Mezzanine by Tecrostar

Adjustable Mezzanine by Tecrostar Adds Additional Space to Small Apartment

Spanish company Tecrostar has designed a collection of flat-packed telescopic and adjustable Mezzanine that comes with DIY kit allowing you to install them and create a loft space easily. The company renowned for designing, manufacturing and marketing its own patented products, loves to create versatile, functional products with endless possibilities.

Available in four different dimensions, they can be selected according to structure that best suits space available at your home. Designed in two different finishes to choose from – metal and wood , the loft bed comes in three different sizes – small, medium and large. The versatile lofts not only offer perfect solution for small spaces, but also help in utilizing the most ignored space between floor and ceiling.

Fabricated with additional safety features, the lightweight lofts can easily support up to six times its own weight, hence making it suitable for both personal and official use. Keeping European standards in mind, it ensures both structural and functional designs are accepted without giving you a run for money.

Easy to install mezzanine comes with assembly kit and can be set up with the help of two people within a few hours. So, if you are facing trouble in managing your studio apartment, then these telescopic mezzanine by Tecrostar are a great way to add additional space to your little abode in a modular way.

Mezzanine by Tecrostar

Adjustable and telescopic mezzanine fabricated by Tecrostar

Mezzanine by Tecrostar

Available in four different dimensions

Mezzanine by Tecrostar

Can easily hold up to 6 times its own weight

Mezzanine by Tecrostar

Ideal for both personal and commercial use

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