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Natura Vive Skylodge

Fearless Skylodge adventure pods hang from 400-feet cliff in Peru

What adventurous have you done lately? Probably you’ve not slept inside risk-taking transparent pods, hanging from 400-feet cliff in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru. The cylindrical Natura Vive Skylodge capsules are created to camp normally or hover over a cliffside, offering death-defying views of the mystic Sacred Valley. Fearless adventure junkies can spend a night in these cliffside rooms to enjoy a thrilling stay, like never before. For staying in these transparent pods, people ...


Elsewhere: Intense and distinctive street art mural by Stefaan De Croock

Belgium-based graphic designer Stefaan De Croock, popularly known as ‘the Strook’ often creates interesting and distinctive street art murals by using redundant wood planks, paint and doors. Even this time he has come up with an exceptional street art called ‘Elsewhere’ for Gijs Vanhee’s Mechelen Muurt. This spectacular wallart is made from recycled wood and doors, showing effective use of waste materials. For Elsewhere, the artist has used discarded woods and ...


Puphaus is minimal yet stylish abode for man’s best friends

Designed by Atlanta-based design firm Pyramid Design Co., the Puphaus is minimalist abode to give utmost comfort and freedom to man’s best friend. The doghouse is exceptionally ultra-modern home with simplistic approach for your adorable pet. Graphic designer Roy Fleeman and Industrial designer Zach Griggs, the owner and dog-loving duo, wanted to create something for pets at home, providing them more than just plastic digs or igloos. The American made doghouse is made form Western Red ...


Mirrored Beach Hut incites conversation and curiosity!

Recently, we came across a bizarre architectural design installed on Worthing beach, Sussex UK. Created by London-Sussex-based firm ECE Architecture in collaboration with Mark Sephton from Creative Forager, the Mirrored Beach Hut is a creative art installation aiming to incite conversation between locals and tourists. It is made entirely of acrylic mirror sheets that were laser-cut and placed over wooden panels to reflect gorgeous beach-front and nearby surroundings, whilst has become talk of ...

Friluftsliv school bus

Big Yellow School Bus turned into a comfortable place to stay

It is true that tiny houses sound great in terms of creativity and imagination, but turning an old school bus into an incredible and comfortable place to stay is even more prodigious. The two lovely ladies purchased the 2000 International Diesel, a 60-passenger school bus, from the government in an online auction for $2,000 and converted it into a small home on wheels. The bus transformation into a cozy abode is properly documented by these ladies in their blog  tinyhomebusconversion. The blog ...

Bella pod-on-wheels

This £16k tiny trailer is looking for a loving family

Stephen Mackay is a qualified furniture/cabinetmaker and carpenter who handcrafted Bella, a bespoke pod-on-wheels that is beautiful, durable and practical. The Bella wooden trailer came into making after Mackay got bored with the conventional style of building. The pod is constructed using sequoia wood, which is highly valued for its beauty, lightweight and resistance to decay and fire. According to Mackay, each board is handpicked and selected to make the overall appearance of the pod ...

Transforming Castle House

Ordinary truck transforms into off-grid fantasy castle in few minutes

We’ve already seen various mobile home designs to provide active living to travel enthusiasts. But what if your mobile trailer turns into a dream castle? New Zealand-based family (Justin and Jolo and their little boy Piko) has created one such mobile home that converts into a fantasy castle in few minutes. On road it runs like a simple truck, but as soon as it’s parked, the truck magically transforms into a fairy tale castle. It is installed with solar panels on rooftop to provide complete ...

German hotel encourages vacationers to completely disconnect the web

German hotel encourages vacationers to completely disconnect the web

Can’t getaway yourself from responding to mails and messages on your smartphone, even when you’re on a vacation? There’s one luxury hotel in Germany called Villa Stéphanie that wants the guests to completely escape web world and enjoy pure tranquil vacation, without worrying about work. Each room of the hotel is integrated with internet ‘kill switch’ to totally shut down all wireless signals, so you can relax without interacting with outside world. Located in the city of Baden-Baden, ...

Caravan Tokyo

Anagrama design studio turned Caravan Tokyo into a stylish accommodation

Mexico-based branding design studio Anagrama has fashioned a simple, classy yet intriguing branding and interiors for a Japan-based mobile-accommodation service Caravan Tokyo. The Caravan Tokyo is a mobile accommodation project located in several strategic areas around the city, representing the cultural features of Tokyo and Japan. According to Anagrama, while creating the interior and branding of the Caravan Tokyo, the inspiration is taken from the amalgamation of Formula 1 race cars and ...

Camp Champ Outdoor Kitchen

Camp Champ wooden crate opens up to reveal fully-equipped kitchen

Tired of eating basic tasteless food while camping? Not anymore, as Camp Champ is here to resolve all your outdoor cooking woes. It is basically a square wooden crate that opens up to reveal a fully-equipped kitchen. As packs full kitchen into a tiny box, which means you can easily take it in your car to your desired camping spot. Camp Champ comes with enough space to stock an entire spice rack, dishes, percolator, kettle and other stuff you need for cooking. It is even water-resistant to ...

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