We are witness to furniture designers repurposing and recycling various materials to help reduce global emissions and maintain a lower carbon footprint. The Acute And Obtuse outdoor furniture collection treads on the same philosophy serving the outdoor space as it makes use of repurposed wood and galvanized steel fused with artistry and craft.

The reclaimed materials used for the collection demonstrate a purpose beyond their initial use and existence standing the test of time. Conceptualized and designed by the multidisciplinary designer Adrienne Lau, the distinctive furniture collection comprises chairs, benches, and loungers apt for sitting and basking in the sun amidst the green Abbey Garden in London.

Serving the local community, the series has become an imperative part of the outdoor space. Born out of trapezoid planters that once were the heart of the garden, the furniture pieces display craftsmanship through precise joinery ending in smooth finishes. The ingenious use of wood and steel breathes new life into materials that otherwise would go to waste.

Each chair has a steel seat and backrest poised on wooden beams. The lounger too makes an angled use of steel for support and comfort. Two triangled steel pieces delicately balancing the wooden plank act as the bench seat.

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The diagonal layout of planters which were made of wood boards held by galvanised steel corner sleeves, form the basis of the series. Keeping sustainability at the core, the steel corners that were pre-set at specific angles were accurately amalgamated with reclaimed Douglas Fir beams to form different furniture pieces.

Adopting clean round edges, the furniture is made to serve people of all ages. It was out of intention that the textured imperfections on the wood were left untouched and were made central to the entire design. The Acute and Obtuse furniture collection has already been a part of an Edgy Collective-winning installation in the London Festival of Architecture 2023 before finally gracing the garden.

Image: Raquel Diniz
Image: Raquel Diniz
Image: Raquel Diniz
Image: Raquel Diniz

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