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Sandra Drive dragon skeleton is perfect for Halloween 2015

Sandra Drive dragon skeleton is perfect for Halloween 2015

Garden area is the most imperative part of one’s house to dress up for Halloween season. Probably with the same thought, North Syracuse-based couple, Stan Munro and Suzi Campanaro, recently created a massive dragon skeleton decor that extends throughout their entire lawn. Located on 107 Sandra Drive, North Syracuse, their house is surrounded by a lush green garden area. So the couple decided to embellish their lawn with something interesting that nearby kids would love. As a result, you can ...

West Hartford’s Halloween display

West Hartford’s Halloween display replicates Vietnam War in Washington

For Warshauer family, residing in 115 North Main St. home in West Hartford, Halloween is not really an event to scare off people. That’s the reason they often decorate their home with more domestic themes on Halloween rather than scary embellishments. Likewise, this year Matt Warshauer along with his three daughters created spectacular Vietnam-themed display outside their house. Matt and his daughters Emma (nearly 16 and a junior at Hall), Samantha (14, a freshman at Hall), and Jess (11, a ...

DIY Coke Can Stove

DIY: How to create a portable stove using coke cans

Have you ever thought of a scenario when you run out of battery on a hiking trip? Well, we wish you never have to face any such odd situation, but to be on safer side it is important you are well prepared to manage such quandary. Hence, to help keep you prepared for such dicey situations, we came across a small DIY project that takes no time to assemble and does not require any special material. Stove made from empty cans of beer or coke is a lightweight and reliable outdoor gear. Here is ...

BomberBox Speaker by Bomber Audio

BomberBox is reminiscent of ‘80s’ portable sound system

While nowadays portable speaker systems mean smaller devices that can be easily held in palm of your hands, but there’s still something very nostalgic and intriguing about the idea of carrying large Boombox speakers to outdoors. Those who grew up in the 70s and 80s must be knowing the feeling of carrying a huge music system on shoulders to any desired location. However to pay tribute to retro music players, Bellingham-based company Bomber Audio has created the biggest, loudest and ...

Frontier Plus Woodburning Stove

Frontier Plus woodburning stove keeps you warm on-the-go

Winter season is slowly approaching, which means that camping is going to get really cold. So instead of building outside fire, why don’t you bring some heat inside your cold tent? Well, UK-based outdoors company Anevay has created the latest Frontier Plus woodburning stove to keep you and your camping companions warm during a cold night. The Frontier Plus boasts glass window, removable top plate and carry handle that helps in easy relocation from one place to another. Moreover, you can even ...

Brother-sister duo turns their garage into spooky Halloween house

Brother-sister duo turns their garage into spooky Halloween house

For some, Halloween is not just another festive event, it’s more than that. That’s the reason they spend cash not only on horrifying costumes, but also on decorations. Likewise, Omaha-based brother-sister duo, Neil Vacek and Johanna Vacek, also put loads of efforts to turn Neil’s garage at 8409 Weber Street, Omaha into a frightening haunted house to seriously scare their neighbors. In fact they love Halloween to such an extent that they have been creating spine-chilling Halloween houses ...

Villa on Dunbar Rock

Luxurious villa on Dunbar Rock redefines dream dive vacations

Located on the world’s second largest barrier reef, Villa on Dunbar Rock is a private island dive resort situated on the island of Guanaja, Bay Islands. This one-of-a-kind resort in the middle of an expansive coral reef is a 15,000-square-foot villa perched on a rock. Surrounded by crystal clear water and mesmerizing Mesoamerican barrier reef, the villa offers a mystical stay of a lifetime for the tourists. Related : Rock Restaurant in Zanzibar The four-floor villa consists of eight luxurious ...

Gardening apps

How smartphone apps are revolutionizing gardening. Infographic

People use smartphones for all sorts of hobbies—crafts, games, sports, etc. But did you know that you can also use your smartphone to enhance your garden skills? There are apps to help you know when to water, apps to identify pests and plant diseases, and apps to plan your garden layout. Of course, farmers are seeing even more advanced smartphone apps, like drone monitoring and GPS guided machinery. Check out this infographic to learn more about smartphone apps for the everyday gardener as ...

Dueacca Faucets by Adriano Design

Adriano Design’s Dueacca faucets reinvent how taps are made

Torino-based studio Adriano Design often brings something unique in form of ingenious household items and furniture pieces. This time the brilliant minds at the renowned design studio want to change the way how water taps are made with the latest Dueacca faucets. Unlike conventional taps, Dueacca spigots are cleverly crafted to be simple and functional at the same time. These taps look like a sturdy hammer, undermining foundations of the tool without compromising with its usability. The central ...

Kokomo Island by Migaloo Submarines

Kokomo Island: Opulent man-made island by Migaloo Submarines

All-new private island is set to be built by designers at Migaloo Private Submersible Yachts, and will be launched at the Monaco Yacht Show. Entitled as the Kokomo Island, the set of private island comes in shape of a semi-submersible vessel floating above water. Designers are planning to create a portable island that could be moved to anywhere in the world, allowing its owner to move their floating luxury resort to any desired location. With overall length of 117-meters, a beam of 78-meters ...

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