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Tigmi by Jean-Marie Massaud for Dedon

Tigmi by Jean-Marie Massaud for Dedon is a hybrid sofa with roof

Paris-based renowned designer Jean-Marie Massaud has created a unique sofa-cum-shelter for German furniture house Dedon. The hybrid sofa-cum-shelter by Massaud is an idyllic outdoor furniture that offers comfort and versatility at the same time. Entitled Tigmi, the unique piece of furniture beautifully exhibits minimal arrangement ideal for enjoying outdoor environment. Sofa with detachable roof is specially designed for outdoors and cleverly mimics an arbour. Detachable roof is made from ...

Tiny Cabin by Christian Montez

Couple builds tiny movable home using recycled materials

England-based young couple Christian Montez (29) and Kyra Powell (28), while struggling to get on the property ladder, decided to take matter in their own hands and built themselves a cozy tiny cabin located on the outskirts of Hereford. Made from recycled and reclaimed materials, the two-story property constructed on the outskirts of Hereford was completed in just nine weeks. Started as a DIY project, the compact cabin boasts double bedroom, lounge, kitchen and an office. Moveable house that ...

The Story Pod by Atelier Kastelic Buffey

Mobile Story Pod would make you swap e-books for hard-cover novels

Do you still love the smell of paper in books, rather than e-books that have taken over the real reading experience? If yes, then you’re surely going to love the all new mobile library concept by architecture studio Atelier Kastelic Buffey. The firm has recently come up with a compact black box-like structure called the Story Pod to promote reading in open spaces. Keeping thoughtful approach to architecture in mind, the designers have created this structure to serve as a unique book exchange ...

Minturn Public Restroom

Rustic Minturn outhouse is the America’s Best Public Restroom

The small town of Minturn renowned for its rich mining history is now the home for America’s Best Public Restroom. Cintas, California-based supply company every year hosts America’s Best Restroom to honor inventiveness in the field of design. Company has recently announced the name of the best restroom after carefully selecting from a long list of nominations received from around the country. This year, an outhouse located in the Minturn, Colorado has been given the title of the ...

Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Homes promote economical and eco-friendly lifestyle

Lancaster-based James and Rosemary Stoltzfus, a dynamic husband-wife duo is revolutionizing the Tiny Home Movement with their new venture, Liberation Tiny Homes. Started with the motive to offer economical, environmentally friendly and responsible lifestyle to everyone, the duo has been building Tiny House on Wheels (THOW) that are both economical and durable in nature. Advocating simple lifestyle with utmost comfort and elegance, the tiny houses built by Liberation Tiny Homes is bridging gap ...

Vivos Europa One

Vivos Europa One is a disaster home for the rich, very rich!

Mayan calendar predictions for December 21, 2012 and other scientific theories have created a stir around the globe, forcing just about everyone to think how we’d manage the doomsday. However, that was not the case with Vivos owner and project head Robert Vicino, who created first shelter for 1,000 people in 80’s. Recently Robert Vicino announced their new project Vivos Europa One, an invitation only project located in the heart of Europe. Resting deep down below a limestone ...

Water Bed Boat

Water Bed boat is a nomadic shelter for both land and water

If you want to enjoy living on both land and water, then the portable Water Bed Boat is just perfect hideaway for you. Designed by artist Daniel Durnin, this nomadic shelter is inspired by urban waterways. Based out of London, Durnin has designed this tiny shed after observing various water canals in his city that are underused. So he thought, why not create something that lets the user enjoy camping on water. The best thing about this small shed is that it can be towed by a bicycle to any ...

Sandpoint Treehouse by Ethan Schlussler

Sandpoint treehouse features bicycle-powered elevator

Probably everyone’s childhood dream is to live in a treehouse, however only few manage to make their dream come true. Do you know these fantasy treehouses have certain downsides to it as well? The major one is that these are accessed by tedious rope or wooden ladders, and you’d eventually get tired of climbing such entryway. But Ethan Schlussler from Sandpoint, Idaho has found a great solution to access his treehouse via bicycle-powered elevator. Yes, you read that right. He constructed an ...

10 perfect outdoor cooking tools for any grill fanatic

10 perfect outdoor cooking tools for any grill fanatic

Barbecuing is a full time job, as one has to be attentive while cooking food. This is because the master chief in BBQ has to make sure that whatever they are grilling must be delicious and perfectly cooked at the same time. Is there any such grilling perfectionist in your life, who likes to cook meals for the family on BBQ? If yes, then why don’t you make them feel special with some useful gifts on this festive season? Don’t stress, we have compiled a list of best outdoor cooking tools that ...

Three outstanding exterior lighting ideas for Christmas

Three outstanding exterior lighting ideas for Christmas

Christmas is just a month away, so you better start planning how to embellish your house for the holiday. When we think about Christmas, the very first thing that comes to our mind is the flashing lights all around the neighborhood. Well, getting into the Christmas spirit is easy when you drive around town to look at your neighbors’ house decorated with lights. So, why don’t you set your house aglow this holiday season by using Christmas lights to create the perfect effect? Here are three ...

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