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Seat Away Portable Chair by Emanuele Meinero

Seat Away portable chair travels with you to any location

Do you ever miss comfort of a chair when out on your favorite picnic spot? Not anymore, as Italian designer and architect Emanuele Meinero has created a portable seating solution for outdoors in form of the Seat Away. All thanks to the chair’s notebook design, you’ll get the best seat even on ground with its simple support system for relaxing your back and feet. It is basically a handy seating system made from inexpensive recyclable materials such as chipboard and rope. The adaptable seat ...

Flow Hive

Flow Hive collects honey from beehives at single push of a button

Beekeepers have to face many difficulties such as dealing with smoke guns, hot knives, wax centrifuge, etc. while harvesting honey; even many bees die during honey extraction. To combat the problem- Stuart and Cedar Anderson, Australia-based father and son duo, have contrived a revolutionary beehive dubbed Flow Hive that easily extracts honey at single push of a button without disturbing the bees inside. It is basically a rectangular wooden block, which provides the bees with ...

Floating Coiled Walkway by Zalewski Architecture

Floating coiled walkway between office buildings for visual retreat

Within today’s busy lifestyle and hectic work schedule, it becomes nearly impossible to take out time for private retreat or simply walk through pleasant street. To make life more comfortable at office, Polish studio Zalewski Architecture has created grassy coiled walkway that hovers above center courtyard surrounded by certain office buildings in Gliwice, Poland. The suspended walkway has added a natural touch of greenery to the former dull grayish courtyard. This curled up structure of ...

Camargue Weather-proof Canopy by Renson

Camargue weather-proof canopy for pleasant outdoor experience

The Camargue by Renson is an innovative aluminum terrace or any outdoor space covering that comes equipped with an automatic weather-proof bladed roof system. The canopy can be completely enclosed using automatic wind-proof sun protected side screens- Fixscreens, glass sliding doors, wooden Loggia sliding panels or combination of all. The roof incorporates extruded aluminum blades that can be adjusted to provide you sun protection and ventilation as per your requirement. You can completely ...

Dom’Up Suspended Treetop Cabin

Dom’Up suspended treetop cabin for lighter-than-air camping experience

Tired of setting up complex tents on ground that cut most of the landscape views? Well, now enjoy camping mid air with Dom’Up suspended treetop cabin by Dutch arboriculturist Bruno de Grunne and architect Nicolas d’Ursel. The suspension-style cabin is designed to sling between two trees, providing you better landscape views. It is 16-square meter shelter that comes with galvanized steel frame, wood floors, canvas walls and waterproof roof created from heavy duty tarp material. Unlike ...

Hutte Hut by Sprouting Sprocket Studio

Hutte Hut teardrop-shaped camper crafted from wood and canvas

Seeking outdoor adventure trip in unique and comfortable way? Well, your next road trip can surely be more interesting and fun- all thanks to the coolest Hutte Hut trailer. This adorable teardrop-shaped camper can be easily towed by your car to any desired location. The compact tent on wheels is the brainchild of California-based Brian and Katrina Manzo, the husband and wife duo behind Sprouting Sprocket Studio. The shape of this trailer is clearly inspired by domes, boasting sturdy arched ...

Mogo Freedom Tiny Caravan

Mogo caravan hauls bicycles along with a sleeper for two

Easy to move tiny campervans have become the trending way for outdoor camping. This is because motorhomes are easy to transport along with all necessary equipments. To make your camping experience more enjoyable and easy going, UK-based startup Mogo Freedom Ltd. has created the latest Mogo caravan that is small, easy to transport and also carries your sports equipments easily. It is a lightweight motorhome that weighs 350 kg and can be easily towed by your car or bike to any camping spot. It ...

Camping Doughnut Tent

Camping Doughnut allows you to customize configuration of your tent

Camping is always fun, but it also creates huge hassle when you have to set up tents. Well, constructing a tent requires lot of effort while figuring out which rod goes in what sleeve and often ends up spoiling your mood. To combat the irritating problem, designers Han Kim, Hyumook Lim and Sungha Lim have collaborated to create the latest Camping Doughnut tent to make your outdoor experience more effortless and fun. The Camping Doughnut has circular design that is made up of a series of curved ...

Cable car at Courchevel ski resort by Airbnb

Cable car at Courchevel ski resort takes luxury hotel to new heights

Ski lovers can now direct towards Saulire ski resort in Courchevel for adventure and spend most luxurious time of their life. As, online rental marketplace Airbnb is offering you a chance to spend the night in a Saulire cable car in Courchevel, France. Wondering how you’ll manage to spend an entire night in midair? Well, the cable car at 9,000-feet is beautifully transformed into a luxury flat, just like any five-star hotel room. The room is equipped with cozy furnishings and all necessary ...

CVT Base Camp Rooftop Tent

Pitch camp on your car or truck with CVT rooftop tent

Are you always ready to hit the road for camping to experience outdoor adventures? If yes, then there could be no better gear for you than a rooftop tent. The Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) Base Camp is one such vehicle’s roof rack that travels with you on top of your vehicle to any camping site. It is also known as ‘spider rack’ due to its thin steel legs that somewhat resemble spider legs. The roof rack is built from tubular mild steel pipes that are powder coated or galvanized to avoid ...

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