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Sea Furniture by Studio Swine

Studio Swine’s solar-powered 3D-printer turns ocean gyres into utile furniture

Most of us are aware of the increasing amounts of plastic garbage floating in world’s oceans that will certainly have hazardous effects on eco-system if ignored. However, London-based Studio Swine has come up with a brilliant concept to make oceans free from filthy gyres. After creating the award-winning Sea Chair, made from solar-powered 3D-printer, that turns discarded plastic washed up on beaches into useful furniture, the designers of the studio are all set to take their project to next ...

LED Tree Swing by Gonzalez Garrido

Gonzalez Garrido’s LED Tree Swing creates dazzling light painting in air

Kids love to swing outdoors all the day, but are often afraid swinging at night due to dark. But with this LED Tree Swing designed by Spanish designer Gonzalez Garrido your kids will get fascinated to take a swing even when its pitch dark outside at night. It is clear from its name that the swing is created to be tied on to a branch of a tree with its strong chords. The chords are strong enough to hold weight of any person whether child or adult. The striking feature of the swing is its ...

Grey Goose Boulangerie François Camionnette

Classic Citroen Van houses world’s most intimate martini bar for Grey Goose

UK-based integrated branding agency Ragged Edge has created the world’s most intimate martini bar- Boulangerie François camionnette inside a vintage Citroen van as part of an integrated campaign for famous vodka brand Grey Goose. The beautiful classic car houses a perfect space for two guests and mixologist for serving them their favorite drinks. The bar inside this striking vehicle is designed using high quality materials that include marbles, leather, etched glass and bronze along with ...

Solari Portable Solar Cooker

Solari: Smart-phone controlled portable solar cooker for outdoor meals

Camping and outdoor picnics are often relished over delicious meals cooked on open fires, barbecues or stoves. But, the smoke produced by these cooking sources is very harmful to the environment, as well as human health. To prevent the environment from getting polluted, Houston-based product designer Bodin Hon has developed a sustainable ‘cork-pot’ styled cooker dubbed Solari. It is clear from its name that this portable cooker runs on the solar energy for cooking meals outdoor for 4-6 ...

Swing Time by Howeler + Yoon Architecture

Swing Time: Color changing illuminated ring-shaped swings in Boston Park

What is the coolest thing you’ve done lately? Well, stop thinking and visit the Boston’s Lawn on D Park that offers the coolest playscape with its 20 illuminating ring-shaped swings of three different sizes. This illuminating park is called ‘Swing Time’ and is set up temporarily for playful interactions with friends. This glowing park is created by Howler + Yoon Architecture for people to play, relax, exercise and enjoy their time interacting together with family or friends. The series ...

Helex OutFire Firebox

Helex OutFire Firebox offers outdoor fireplace and barbecue all-in-one

Campfire and barbecue are probably everyone’s favorite way of having fun outdoors. But, grilling food at one place and then going back to your place near bonfire can be annoying sometimes. So, how about an object that can offer the benefits of both fireplace and barbecue in one? Well, stop imagining because Netherlands-based fireplace manufacturers Helex have already created the OutFire Firebox that blends both fireplace and barbecue for two-in-one benefits. With this outdoor fireplace you ...

Ancient Art of Stone

Couple creates swirling rock wall murals for both indoors and outdoors

Tired of boring walls and old wallpapers on them? Well, Andreas Kunert and Naomi Zettl, Vancouver-based couple and owner of Ancient Art of Stone, have unique stone patterns for your walls. They both specialize in building stunning wall murals, fireplaces and mosaic patterns from a wide cluster of stones, pebbles and other decorative elements. Hundreds of small stones and pebbles are stacked together to form these astonishingly graceful free flowing stone spirals and waves. The swirling patterns ...

Imperial Collection Living sculptures from Opiary add green life to your garden

Living sculptures from Opiary add green life to your garden

If you want to turn your garden into an invigorating place of retreat, then you must make use of the correct garden accessories, and plant species that set the tone for an incredible outdoor atmosphere. Cobblestone pathways, water features like a tiny pond or fountain, colorful flowers, green labyrinths are some of the spectacular garden elements that can give you the garden of your dreams. But adding one of these incredible living sculptures will breath a new and green life into your garden in ...

The Mountain - $2 million natural swimming pool

This $2 million natural swimming pool features 5 spectacular waterfalls

British renowned landscape artist Anthony Archer-Wills has designed a US $2 million natural swimming pool called The Mountain. It was recently featured on an episode of The Pool Master on Animal Planet. The natural swimming pool featuring caves and five waterfalls lies on a 300-feet river in Springville, Utah and is designed for a couple residing in a nearby location for spending some beautiful time underwater and close to the nature. Besides waterfalls and caves, the swimming pool has several ...

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