Electronic devices we carry around everyday are not just limited to mobile phones anymore. You could have a smartwatch on the wrist, a pair of TWS earbuds in the ears, and a tablet hanging by the side in a sling bag. Given all these run on rechargeable batteries, you need a device that can minimize the wire clutter and give you a stylish way to recharge them at home.

Enter Adap: A table with built-in Qi2 wireless charger that vouches to be a functional piece of art sitting in the foyer or at your bedside. It is born from the idea of integrating a wireless charging brick into the furniture and it is, therefore, a charging solution that seamlessly gels into people’s home, enhancing the lifestyle with its aesthetic appeal and convenience of use.

By lending design dimension to practical need, the charging table helps make the living space less messy and more visually modern. It is crafted in a soothing two-part design – cylindrical pillar base and flat top – connected at the charging slot. The construction is solid yet inviting at the same time owing the use of heavy-duty steel and matte powder coat finish.

The installed Qi2 wireless charger is not a sitting duck. The wireless fast charger can juice up your device(s) in minutes with its 15W charging. You can place the device on the charging slot and it will automatically align the device – using magnets – to begin charging it (all without the use of wires). The charging table itself, however, requires wire to power it, which stays hidden and magnetically clipped onto charging post.

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Beyond functioning as a Qi charger, the slot on the Adap table can accommodate a vase, function as a pin tray, or be more, so it can fit into more lifestyle uses than its primarily designed for. The Adap table is a prototype for now and has been garnering milage on Kickstarter. Early birds can avail special price and book the table with charger starting $263.

Image: Bonnes Intentions
Image: Bonnes Intentions
Image: Bonnes Intentions
Image: Bonnes Intentions
Image: Bonnes Intentions

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