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The Mountain - $2 million natural swimming pool

This $2 million natural swimming pool features 5 spectacular waterfalls

British renowned landscape artist Anthony Archer-Wills has designed a US $2 million natural swimming pool called The Mountain. It was recently featured on an episode of The Pool Master on Animal Planet. The natural swimming pool featuring caves and five waterfalls lies on a 300-feet river in Springville, Utah and is designed for a couple residing in a nearby location for spending some beautiful time underwater and close to the nature. Besides waterfalls and caves, the swimming pool has several ...

Jero Yurt by Trakke

Off-grid Jero yurt assembled together using prefabricated materials

Uula Jero, designer at Scottish firm Trakke, has designed an off-grid Jero yurt inspired from ancient nomadic yurt shelter. Unlike traditional yurt, Jero is made of lightweight prefabricated materials, canvas and marine plywood, with stainless steel hardware and polyester rope. These materials can be assembled together in just two hours by three persons that too without any tools. The complex shape of each unit are cut using CNC fabrication technique and have ability to form a rigid structure ...

Rolling Flower Pot by Studio BAG Disseny

Rolling Flower Pot whirls around with movement of the sun

Get over with boring static pots for planting flowers and shrubs, and introduce your plants to the new Rolling Flower Pot by Studio BAG Disseny. The design of this flower pot is inspired from the movement of sunflower that changes its direction according to the revolution of the sun. Similarly, the pot can roll around in the direction of sunlight for healthier growth of your plants. Rolling Flower Pot provides better functionality than regular plant holders due to its semi-conical base with ...

Bakerstone Pizza Oven

Bakerstone Pizza Oven prepares pizza at home in a jiffy

Home cooks often face problem to prepare perfect pizza even after hours of efforts. Don’t be disheartened as Bakerstone Pizza Oven is here to rescue your pizza making skills. Using this simple, lightweight and portable pizza box you can now bake crispy, crusty and fluffy pizza at home just like you get in the restaurants. It features a stone baking chamber with enameled steel housing, which together creates a unique airflow system to enhance convective, conductive and radiant heat around the ...

X-Pot by Sea To Summit

Folding cooking pot constricts into small disc to fit in your backpack

Packed your bags for next camping trip, but don’t have extra space to accommodate cooking pot? Well, we all go through this situation especially when going for a camping trip and have to adjust cooking-ware with other stuff that obviously makes our bag too bulky to carry. To make your travelling bag a bit lighter Sea To Summit, global manufacturer of travel products and accessories, has developed the X-Pot that is a folding cooking pot with walls of heat-resistant silicone that is sturdy and ...

America's Finest Grill

American-themed Grill is built over 19-feet long trailer

Summer and grilled food is a perfect combination for people in America to enjoy time while partying with family and friends. But, we are tired of seeing small and huge outdoor grills at backyard or other camping locations. What next? Well, today we are going to acquaint you with something different and it is the America’s Finest Grill, that is basically American-themed grill built over a 19-feet long trailer. Discovery Digital Networks partnered up with Ball Park to create this amazing grill ...

Roomoon by The Hanging Tent Company

Roomoon is a moon-shaped tent for camping in mid-air!

Camping is an adventurous way to relax and enjoy in lap of nature, but most tents we have seen till now are only restricted to be placed over the ground. So, what if you could enjoy camping above the ground or in the air? Well, it is now possible all thanks to the Roomoom designed by Rufus Martin, as A-level project at Bryanston School for The Hanging Tent Company in Dorset. It is basically a spherical tent for two and is intended to be hung from branch of a tree to experience camping in the ...

1957 Flxible Starliner Luxury Motorhome

1957 Flxible Starliner luxury motorhome could be yours for $235k

Some things never run out of style, like the 1957 Flxible Starliner that has made a comeback as stylish motor home equipped with all luxurious facilities to meet demands of the 21st century. This vintage RV was covered in rust for over decades, but the designers turned it into an absolutely new automobile home with stylish red, blue and white exterior also having slight hints of chrome all over. Not only externally but some major changes were made to its internal parts also, it is installed ...

CocoOne Cocooning Lounge by Delfin Wellness

CocoOne is an oasis of luxury that can be controlled with your iPad

Do you feel like escaping the world and spend some time with your partner at a beautiful and serene place? Well, Austria-based company Defin Wellness has heard and fulfilled your wish by creating a new generation CocoOne Lounge for couples to spend some time in luxury. It is a smart outdoor furniture that can be controlled wirelessly using your Wi-Fi connected iPad or smartphone. The cocooning lounge features a huge luxury bed, whose back and foot area can be electronically adjusted ...

Etazin rotating lounge chair

Etazin rotating lounge chair offers 360-degree scenic view of surroundings

If you live in a location full of panoramic outdoor views then the Etazin Chair is ideal outdoor furniture for you. This ring-shaped lounge chair is created by Arizona-based designer Kate Brown to provide users perfect furniture piece that manifests aesthetics as well as high performance within its artistic design. The design of the chair resembles traditional moon gates- a circular void within the wall of classic Japanese gardens. Its whole circular structure comprises of three intertwined ...

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