restaurant has a boat-shaped design and is famous for serving authentic Japanese cuisines like sushi, sashimi, sukiyaki, etc., and the best part is you can do fishing. The restaurant is a hit among  locals as well as foreign tourists, not because of unique ...

Chilli Island

Chilli Island fuses electric boat and lounger into one

Chilli Island, a water toy designed for beach resorts, is an elegant movable lounger with sunshades that offers comfort no matter what time of day it is.  The luxury toy is a perfect blend of electric boat and lounger, designed to provide relaxation and fill the gap between high-powered beach toys like jet skies and unglamorous means like pedal boats. The innovative beach toy is made from a combination of polyethylene and fiberglass. It comes with protected water CE certificate, making it safe ...

Eatsa Fully Automated Restaurant

Eatsa is fully-automated restaurant run by robotic cubbies

Most of the times fast food is not really fast, as you have to wait in queues to place order and wait more till it’s served at your table. But the new restaurant called Eatsa wants to eliminate employees and time spent waiting for your order. This restaurant is designed to serve food from robotic cubbies, unlike typical fast-food joints near you. Opened yesterday in San Francisco at 121 Spear Street, the diner takes order through an iPad. Less than 10 minutes after placing the order, your ...

20 fire pits turn backyards from boring to warmly enticing

20 kooky fire pit designs to warm up your backyard

What do you do to unwind yourself from the day’s events? Probably spend some time outdoors in a relaxing environment? Well, what’s better than spending your evening around a cozy fire pit while chit chatting with your family or friends. Bonfire or fire pits not only make your outdoor space feel warm and relaxing, but also give some eccentric appeal to your backyard. To enhance this wonderful moment and make it more special, you can fire up your backyard with some oddly striking fire pits. ...

Xenomorph wood stove by Burned by Design

Xenomorph wood stove shoots fiery flames through its mouth

So far, we’ve seen plenty of Star Wars-inspired wood stoves to keep your backyard horrifically warm. We understand your love towards the famous Star Wars saga, but what about those who want something different for outdoor, barring Star Wars-themed log stoves yet with the same scary feel? Well, Burned by Design, UK-based wood stove builders, has listened to your silent wish and fulfilled it in form of ominous-looking fire pit that’s replica of Xenomorph’s head, villainous character from ...

Vintage Overland

Vintage Overland designs custom-crafted caravan for travel fanatic

Want to clinch your wanderlust? This custom-built handcrafted teardrop caravan not only satisfies your love for traveling, but also let you enjoy spontaneous adventure. To fulfill the same desire, Colorado-based company Vintage Overland has crafted tough and rugged camping trailers for travel enthusiasts. Made out of welded steel frames and anodized aluminum, the handcrafted teardrop caravans are designed to be pushed beyond limit and still provide a safe haven wherever you roam. Vintage ...

Royal Flush Water Slide

Royal Flush water slide shoots riders sky-high

Water parks are certainly one of the fun ways to beat summer heat with your friends, while giving you some adrenaline rush too. However, Royal Flush water slide at the BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas, gives riders a double thrill in a whole new way. This unique water slide literally shoots the riders sky-high, instead of directly dropping them into the pool. The slider’s ramp consists of three parallel channels, each of which has an inclination on the end to catapult riders into the air. ...

Primus Onja

Primus Onja two-burner stove compresses into a strap bag for easy carrying

Smaller is better when it comes to carrying all your camping gears, including cooking stove. But when a product is compressed, its portability declines in terms of performance. To bring the best of both into one cooking element, Swedish company Primus has introduced the compact two-burner stove Onja for better camping experience. But don’t go on its small size, the outdoor cooking stove is powerful enough to prepare meals for  up to four people. This fully-portable cooking stove can even ...

Mini tree with LED Lights

Mini trees with LED lights bring joy and festivity to your house

Mini trees with LED lights is an elegantly designed light that not only illuminates but brings festivity feel to your house whenever the lights are switched on. It is important to have properly illuminated house, as it not only increases the aesthetics but also brings in positive energy. It is therefore necessary for every homeowner to have balanced and soothing light. The tree lights are also designed with same motive, i.e. to ignite as well as appease the exterior and interior of the ...

Pave Collection by Kreoo

Pave Collection: Mesmerizing marble seating units for indoors and outdoors

Italian luxury marble-furnishings brand Kreoo has again mesmerized its buyers and followers with their intriguing carved marble furnishings that highlights outdoor and indoor with innovative and contemporary aesthetics. The luxury brand Kreoo is Decor Marmi’s brand for industrial designs, which is dedicated at providing luxury items inspired by marbles. The name Kreoo, derived from Greek verb ‘karaina’ meaning, “to create, to realize”, is the word that rightly ...

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