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Canberra builds a log cabin on trailers to live a simpler life

Canberra man builds log cabin on trailers to live a simpler life

In U.S. many people are joining the ‘tiny house movement,’ where they leave all luxury facilities of larger homes behind and move in tiny houses on wheels to live a simpler life. Likewise, a Canberra-based man Andrew Clapham also paired up with the movement by creating a minimalist wooden cabin on trailers. The cabin is located on backyard of his parent’s house in northern Canberra. A cabin on trailers solves two purposes- one is the flexibility to change location of your tiny abode and ...

Double Kicksled by Mountain Boy

Enjoy snow this winter with double kicksled by Mountain Boy Sleds

There is nothing more joyous than gliding on snow covered mountains during winters. To make it more fun Colorado-based wooden sled makers Mountain Boy Sledworks has designed the latest double kicksled that allows you to enjoy daily snow sliding over thick layer of ice after the snow fall. It features bright red hand rails, which is ideal for two children to sit comfortably without any fear of falling down. The sled is handcrafted in traditional Norwegian style that reflects sheer simplicity and ...

Rustic Log Quartered Birdhouses by Moger Mehrhof Architects

Rustic log quartered birdhouses for your feathered pals

Winters are seeking upon us and we have already upgraded our houses to maintain moderate heat inside to fight against the freezing temperature. But, Moger Mehrhof Architects has thought of chirpy birds around us and decided to gift them rustic shelters for protecting themselves from harsh winters. These eco-friendly habitats made out of wood and metal are designed especially for your adorable feathered pals to stay warm, this fall. The architects beautifully applied their architectural ...

Heavy Duty BBQ Grill

Heavy duty BBQ grill resembles a classic steam engine

Are you completely satisfied with your outdoor barbecue grill? If yes, then think again as this ‘Smoker Steam Train Engine’ BBQ will definitely put all your hi-end grills to shame. The BBQ grill resembles classic steam engine with typical features of a train. The steam engine is mounted on eight wheels and made from heavy gauge as well as stainless steel, making it a perfect outdoor barbecue train to make foodies happy. Beyond that it includes a steam smoker, a bell, a boiler, a fire box ...

One Ring Fire Pit

This fire pit is reminiscent to ‘One Ring’ from Lord of the Rings

For avid fans of the fantasy series- Lord of the Rings, Etsy shop seller Bohemian Alp Designs has created a cool fire pit to make it through winter. Design of the fire pit is inspired from the evil ‘One Ring’ from the series with same inscription engraved on its metal body. The circular body of this fire pit is made from 16 gauge steel and 12 gauge steel at bottom. Its elegant structure is perfectly finished with high temp black paint, forming a sophisticated fire hob for outdoors. With ...

California’s 12,000-light Halloween home shut down by police

California’s 12,000-light Halloween home shut down by police

Recently, we acquainted you to Chicago-based Nick Thomas’s coolest Halloween light show house. While Thomas will certainly have a blast this Halloween with an amazing light show, but there is no treat for Kevin Judd, the architect of a Halloween Light House in Southern California, as police has shut down his stunning music-and-light show for being a nuisance. The homeowner of this riverside home has used up to 12,000 lights all around his house to create a striking light show at night. He ...

Halloween Home Decor Inspired by Ebola Virus

James Faulk’s bizarre Halloween home decor spreads jitters of Ebola virus

Halloween is all about scaring and creating outburst of fear among people. To make the occasion more interesting and unique James Faulk from Dallas in Texas has decorated his home inspired from the city’s recent fear of Ebola virus. He is very fond of this sinister holiday so, decided to create an unusual Ebola-themed décor to create panic among his neighbors. Faulk spent about $150 on a hospital auction and four to five hours decorating the townhouse to make it look like a decontaminated ...

Stephanie Langard’s Domestic Gathering Carpet

Stephanie Langard’s domestic gathering carpet boasts bonfire in the center

In today’s busy technological world, cheerful family gatherings are reducing day by day. Nowadays people have enough time to waste on updating their social profiles, but don’t have time to indulge in family meetings. To change the sluggish scenario, French product designer Stephanie Langard, graduated from ESAD in Reims, has designed a circular domestic gathering carpet that rekindles the concept of communal fire for family gatherings. The artistic carpet is beautifully crafted in a very ...

Pumpkin carving patterns for Halloween

Cool pumpkin carving patterns for Halloween

People are already excited for the October 31 and decorating their homes into scary living space for ghosts and goblins. If you’re still looking for perfect decoration and have no time left for buying and creating complicated décor items, then just go for traditional Halloween accessory- Pumpkins. Pumpkin carving is an age old tradition for many American families to celebrate the creepy occasion whole heartedly with their family members and friends. Now the question arises- what pattern to ...

Decorate front porch for Halloween

Wacky ideas to decorate front porch for Halloween

As you all know we daily update you with crazy ideas to decorate each section of your home this Halloween. We agree this the creepy time to spruce up your house with vibrant pumpkins and other Halloween decor. But, this year step out of the traditional themes and create something different. Today we have some fun frightful ways to groom your front porch on this Hallow’s Eve. Here are some unique and easy-to-craft decorating ideas that you cannot miss on the spookiest occasion of the ...

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