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Cable car at Courchevel ski resort by Airbnb

Cable car at Courchevel ski resort takes luxury hotel to new heights

Ski lovers can now direct towards Saulire ski resort in Courchevel for adventure and spend most luxurious time of their life. As, online rental marketplace Airbnb is offering you a chance to spend the night in a Saulire cable car in Courchevel, France. Wondering how you’ll manage to spend an entire night in midair? Well, the cable car at 9,000-feet is beautifully transformed into a luxury flat, just like any five-star hotel room. The room is equipped with cozy furnishings and all necessary ...

CVT Base Camp Rooftop Tent

Pitch camp on your car or truck with CVT rooftop tent

Are you always ready to hit the road for camping to experience outdoor adventures? If yes, then there could be no better gear for you than a rooftop tent. The Cascadia Vehicle Tents (CVT) Base Camp is one such vehicle’s roof rack that travels with you on top of your vehicle to any camping site. It is also known as ‘spider rack’ due to its thin steel legs that somewhat resemble spider legs. The roof rack is built from tubular mild steel pipes that are powder coated or galvanized to avoid ...

Spectacular Snow Sculptures by Minnesota Brothers

Minnesota brothers build most spectacular snow sculptures, you’ll ever see

Think you along with your family make the cutest snowman in your entire neighborhood? Unfortunately, the incredible snow sculptures by Bartz brothers (Austin, Connor and Trevor Bartz) from New Brighton, Minnesota will definitely put your self-proclaimed snow art to shame. The three brothers love to crave snow into different sea creatures in their front yard every winter. This year, they created a detailed 12-feet-tall sea turtle, which has become center of attraction in their neighborhood. ...

Death Star Fire Pit by 84-Year-Old Grandfather for Granddaughter

84-year-old grandpa welds Death Star fire pit for granddaughter

We’ve seen various Star Wars-themed designs from furniture, lamps, etc. to amazing architecture. Likewise, an 84-year-old metalworker Kenneth Triplett has also created the striking Death Star fire pit, inspired by the sci-fi movie Star Wars. The fire pit seems like half-finished Death Star II battlestation, which Triplett designed for his granddaughter (Jennifer Allison) as a gift on Christmas 2014. According to Jennifer Allison, Reddit user [Bandia5309], her grandfather has created the fire ...


Christmas gift ideas for outdoor enthusiasts

Winter comes not only with holiday festivity, but also brings excitement for outdoor adventure trips. During holiday season most of you must be busy spending money on parties, outdoor trips and buying gifts. However, people who love spending lot of time outdoors, exploring different places, are often in need of new gears. If you’ve got any outdoorsman/outdoorswoman in your world, then you may gift them some cool equipments, this Christmas. Here are few Christmas gift ideas that any ...

Palmerston Council’s $45K Cyclone-proof Christmas Tree

Palmerston council’s $45K Christmas tree can combat a cyclone

Australian Palmerston city council has unveiled its latest Christmas attraction in form of conical tree. This inverted cone-shaped Christmas tree is erected in Palmerston’s Goyder Square and the council has spent hefty amount of about $45,000 on this ornamental tree design. Wondering why the council shelled out such huge amount on a Christmas attraction? Well, this is no ordinary tree as it is designed to combat cyclones with intensity breeze of around 230km/h. The 10-metre high conical tree ...

California neighborhood united to sync electrifying Christmas light display

California neighborhood united to create electrifying Christmas light display

Recently we acquainted you to the world’s largest Christmas light display by a Canberra family, but this startling light display will certainly put all house light shows to shame. The highlighting attribute of the Christmas light show is that an entire neighborhood in Yucaipa, California has united to sync lightings of all the houses to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra song “Wizards in Winter.” According to a recent report, 16 neighbors spent months preparing the striking light display to ...

Stanford Engineers invent Hi-tech mirrors to radiate excessive heat from buildings into space

Hi-tech mirrors could cool buildings by radiating excessive heat into space

Global warming continues to be a serious issue that still threatens the world leaders. Slowly temperature of the earth is rising to potentially dangerous levels; however aftermaths of energy costs of new air conditioning investment will indeed increase global warming to greater extent. To relieve our planet from the problem, Stanford engineers have invented revolutionary coating material in form of the hi-tech mirrors that could help in cooling buildings, even on sunny days, by radiating heat ...

Scandic To Go Mobile Hotel Room

Scandic To Go mobile hotel room comes to you, wherever you are

Imagine you are on vacation in a beautiful place, but due to shabby location of your current hotel you cannot fully enjoy the whole trip. Really heart shattering, isn’t it? Well, you don’t have to face such annoying situation ever again if you’re planning to visit any place within Scandinavian region. This is because Nordic hotel chain Scandic has launched the world’s first mobile hotel- Scandic To Go that can be moved to any location, depending on desire of the hotel’s guest. It is ...

Oxx Coffeeboxxx

Indestructible Oxx Coffeeboxx brews hot cuppa joe at construction sites

It is pretty easy for us to brew piping hot coffee at any time of the day at home or office, all thanks to our handy coffee makers. But such privilege is not available for workers at construction sites and similar rugged workplaces. This is because conventional coffee brewers cannot bear harsh environmental conditions of such onerous workplaces. Not anymore, as Michigan-based startup Oxx has come up with the Coffeeboxx that is built to withstand exposure to the brutal elements such as dirt, ...

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