Archimede transforming table by Boulon Blanc

Tables have been a pretty static fixture in our homes for thousands of years, but Archimede table, a shape-shifting table, designed by French company Boulon Blanc, has totally redefined the way we interact with furniture.

This shape-shifting table is a clever transforming, modular furniture that converts from dinner table to a coffee table in a mesmerizing pattern in the blink of an eye. Designed, manufactured and assembled in France, it is a gorgeous table that not only enhances your interior but also adapts to it. With its eye-catching aesthetic and mechanical brilliance, anyone with limited space will love to have this table. According to the designer, Benoit Caille:

What’s great about it is that it really feels like two different tables.

The motion of the transformable table is inspired by sources like propeller design, aircraft wings, watchmaking and boomerang. Mechanism of the table is made of 300 parts, such as ball bearings, pulleys, springs, cables, and various steel components. The wood used is of high quality and crafted using high-end computer-controlled machines. The table can comfortably accommodate one to five people.

It is available for pre-order at Kickstarter for €640 (approx. $700). The pricing, however, is on the higher side but a great design worth paying for.

Shape-shifting table by Benoit Caille and Boulon Blanc

Archimede becomes a coffee table in no time

High-grade steel

The folding mechanism comprises 300 parts

Tabletop is crafted using high-end computer-controlled machines

Table base before finishing and varnishing

Inspired by propeller design, aircraft wings, watchmaking and boomerang

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